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And now the Fun begins....



So we are just about to the end of releasing the voting packs. Voting will remain open for a while, but seriously, will anyone vote after Halloween?


So, the next piece of this puzzle is to narrow down the levels to a couple hundred. Then the staff will duel with swords to determine what makes it in and what doesn't. Okay, pistols at 50 paces.


Honestly, we have a big task in front of us. We want something with decent lesson levels, a nice, reasonable difficulty curve (with occasional respite), and fun levels. But we also want to be sure this thing isn't too easy, either.


So, needless to say, this will lead to a lively debate internally. Those of you who aren't on staff -- first, thanks for reading my blog, and second, we'll try to keep you all out of it. Sometimes we get intense defending what we believe in. And fortunately for the set, we don't all agree with each other.


For example, I like mazes. But I don't like invisible walls --- AT ALL. So when there's an invisible wall maze showing up I may not like it, but if the rest of the staff does it will probably get in. As long as we get a good variety of fun levels that's what really counts.


So, let's finish up voting and start the hard work, shall we?


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I think all of the game elements have the potential to be used for good. :) But that's just it - they are tools that are only as good as how they're used.

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