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The new CC Zone award system



I have to admit, the old awards system was getting a little dated. One of the things I disliked were the square borders around the images. They looked kind of ugly so in the last two days I changed every award with a smooth corner edge and boy did it make a difference!


Shortly afterwards, I had to list every single member's award in notepad to get working on converting them to the new system. This took about 6-8 hours to do. After uninstalling the old system and installing the new one, I wrote down all the awards again one by one and then implemented the new achievements system in. I figured the ones most people would be able to get should be the ones that appear, as anyone including the guests could view them and all they'd have to do is highlight the locked image to see how to get it. The hard awards are still there, but appear in the standard awards column, meaning they don't show up until you get them.


Overall, the new award system was worth it, but at the price of having to upgrade the entire board, most of the whole process went pretty smooth I think. Also, the auto awards don't appear to be working yet as the blog award isn't being triggered for some reason, but a future update will probably fix that. :)


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