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CC Zone Arcade



Well, the CC Zone arcade is almost half a month old already, and it's pretty fascinating to have that included in CC Zone. More people are signing up just for the arcade alone, and that's a good thing, There is a problem though. These arcade games are pretty big in size. One of the staff on my board provider Invision warned me that the reason the upgrade failed the first time was because I ran out of space! The solution was to upgrade my hosting packaging but the trouble is the costs will go up and I'm barely getting through monthly on this due to current unemployment. Nevertheless, I also have trouble with games that don't install the first time like Pac-Man for example. I currently have the most arcade awards out of everyone, but my high scores are getting beaten every day, which is a bummer.


Overall, I've been wanting to have the arcade since the beginning of CC Zone, but thanks to newer technology implementation, it's now all possible to do. (Y)

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Hopefully the fun and increased activity is worth the extra costs. I guess if people want the arcade to stay around, they are going to have to start donating from time to time.


Nice to hear your thoughts on how you are running the site. (Y)

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