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CCLXP2 Review



A while ago, I did a review of the Beta version of CCLXP2, the Lynx version of CCLP2 (you can find it here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/blog/16/entry-61-cclxp2-beta-review/). Since then, Miika released the final version of CCLXP2: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/470-cclxp2dat/


The first thing I noticed is that the CCX file seems identical to that of the Beta version. There is no extended storyline, nothing from that Create Competition a few months ago. But the storyline is merely an enhancement to the set, it's the levels that really matter, so let's talk about these instead.


Miika provided a complete changelog for the set. Very few changes were made, so most of the solutions for the Beta are still valid. Also, most of the things I said in the review for the Beta are still true. I shall therefore only review the modified levels.


Madness I LX: Essentially, a few thin walls were added near the trap buttons to prevent a bust. I have no idea what the bust is, but either way, it is only a minor change.


Yike-O-Matic *: The pointless block and water tiles I reported in the Beta have been removed. Therefore, optimizers maysave a few fractions of a second due to the lack of a spash delay.


Lot of Danger *: The first room is still as painful as ever. The change is simply adding a water tile. For the "visual effect". Changes. Absolutely. Nothing.


Just Enough *: A toggle wall was changed into a thin wall. This prevents a bust. My solution was not affected.


Checkerboard II LX: First thing, there is a mistake in the changelog: this is level 94, not 95. The change involves adding a lot of gravel, probably to prevent Chip from using the fireballs to blow up the bombs, and even more gravel for symmetry. It appers this bust also works in MS, so I really don't understand: I thought the goal was to make the levels as close to the originals as possible, including reproducing their busts.


Yet Another Puzzle LX: This level is very different. Even more bombs were added, making the level longer, just like the original. This is the best change in the final version.


After the Rainstorm LX: A few force floors were modified to fix a bust. This is only a minor change, although my solution was rendered invalid.


Teeth: It now works in even-step. Ths is a very welcome change. I don't really understand the mechanism, but it looks great in the editor.


And finally, Cloner's Maze *. While it remains unchanged in the final version, I did manage to solve it since I wrote the Beta review. It is a very good level. I would like to thank Jeanne Hoffman for the SSViewer solution, which was extremely helpful in solving the level. If anyone knows how it was made, please tell me.


Overall, I rate CCLXP2 :star: :star: :star: :star: and a half. Great set and great adaptation. Thanks to Miika Toukola, Rock Généreux, Josh Lee, Dave Varberg and Michael Warner for their work on this project!


If you are interested in watching my LP of CCLXP2, you may find it here:

Most of the videos are for the Beta, but the last few are for the final version.


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