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CCLXP2 Beta review



A few months ago, I played the CCLXP2 Beta and filmed myself as I did. I am currently uploading these videos on Youtube, with a few comments on each level. However, since then, I have replayed some of the levels, and here is a more up to date opinion on the various levels.


I liked most of the adaptations. Most of the time, they were done well. I did not notice the changes unless I paid specific attention to them. There are a few levels, like Frost Rings LX and Frostbite LX, which don't feel like the original, but are still fun and I can't see how they could be improved.


Here are the adaptations I think were done well. There are lot of them, and there may be a lot of repetitions. Sorry.




The Parralel Port *: A very good adaptation. Moving the various objects doesn't make the level much harder. However, I find the hint somewhat pointless because of the CCX file.


Debug File *: I like this way of pushing blocks off blue walls. It is very similar to flicking, and it is build in such a way that the splash animations can't cause any major delays.


Double Trouble *: The blue wall sections were handled very well, replicating the mechanism very accurately. I especially love the glider part: that is even more creative than just moving Chip or the glider.


Ranger Denmark *: If I understand correctly, the rotation was made because gliders turn left and fireballs turn right? Anyway, it plays pretty much the same way and the random force floors don't pose too much trouble.


How Goes? *: The whole thief mechanism was a good alternative to the double recessed walls. Sure, the fireballs move now, but this only affects the way the level looks, not the way it plays.


Traps I *: Changing just one tile...it's a shame this wasn't already like this in the original, but TW Lynx didn't exist back then, so I forgive the designer.


Work Fast *: I hate invalid tiles that do absolutely nothing like in the original...


Madness I LX: The corners were handled well. The block slapping part at the end felt a little strange, but I understand why it is required. It feels a little hard for the end of the level, but putting it earlier would involve modifying the whole level.


Chase Race *: Once again, it plays exactly the same way. A very good adaptation.


Cypher II LX: I really like the May Apes Eat Radish part. As for the level itself, the adaptation was all right. For a while, I thought blocks could have been used to hide chips, but that would ruin the shapes of the letters. I don't really understand why the block clone machine was changed into a tank clone machine, however.


Fun-House Rink *: I had to go to the wiki to understand the presence of the extra force floor. Such a simple change...


Breaking the Rules *: The original had the most annoying invalid tile of the whole set...


Tele-Rooms *: The only possible problem with this one is the locks next to the suction boots, which are impossible to cook this time. But an attentive player could notice the cook before it happens in MS, so it's all right.


Security Breach *: I noticed the extra pink ball mechanism. It looks very complex and I don't understand it entirely myself, but either way, it is very effective.


Killer Rooms *: Everything plays almost the same way. I never liked that underwater slide anyway.


Dangers of Fire and Beasts *: Replacing gliders that don't burn with fireballs that drown. It works perfectly.


Quad-Boot *: The starting section feels a little different, but I don't mind. The water and ice part was handled well. In fact, I prefer it!


Icy Moat *: It took me a while to figure out what the change was. For a certain amount of time, I thought the original had a random force floor!


Chips on the Blocks *: Nothing to say. Handled very well.


Loop Holes *: I really don't understand the purpose of some invalid tiles. This adaptation was handled well, although I would have preferred it to have only gliders and fireballs, except where they can kill Chip if he picks up the chip at the wrong moment. But that would have been too many changes.


Madness II LX: I really like putting blocks over what was originally under the floor. The corner chip feels a little out of place, but being in the corner, no block could have been used, so it's all right.


Killer Spiral *: Pretty much the only changes that could have been made.


Mads Rush II *: I like the little twist you added to simulate the skates under the floor.


Checkerboard I *: I like those extra blocks. In fact, they are the only blocks in the entire level I like!


Bumble Boy *: The first few tiles are much more creative than just moving the bug up one tile. Changing the blue key into a red one is the only thing that could have been done.


Chip Search *: Everything was handled well, especially the ice ring.


The Search for the Exit *: All the invalid tiles were handled well. I especially like the tanks near one exit. Such a creative way to die!


Frost Swirl *: Moving the gravel...such simple modifications.


Just Enough *: I didn't feel a single difference between this version and the original.


The Block Stops Here LX: The tanks are really awesome. The block slapping is even better. Really a great adaptation!


Follow The Glacier Brick Road *: From one point of view, I am disappointed at the use of dirt because it doesn't feel like the original. However, I can't see any other way of improving this.


Creative One-Ways *: The block is a nice way to hide the recessed wall. Good job!


Checkerboard II LX: I absolutely love this adaptation. It was replicated very well and it is very fun.


Loop *: Not much to say about this. The changes that needed to be made were made.


One-Block Sokoban *: A concept that cannot be replicated exactly, and unfortunately this level feels different. But I don't see any way it could be made closer to the original.


Hard as Rock *: Another simple problem in the original that is very easy to fix.


Island Hopping *: That trap is a very creative way to make the level solvable. Very nice.


Pyramid *: Those traps are pretty much the only thing that could have been done. It is slightly easier to notice which teeth don't move, but that's all right.


Yet Another Puzzle LX: I like the fact that the room where all the blocks are to be placed before the walls are toggled is made smaller, considering that less blocks will be needed. What I prefer even more is the lack of an annoying glider moving around the room and distracting me whie pushing the blocks.


Bounce LX: The first room was handled well. I guess the second room was added to replicate part of the original that was lost in the adaptation, and I like it too.


Tricks *: Simply removing the invalid tiles and replacing them with good alternatives. It plays the same way as the original.


Blocked Trap LX: I really like this way of replicating the hidden buttons. The traps under the locks weren't much of a problem and were rather pointless in the original.


Monster Factory *: I really hate burning gliders. Such a simple difference with the original. Also the block mechanism is really awesome.


Turn Turn Turn LX: I really like the fact that some dirt tiles are better not removed. It contributes to preserving the feel of the original.


Frost Rings LX: I find this version to be better than those from the competition. It replicates the restrictions of the original very well. However, why the block?


Paramecia *: The mechanism to make the level solvable without boosting is very effective. I presume the toggle walls are to prevent paramecia from getting stuck between the two teleports, but why? This can also happen in MS.


Blocks 'n Bombs *: Another blue key problem!


Escape from Chipkatraz *: Originally, I thought a second block and slide should have been added to the bottom room, but then I realized that the slide cannot be seen without entering the room, so this is a really good adaptation.


Captured LX: Those ice tiles are a nice alternative to flicking. I don't mind the fact that the level requires more moving than the original, it is still fun.


Block Maze *: Locks under blocks should be used more often. This is a nice way to prevent the bugs from entering the last room.


Microcosm *: I like the recessed wall room. It is a nice alternative to hidden fire. You could have put recessed walls in the corners of that room, but it wouldn't change much considering Chip can never step on them.


Iron Mysticus *: It seems that some designers used invalid tiles just becuase they could. As this level shows, they are often pointless.


Frostbite LX: This is one of those levels that cannot be replicated well in Lynx. Still, you made a good job and imposed a few restrictions in the way chips can be picked up.


Chomper Romp *: I really wonder why the original designer put teeth under blocks...



While I liked most adaptations, I think some of them are not perfect and could be improved. Here they are:



A Sample of Things to Come *: Sometimes I wonder why people place pointless invalid tiles like most of the gravel tiles. However, I think too much gravel was added, as most of it does not contribute anything: I thought the goal was to modify the levels as little as possible. The block trick near the red locks is really great!


Sudden Death *: The modifications are all right. The new fire tiles felt a little pointless. As for putting clone machines under the clone blocks, this feels strange considering that the force floors can be avoided entirely in Lynx due to their behavior.


Frozen Floors *: I don't really understand the purpose of this extra force floor?


Yike-o-Matic *: Changing the fire into water was all right. I still don't understand the purpose of the block and water after the thief, however.


And Then There Were...Four? *: This is a very creative way of forcing the tile to be stepped on twice. However, most of the other buttons were confusing and I don't understand their purpose.


Fire Bugs *: The extra blocks feel a little out of place considering the fact that there were no such "holes" in the floor in the original level.


Exit Chip *: You managed to closely replace all the tricks of the original levels. But I don't understand the purpose of all these invisible walls. They make the level much harder and much more painful. Sorry.


After The Rainstorm LX: From one point of view, I like the lack of the cheap trick at the end, but it should be replicated to maintain the accuracy with the original. How about a certain device with block slapping?


Teeth *: Yes, it's because odd-step is required. It feels annoying and with odd-step being a more or less obscure mechanism, especially in Lynx, I'm afraid this may turn away some players.


Time Bomb LX: I really love most of this adaptation, and it recreates the feel of the original despite the differences. The one thing that I find could be improved is the walker part: walkers don't burn, so they may get annoying later on.


Keep Trying *: I like the bug, but the random force floors are still annoying due to lack of boosting. Maybe adding a second bug would help?


Wormwood *: I really like the trap for the teeth. But I don't understand the traps under the blocks. I know about the block slapping problem, but I can't find any use for the extra blocks, so why not stick with bombs like in the original?


Gauntlet *: The ways the gliders and splashes were handled is very good. The problem I find is the fact that it is impossible to use flicking in the final room, therefore making it possible that the walker will go in the wrong direction and flood the room.



Unfortunately, there are four adaptations I hate. In two cases, it's because of a force floor room that gave me a headache. In the other two, it's because it's much easier than the original:



Block Away! *: I'm sorry, but this one was a major disapointment. The lock part was well replicated. The yellow and green keys were minor annoyances. The biggest problem is the buttons that don't kill. If at least they cloned a block near the exit to make it impossible to access...


Lot of Danger *: The paramecium and keys is a minor annoyance, compared to the starting room. Every time I played this level, I had a headache. Sorry.


The Walker Machine LX: The use of blue keys is very creative, but the result is something much easier than the original. I preferred Reynaldi's version from the competition, but it does divert a lot from the original...


Abandonned Mines *: Those force floors give me a headache every time I play this level. I'm sorry, but it is much harder than the original.



And finally, five special cases:



Madd Maze *: I was unable to find any differences between the original and this version, other than the * in the title.


Glider and Fire: This level was left unmodified, but I don't care. I prefer it to playing this level in MS, partly because it is much harder to cook and I like block slapping. The problem with fireball and water style levels is that the blocks cannot be reused.


Frozen Birdbath LX: I find it difficult to compare this level with the original. It is...well adapted, but I don't know. This may be a very different level to optimize, but I'm not much of an optimizer, so I can't say anything useful about this level. Sorry.


Run-a-Muck: I just want to thank you for putting the warning about teeth in the CCX file. The random force floor part wasn't a big problem, considering the new feature in TW2.1.


Cloner's Maze *: I will be able to give my opinion when I will have solved it. I still didn't make any progress.




Overall, all this work has really paid off and the CCLXP2 Beta is a really great set. I rate it :star: :star: :star: :star: and a half. I am really looking forward to the final version. Thanks for reading!


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