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November Feeling



So our internet is down but I have a bit of time here at the library, so I thought I could spend it just writing random thoughts into this blog. Not every entry needs to be one of the cool topics that people can vote on :)


There have been quite the amount of new records for CC1 this year! Just incredible that this long into the games life there are still more seconds left to discover. Some of those randomness fighting levels are sick. The block pushing levels are sick in a different way. I can't really say much about this topic, except that I am astonished with every improvement that is made.


Somehow that reminds me that I don't think I have shared my goals for CC here yet. My modest eventual goals for CC are to be in the top 20 of CC1, top 10 of CCLP2, and top 5 of CCLP3. Realistically I think I'll be in 4th place in CCLP3 (if not third) once everything settles down a bit, and at the top in lynx. We'll soon have a CC1 lynx board too, so I guess I'll have to be at the top of that too if nobody else is willing to waste their time on that side of the fence. CCLP2 lynx is a bit of a mess, but eventually that should come around too.


Actually those are just my goals regarding the screo boards. My main goal in CC is to enjoy the time I use to play the game. Will this last for a decade or more? I really hope so, but for that to happen I have to enjoy many aspects of the game. There's the casual playing, the optimizing, the designing, and the communal side of things. I would suspect that if someone gets stuck in doing just one or two of those things, their interest in the game will eventually wear thin. So people, diversify!


As for designing levels, I really am bad at managing my time in a way that would allow me to do some of that. I mean I have some cool ideas for levels, as I'm sure every player can have, but I lack the skills needed to be satisfied with what I actually put together in an editor. I'm sure this topic is large enough for its own blog post someday, so I won't go deeper into these thoughts today.


I haven't done much casual playing since the summer. I've tried to work on the last levels of CCLP3 that I still only have reported initial scores. My reports should now be caught up with what I've actually played (I mean I occasionally might leave a level or two unreported), and I just broke the 6,070,000 barrier. I hope to get 10,000 more on the ten or so levels I have left. So far I have not used any outside help, well I mean very little outside help. Not that that really matters, but that's another topic in itself. I just mean that I haven't used the avi library yet to go back and improve on my own efforts to optimize the levels.


The competitions here have come back since the summer and they have been nice. I still kind of wish more people participated. The levels have been cool. The Halloween Create Competition was something new, but it's taking some time to be judged. I guess I could run another competition but can't do that before January really.


James also promised a blog update, but it seems to be an invisible one :P Of course anyone can start a blog, so why don't you?? At least the chat has livened up some. I know people talk on Facebook or Skype, but at least for me those are not options I can exploit. Thanks for those that have taken the time to chat with me!


That's all I have time for right now. See you again some other time. Or not. Or yes. Or maybe.




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