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  2. random 8's scores

    CC2 (score): 72 (ON AND OFF): 39190 (+450, b-70) 144 (THE VILLAGE): 74950 (+300, b-30) 146 (BARRICADE BRIGADE): 73340 (+100, b) 147 (FACTORY): 73850 (+170, b) 154 (PIGEON HOLES): 96680 (+20, b) CC2 (time): 72 (ON AND OFF): 272 (+48, b-8) 144 (THE VILLAGE): 83 (+40, b-3) 146 (BARRICADE BRIGADE): 34 (+10, b) 147 (FACTORY): 35 (+17, b) 154 (PIGEON HOLES): 371 (+5, b) total score: 14,523,445 total time: 36,880
  3. James' official scores

    CCLP3 MS #101 (The Ghosts at the Massingham Mansion): 615 (+176, b) 6,056,760 - 106 b
  4. Yesterday
  5. Which CC game do you play?

    I'd be willing to give CC2 a go but I'm stuck on a Mac at the moment >_< and there's no port of it *yet*. If it was available, I think my vote would change to what's currently the majority.
  6. random 8's scores

    CC2 (score): 199 (ROOM TO BREATHE): 112680 (+470, bc) CC2 (time): 199 (ROOM TO BREATHE): 529 (+18, b+1) total score: 14,522,405 total time: 36,760
  7. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP4 MS #87 (And the Walls Kept Crumbling Down): 526 (+2, b, tykl) #130 (Bam Thwok): 561 (+65, b)
  8. Last week
  9. You guys are killing this! Remember to send me the files so I can compile them into one download for everyone
  10. James' official scores

    CCLP4 MS #28 (Zephyr Heights): 403 (b) tyihnn #37 (Tropical Hibiscus): 388 (b) #88 (Empty Rooms): 278 (b) #96 (Lean Thinking): [793] #107 (Combinations): [830] 65 b
  11. Ruben's official set scores

    CC1-Lynx #100 (COLONY): [911] (+1, bc) tyjb 5,897,870 136 bolds (114 timed, 22 untimed) CCLP1-Lynx #116 (Communism): 534 (+1, b+1) #127 (In the Pink): 413 (+2, bc) #143 (Amphibia): [850] (+6, b) tyja 6,000,070 138 bolds (119 timed, 19 untimed)
  12. That Red, Green and Blue from Josh The Investment and Flame Thrower are pretty cool too, and I like that Bug Arranging... especially because it looks fun to optimize. Most of these levels do honestly- let me add another 6 It's interesting to see how different people have approached the same level, on both competitions. I'd definitely be interested in seeing what others come up with for these ones! Blue Moon, Damp, Map the Path, Which One Next?, Pac Man, Wireframe, Who's Left?, Everybody Get Dangerous, and Vulcan are the levels Miika wanted to see that haven't been condensed fully yet- though the EGD is interesting in its own way. So, which one next? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/401644299353194498/512441867430789122/2018OctMiniCreateIHNN.dat
  13. Why should we stop scaling down at 9x9 - let's take it a step further to 7x7!
  14. Call for CC2LP1* Level Pack Submissions

    Can confirm. I didn't send all of the levels in my set since some of them might be out-of-place in a beginner's set... such as the bullet hell levels and the player.bmp joke.
  15. Rey's CC Scores

    Rey's CC2 SCORE UPDATE Improvements: 72 ON AND OFF 280 / 39260 (+1 / +10) 131 JETLINE 262 / 69990 (+31 / +180) 133 PANIC CHIP 195 / 68450 (+3 / +30) 134 RE: THINK 83 / 67830 (+2 / +20) 135 CLUELESS 318 / 71520 (+48 / +300) 136 BIG HOUSE 401 / 72280 (+110 / +1380) Total Time / Score: 36,611 / 10,571,821.
  16. Sorry to cause confusion already Yet I'm pretty sure there are just 122 levels in Mind Games ++ (or my program to extract them doesn't work properly ) even though there probably are zombie c2m files in the folders and the Relaxation Vault in Test Subject Chip and Melinda is just a gimmick together with the c2g script, which means as well here can just be found 4 instead of 5 levels... To avoid those problems I uploaded the 138 levels now including as well 4 new ones here on cczone in a proper way to be easier to work with:
  17. Here's a few 9x9 levels I made tonight as compensation for not participating in the actual create. Edit: here's two more because these are fun to make
  18. James' official scores

    CCLP4 MS #13 (Encased in Carbonite): 211 (b) #26 (Shrub): 250 (b) #30 (Hoodwinked): 61 (+1, b) #32 (Blended Brussels Sprouts): 321 (b) #33 (Tool Shed): 215 (+1, b) #35 (Chasing Chips): 356 (b) #44 (Blobfield): 413 (b) #51 (Ice in a Blender): 392 (b) #54 (Split Path): 209 (b) #60 (Flippant): 210 (b) #71 (Puuf): 177 (b) #105 (Living Things): 415 (b) #110 (Keyrithmetic): [946] (b) #112 (Triple Mint Slurpee): 550 (b) #115 (Overlap): [916] (b) #126 (Bind Mender): 146 (b) #139 (Unravel): [977] (b) #145 (Hacked Save File): 512 (b) 62 b
  19. Well, this may not be a 9x9 level, but I'm quite proud of the end result for what it is, given that the source level is very difficult to put in such a small space as it is. I feel like I rushed the levels I submitted for the create competition this month and I hope not to make the same mistake next time. Also, those levels look amazing, Jeffrey
  20. Call for CC2LP1* Level Pack Submissions

    Here is a link to the spreadsheet so far: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jpq1QdjhxQny_r9lvYiCEETONQ6_a0H39dRC8QMWHzc/edit?usp=sharing By the way, the best way to submit your levels for consideration is by uploading them to CCZone so that there's a permanent repository for them. That way you can make updates as you please without needing to notify me And for the two people wondering... yes I will be submitting my levels soon, but through a separate pack specifically for CC2LP1 consideration.
  21. Isaac's High Scores

    Reporting this before I forget. CC1 MS #63 (BLOCK FACTORY): 477 (b)
  22. Hornlitz's Official Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) Level 24 (It's Easy Being Green) - 387 (+1)(b) Level 28 (Zephyr Heights) - 403 (+1)(b) - Thanks for the collaboration and help Jeffrey! Level 42 (Nova Prospect) - 245 (+12)(b-1) Total Score: 6,092,030
  23. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (MS) 028: 403 (+1, bc) [Zephyr Heights] 6,101,300 (123 bolds)
  24. Just for fun, guessing who made what levels from the package. Obviously I know what I entered, so let's add some misdirection...
  25. Results time!!! ...almost :-) Sometimes I get requests to see the levels as quickly as possible, so that's what we're doing today. I arranged the levels in order of which levels they are based off and uploaded them in the downloads here. You can try to guess who made what until I'll type out some results, maybe next week. I played all the levels and enjoyed so many of them. (Don't look at the levels in an editor before trying them. There's twenty of them, though we only had about seven participants.) I was very happy to have submissions from new participants too! But wait, there's more! I was looking through CCLP3 and I still want to see more levels made into smaller versions. This past competition was about making a simpler version of a level, but let's start a Mini Create Competition that is similar but not quite: Your task is to make about a 9x9 (or a shape that is as small as appropriate for the level) version of a level in CCLP3. You can directly post screenshots of your creations here in the thread. (You can also send the levels directly to me on Discord, for example, so I don't have to recreate them from the pics.) As with most other mini competitions, this one is open for a week from posting this message. I'd like to see versions of at least these levels: Blue Moon Blue Blocks Jaywalker Damp Bustin' Out Lazy Hourglass MonsterMaze Dolly Mixtures Flame Thrower Patchwork Map the Path Mud and Water Fireball Tourism Which One Next? Pac Man Red, Green and Blue Wireframe Investment Who's Left? Construct-a-Maze Bug Arranging Everybody Get Dangerous Vulcan Vague Dream + Recurring Dream Open up your editors and let's make this happen! Be sure to also play the levels posted and give your opinions (for both competitions). Tell me what you think! -Miika
  26. CC Zone October 2018 Create Levels Packaged View File Here are the levels submitted to the October 2018 Create Competition - Simple as CCLP3. This first version does not contain designer information, so you can form your opinions on the levels before that and the results are revealed. Thanks to all participants! Thanks for playing too! Hope you enjoy! Submitter M11k4 Submitted 11/13/2018 Category Competitions  
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