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SO that's done



Just finished voting on CCLP4. And by "finished" I mean finished with the first round. I intend to go back and update.


Some basics:


1. I don't have to finish a level to rate it. This explains why I finished first. Finishing levels can be very time consuming. If I can't figure out what the level is about in a few tries, I mark it with 3s and move on.

2. Any level I've played before may not get played at all before voting. I probably already know how I feel about it.

3. A level ending in ing is scored with great skepticism. If you don't know why...lucky you.

4. I didn't rate all of my own levels a 5...wait, maybe I did. I took care to submit only levels I personally thought were very fun this time around.


Given enough time, I'll go back and perhaps update my votes, but they are good enough if I don't.


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That's a nice break down on your method of voting. I'm sure we all have our own emphasis on different things, which is why we do it this way. :)

Did you discover any new favorite levels along the way?

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