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Nuts and Bolts



With the upcoming CCLP1, I thought it suitable to reminisce over my first experiences of the levels of CC1. Well, this blog post will be too detailed and perhaps boring, but I'm not writing only for you but also for me. And, it will give me material for maaany blog posts...


I've already told you about my first impressions of Lesson 1: sort of dull. But obviously I was intrigued enough to continue.


Lesson 2 meant the first contact with monsters which was a bit scary (remember, my career of playing computer games had virtually no monsters involved. Snake hardly counts as the player controls that monster...) and at first, I didn't understand the rules of bug movements so I didn't quite see that there is only 1 square in the whole level where you have to cross their path. I also remember cooking this level by forgetting to step on the dirt before trying to push the second block...


Lesson 3 seemed so advanced compared to the first two levels. Actually, I never thought of the Lesson levels as tutorials but they were real levels to me. I don't know when I learnt that there was a difference between Ice and FF's, but it wasn't from this level. In this level, they work pretty similarly. I must soon have noticed that the ice goes both ways and FF's only in their direction, but there was really an 'aha'-moment when I learnt that FF's can be overriden while ice cannot.


Lesson 4 - oh, I liked this level. This is probably where I begun to really like this game. Obvious fails in this level: the hot block (though I think I was warned about it, but of course had to try for myself), and stepping on the green button on the way to an open door and thus closing it again *facepalm


Why is there a flareon smiley? :flareon: (looking for facepalm-smiley)


Lesson 5 - now this was long my favourite level! Well, maybe not soooo long time but until I advanced to more challenging levels. I really didn't understand what the bear traps were or what they did, but I just tried stepping on the buttons which of course worked, after all, it is a lesson level. And I was so proud when figuring out on my own how to stop the fire balls from cloning! I played this level again and again and tried to improve my time.


Lesson 6 was boring. They could have made more of that level. No need to have a whole level just to explain the invisible and fake walls. Plus, I only went to the left side so never had to encounter the appearing walls.


Lesson 7. Well, I certainly didn't learn from this level where the teleports take you. It was only some ten years later when I started designing levels that I learnt about the reverse reading order and all that, back then I thought that the designer designated a destination for them. Of course, I stepped on the thief carrying both boots, who didn't make that mistake? So that was a good lesson.


Lesson 8 - I actually beat this level at first try and was very proud of it. My friend must have explained to me, or if I read it in the help file, how the frogs move.


Finally, Nuts and Bolts! I ctually think the FF section was the hardest to execute. I remember cooking the block section a couple of times, and of course dying a few times later on, and so having to play the FF section many times. Oh, the ice section. I could do that in my sleep. When playing this level after several years of playing only other levels, it's still there in the muscle memory. RDLULDRULD2RDLULU. You should try it. Next section - a bit cheeky that you close the first door if you don't step on the button twice. Also, the very first time I got this far, I was of course killed by the fire ball on the ice. I love sokobans so the bomb section was my favourite, and I remember being stumped for a while in the very last room with the beartrap and fireball.


Now, I've been writing for too long. It's teatime and then bedtime. Over and out.


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I haven't read the entire blog yet but in regards to this:


Why is there a flareon smiley?  :flareon: (looking for facepalm-smiley)


Because Flareon is the best Pokemon ever and it is a symbol of my awesomeness :) (no just kidding, Tom added it just for me) 

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