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Nothing Much



Sometimes time just flies by. I don't feel like writing a real blog entry, so I'm just going to ramble on about anything that comes to mind. It's been a tough month in real life, and it's good to relax with an old friend like Chip from time to time.


I was going to talk about the ten year anniversary of CCLP2. Wow! That's quite a while ago! How many community members were around back then that are still active? Not too many, which means we've still managed to gain new members, including myself. In the next ten years, it'll be interesting to see how many of the levels still have room for improvement. As for the community, I hope we only grow larger, and I see no real reason not to.


I also had some thoughts about the competition formats here on CC Zone, but I'll see if I can go into more detail next time. Too bad there was no time trial this month. As there were two levels last month, I suspect the staff did have something planned since they didn't save the other one for later. Hopefully there is one next month, or I suspect players will lose interest. Luckily the treasure hunter competition has made up for it this month. Finding the best way to collect as many chips as possible in the time given felt a lot like a time trial level. At least it felt very different from the first one, which is a good thing. I also like how the create competitions seem to have stricter quidelines than in previous years. I didn't have time to participate in that one this time around, though.


Talking about having time to design levels, if I had any, I would try to make some simple ones to submit for CCLP1. I have a few levels, like twenty or so, that I've made for my six-year-old daughter to play, which could be modified for wider release. She also drew some of her own ideas on paper and then we built them together in an editor. That was fun. If only the deadline were two months away, I might have time to work on some new levels as well. I guess many players just create levels really fast. I can't do that at all!


I played through Ida4.dat again, since it had some new levels added. That was enjoyable, though some of the levels were longer and more involved than I remembered. Many nice ideas there though. I have to go and give some feedback on the set as soon as I can. Also been playing through JoshL1, BHLS2, and geodave3. I really hate it when there is even a single really annoying level in a set that is almost impossible to complete. It denies me the feeling of completing a set, or having accomplished something. Luckily all these sets have some nice levels as well. If I ever finish any of them, I'll try to write some sort of review.


Chip till next time,



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