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Anniversaries and Births

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As we recognize the 20th anniversary of Chip's Challenge in MS, and the 10th anniversary of CCLP2, we also see the birth of Chuck's Challenge. We all hope that it will be everything CC2 was supposed to be, and more.


It's been 1½ years since CCLP3 came into existence, and likely another year until CCLP1 is ready for the world. And, if we can figure out how, there should be a remix of CCLP2 that you can play in Lynx later this year.


So, with so much to talk about, why isn't anybody talking? The blogs have dried up! Doesn't anyone read blogs anymore? I seriously do not get this Twitter thing.


Anyway, with so many revenge levels out there now, I'm wondering if we should plan a CCLPEVIL or something. Even pieguy would be challenged!


Also, the Treasure Hunter is a great idea, but maybe there's another competition thought out there. Any ideas?

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For myself I can only say that I've been working on other CC related stuff, like playing and making levels! Well, actually some emails too. I do plan on writing a blog entry in the near future, so don't worry! It's nice to know that someone would care for more stuff to read! I have a long list of blog entry ideas to get through, and it seems they won't write themselves without at least a bit of help from me :-)


As for the competitions, I think the three we have are good for recurring competitions. If you have an idea for something else, why not start it as a one off? I'm sure to do one of those once I get around to it...


If you want to start a CCLPEVIL, go ahead, but how about not making it 149 levels? And I have an other idea for a collectively made set, but let's first get CCLP1 and that CCLP2 thing out the window, don't you think? :-)


Be seeing you around!



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