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AXIS review - Centennium 2 - J. B. Lewis

Joshua Bone


AXIS - Centennium 2 - J. B. Lewis

Size: 21x21

Time: 300

Chips: 4




(SPOILERS as always)


Concept: (5/5) AXIS is a medium-sized itemswapper based on a simple concept: Chip can only move horizontally, and Melinda can only move vertically. Break either rule, and the tank button is pressed, causing tanks to nail themselves against the four chip sockets and making the level unsolvable.


Design: (5/5) The level is arranged in a very pleasing symmetrical layout, as is common in J. B.'s levels. The items and tiles of interest are laid out in a pound-sign (#) shape, with the teleports adding some real interest to the otherwise linear gameplay (causing there to be four intersections between Chip's world and Melinda's world instead of only one). Additionally, four purple balls bounce across the level, adding just enough minor dodging to break up the player's concentration.


Action Difficulty: (2/5) Simple ball dodging.


Puzzle Difficulty: (3/5) In addition to the itemswapper, there is some added interest with the hook/block interaction, ensuring the correct character opens the green doors, and managing five inventory items.


Fun: (5/5) A really enjoyable level and the perfect length for the concept. It took me four or five tries but it was always my own fault. Focusing on which axis you are allowed to move on took some learning, and those pesky pink balls definitely surprised me a couple times. I didn't get all the bonuses but it looks interesting for the optimizers out there.


My solution:


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