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Down My Memory Lane - Part I: Earliest



I hated brinjal.



The first time I ever played CC was when I was six years old (back in 2003, I think). Well, my dad played most of it, I only pretended to play :P. Back then we had an old Pentium IV PC on Windows 98 - and my dad got a copy of BOWEP, which had Chip's Challenge with it - the start of my Chipping days.


My dad used to play CC continuously back then - well, we were both addicted to it. To the point where we were issued warnings (by mom, of course) in case we were on the game for more than two hours a day. Anyway, we finished quite a few levels. I remember discovering the Ctrl+K shortcut by accident one day, and thinking it to be a glitch, wrote down the passwords for all levels up to 145. When we figured there were more, and that we needed to beat them in order to get past them, well, 146 (Not a) Cake Walk put us to the test. Mind you, in all this, only my dad was playing - I was only spectating and trying to complete Lesson 8. So we finished quite a few levels, while skipping the ones which we were unable to solve.


I had a morbid fear of teeth back then - I remember being so scared of them that even though I used up all the dirt on the eighth level (umpteen times), I was always eaten the tick after I got the chip. Digger was a nightmare - though somehow I managed to go at least once, to 4 chips remaining before I died.


Mazes were something else that confused me and ate my head back then (sometimes they still do) - So naturally, Brushfire was somewhat of a disaster in my hands. I managed to get away from the bug back then, only to walk into a dead end. Now, level editors or MapMaker was not something that we had even heard of back then, so full-grid maps were not an option.


The other thing that I was dead scared of were random monsters. Blobs and rollers (yes, I know we call them walkers now). Forget Blobdance or Jumping Swarm - Blobnet was also crazy tough. When I used to see a blob or a walker, somehow my fingers used to stop working properly. Either that or the blobs used to chase me intentionally. This was something that I shared with my dad. He was also quite unlucky and unsuccessful when it came to that level.


Which brings me back to my brinjals (also called eggplants or aubergines, to those who don't know). I hated them back then. The thing I loved was goat's brains. (Even though some of you might be disgusted at it, it's actually quite a delicacy). One morning we both were at the PC, religiously trying to complete this dastardly level. Mom cooked brinjals that day. It was a Sunday, so school was off and we had the whole day at the PC, instead of just the evening. My mom still has a habit of cooking the thing I hate during Sunday afternoons, and cooking my favourite at night (but that's another matter). So I was forcefully yanked off my Quest to eat stupid brinjals.


So, my mom has a habit of telling any sort of lie just to get her son to eat what she wants to feed. This time she cooked up a story that brinjals are actually a substitute for goat's brains, and that I would have triple the brainpower, and that I could easily complete the level (my spirit, my dad's fingers). I hesitatingly ate it. I think I wanted to prove her wrong then, but it didn't work. We finished the level that day.


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