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Why am I in CCLP1 staff?



Hello'v'ryone's'is' rockdet. Welcome to my mind. Welcome to all sorts of thoughts that are flowing through. I don't think I'm going to filter anything here too, so you might expect a much more transparent rockdet with the same old buckets.


First topic I want to discuss is the reason why I became a staff member for CCLP1, though I think it might be obvious for many people around.


I'm not exactly sure what started it all to begin with. There are a multitude of reasons to be identified here, and while the motives may or may not be clear even to myself, let's try to analyse it all...


Most of you guys have seen it, and while you may understand it, you may or may not agree with me on it and it's totally alright either way, but CCLP3 has been a constant source of ire, anger and frustration throughout the whole thing, to a point where I actually did put the LP on indefinite hold. I had several rage moments, and questioned many decisions regarding level designing and also level inclusions. I don't think my personal opinion on level designing has changed that much since I started that experience, because while Cloner's Maze was already my ultimate favourite level, I could still enjoy some fair pieces of puzzles like Air Pocket, Blazes or Stress Fracture. So while my approach to the game could be biased, my opinion of the levels themselves wasn't. But CCLP3 really made me wonder if I was stuck alone in my world. Were my thoughts about level designing that different? Could I be the odd one out? While I thought I was already permissive on borderline designing decisions, it really caught me off guard how it all unfolded.


Let's be fair there, CCLP3 is made of quality material, don't get me wrong, but was it a good strategy to put all the same eggs in the same basket? In the spirit of casual playing that I was selling, CCLP3 was lacking what I was trying to showcase through all my stuff: variety and momentum. I strongly believe that a complete set has to regroup every type of level and that the best stuff out there has to shine and be able to really upstage the slightly lower quality content surrending ― which is what led me to building Beta. That's what was done in the original game and also in CCLP2. No wonder why I couldn't get through it all, while every level is beautiful let alone, it just became too much altogether.


So the first reason why I decided to apply in the CCLP1 staff was to evacuate that anger and make sure it was not going to be another homogeneous mass of puzzles (which it would obviously not be, let's be realistic there!)


Second reason ― and those who know me will probably agree on that one ― is simply for recognition. While I don't think you'll be gaining world-class popularity by training your goldfish to change a light bulb, I've always loved to be in the spotlight whenever I could help it, and to me that was a mean to get it. So I tossed my hat in as soon as I saw that opportunity, many could say without thinking which is true mainly on the implication side, but seeing the general response of the community that I belonged there made me really happy.


That being said, it's been a great journey so far and in the end, working as a team is really what brings me the most joy. The ideas flow incredibly well in the group and I'm super turbo happy to be part of this really solid team.


rockdet signing out.


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