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My First CC1 Experiences: Favorite Memories



Alright, so, I know it's been nearly eleven months since I posted the first and *only* entry in my blog. That was probably for the blog award, right? Yeah, sort of. I never really had anything to write about other than CC1 experiences when I was younger, and that's the first thing that came to my mind when I wrote that first entry last March. So, I said I would continue this blog, so... I'm gonna continue it all these months later!


So, what's there to write about? One of my favorite things that I remember from playing the original Chip's Challenge in MSCC on a Windows 98 OS was probably.. well, the levels I admired the most. I never had a level editor at that time, as I didn't even know they existed and thought that the 149 levels at my disposal (in which I accidentally discovered the ctrl+k shortcut, and that's how I had access to all the levels..) were the only ones ever made for that game.. I was wrong! At this time, CCLP2 had been out for a good four and something years, and I never found out about it until around the time of CCLP3's release. Wow, I sure did miss a lot when I lost access to CC for a good 3 to 4 years, between 2007 and 2010-2011.


My favorite two levels in CC1 at that time were probably ALL FULL and ICEHOUSE. ICEHOUSE is definitely on that list, as I dedicated some of my time to drawing maps of the ice corner ring structure that the majority of that level is made of. I liked racing and racing-type video games when I played CC back then, and ICEHOUSE was a great way to implement the fun of racing with the monsters sliding around in the circular pattern on Icehouse. I had a lot of fun on that level.


ALL FULL was namely for design, as that's why I enjoyed it the most. I loved the upper section that was full of chips - when looted, I felt like I had accomplished something by gathering all of those collectible chips. The force floor ring and fire section in the southeast was also a signature location in that level for me, as it attracted my attention as I experimented with it from time to time. All in all, it was just a fun, nice-looking enjoyable and comfortable level that I could play almost endlessly (before going back to Icehouse) without ever knowing that the C/B glitch had any effect.. I didn't know what it was, of course.


Honorable mentions must go to UP THE BLOCK, as it puzzled me as to how to get the gliders exactly down in the bombs - of course I knew how, but at first I couldn't grasp the concept. Once I got to the lower sections, the open areas felt like a nice touch as I could practically free-roam through the two or three rooms that those areas provide. The level itself when I play it or think about it instantly makes me feel some nostalgia, although not as much as I used to experience. I definitely felt the same way about FOUR PLEX, as it was probably my third or fourth favorite level in the set. I loved the aesthetics of the water and fire in some areas, and it presented a nice challenge (the glider room, specifically). Overall, I love the design of the level and hopefully I can revisit it one day whether it be in the CC1 level or a recreation that I might make of it that the original level itself inspired me to make. Overall, both of these levels deserve the mention and are for sure in my top 5 CC1 levels, if I have a list.. of top 5 CC1 levels.


Other than that, there are definitely a few more experiences from the past that I could dream up and remember, but for now, that's all I mainly wanted to get out of my head and express. Hopefully it doesn't take me another ten to eleven months to post another blog entry, but I don't know. Hopefully my CC interest rises as it's been in a state of decline lately as I've had a large lack of level ideas for my second ZK3 levelset. Anyways, that's all for now. Stay tuned for (hopefully) another entry in three or so years!


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This is a really interesting post.  I really like to see other express their favorite levels.


I hope your interest will rise and you can complete the set.  And write more blog posts.

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I too didn't realise there was a CCLP2, or even a CC community at all for that matter until around the time of CCLP3's release - and even then I only found out about them whilst looking for a download of CC1...


As for favourite levels, I love THREE DOORS for the ability to gaze upon utter chaos either from a safe distance or by opening the toggle doors and running for dear life! This wasn't even required to solve the level, but being able to go toe-to-toe with all kinds of monsters at once for fun (i.e. not required to solve the level) was a great touch imo. 


I agree with most of your choices - UP THE BLOCK didn't really strike me as a particularly special level, but each to their own. Saying that, my opinion is instantly invalidated because I love JUMPING SWARM :D

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