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Kicking into Gear!



So the year 2013 is upon us! Lots of things seem to be happening in the CC world!


The CC1 lynx board is up and running! I have been pleasantly surprised by the reception it has had. So far quite a few players have posted scores, and many have already seriously started optimizing in lynx too! I expect most of the levels to be close to optimal before the summer! Considering that the set has been out for decades, this is pretty rapid and focused progress! Though of course the library of ms routes doesn't hurt. :) What doesn't come across quite as evidently is if this also gets more people to play the set casually in lynx. I hope it does, and that those people will also post their casual scores. I believe this lowers the bar for others to report scores too, and eventually helps bring and keep more players in the community! So keep the score reports coming!


Another thing that has been on my mind are the Time Trials for this Spring. I will be running them for the few coming months. I have most of the levels ready, and a few need some work, but hopefully I will have time to do that and still play test the levels before release. I'm hoping to encourage more players to participate than ever before. This means that YOU should also try out the levels! http://cczone.invisi...ccz-tt-1301ccl/ Even though I obviously made the levels, I have to say I like them. :D They are short and not too complex, but they still hopefully have enough variance to elect a winner. Part of this is that there are ten levels, so maybe even some of the best players will miss something on at least one level. I certainly welcome all casual solutions to the levels, as they are interesting too! There won't be this many levels next month, so don't worry! I'm going to try and make each month a bit different in its own way, so if you want to the maximum fun out of it you need to participate each month for that unique experience!


Of course there are other things I should focus on too. One of them is a (not-so-)super-secret CCLP2 lynx project, but more on that some other time. Another is that I've always meant to go back and update the set I submitted for CCLP1, called kidsfair. I could easily write a full blog post about it, so I won't go into much detail, but basically many of the levels were not really meant for CCLP1 and many of the ones I would hope might have a chance really need some changes made to fully bring the concepts to where I wanted them to be. I bring this up now, because I heard a small rumor that CCLP1 voting shouldn't be that far away anymore... at least compared to say half a year ago.


I guess I should also visit the topic of what kinds of goals and expectations I have for the year, as this is the first post of the year. First, I do not intend to play lots of CCLP3. I spent to much time on that during the last two years! Maybe I will thus have time to go back and look at where I stand on the CC1 and CCLP2 score boards. Hopefully I will also be able to participate in CCLP1 voting, which should be fun. And, comparing CCLP1 to the CCLP3 schedule, I have to hope that we will have a new official set out before the year is out, so that should be fun too!


On that hopeful note, I leave you all to die by Glider. Have a good one!




P.S. will post a new blog post quite soon!


EDIT: just checking how the editing function works.


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