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  2. Nick Bush's Official High Scores

    New scores from months ago: CCLP1: 93 Flame War 299 102 Frozen in Time 944 103 Portcullis 943 CCLP2: 15 Debug File 237 CC2: 42 YOU MUST BE JOKING 21200 12 55 T-N-T TIME 28290 79 56 QUICK THINKING 30810 182 66 ELECTRIC TRAP 33210 21 72 ON AND OFF 37740 124 73 GHOST BRIDGE 37050 55 82 AVALANCHE 41400 40 83 DOUBLE DARE 43650 215 86 TANK HELP 43320 32 101 TANK BLOCKER 51720 122
  3. My official level pack!

    Did you guys manage to download and play the latest update ok (32 levels)? Update with 42 levels in total coming soon
  4. Any way to make monsters skate?

    I put one teleporter on the ice loop, and another teleporter elsewhere that is blocked so chip and the glider won't be able to leave the loop until another player unblocks the other teleporter. This seems the best way to achieve what I want to do.
  5. suggestions

    can there be a way to bookmark/favourite community levels we like? and/or an option to show you the community levels you have last played. Otherwise if you play a community level, then give up but later decide you want to try again, you won't be able to unless you wrote down the name/ID or remembered how you found it. After completing a level you get the chance to give a like or dislike, is there any possibility of expanding on this eg being able to leave a comment or something or give it a rating from 1-5 perhaps a rating for fun and then another for difficulty?
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  7. I was going to change my name for levels I create but will this really mean I will lose all progress for the built-in levels? edit: It's ok I found I can just rename myself.
  8. How many CC Steam players are there?

    I suspect the majority of that is the nostalgia for the Windows version combined with a general unawareness that Tile World exists- it's not hard to find if you look, but for most people trying to play Chip's Challenge again after decades, they'd probably be satisfied with the Steam version. Especially given that the Windows version doesn't work on modern systems. It's just easier to grab the Steam version for cheap than try troubleshooting an exe from the early 90s or try to find an alternative.
  9. How many CC Steam players are there?

    Seems a little odd that the vast majority are playing CC1 -- when you can get a well-supported version of that for free!
  10. How many CC Steam players are there?

    Wow. That is a lot of players. Now we just have to find a way to bring them into the community.
  11. Chip's Challenge 1 35,574 Chip's Challenge 2 12,364 Chuck's Challenge 3D 15,739 https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/07/steam-data-leak-reveals-precise-player-count-for-thousands-of-games/ Now you know
  12. Mega Level Pack?

    As fun as it would be to see how a set like that would be ordered, I don't think it would be a good idea to actually do that, at least for an actual set, especially with CC1 because lol copyright. CCLP2 also has the issue of not being fully Lynx compatible unless CCLXP2 were used. Not to mention I highly doubt anyone would seriously play a set like this that's that long. That being said, compiling a list for this would be fun. Just a set I don't think should happen. But to answer your question, yes I would also include some from WoCCLP4, as well as a few of the newer additions of JoshL6, most of JoshL7 and UC6, some of ZK3 and 4, and some of the currently in progress WoCCLP1 and 3.
  13. Mega Level Pack?

    Alright, so you may or may not have heard of the longest levelset ever, known as Jacques.dat (986 levels to be exact). But what if there was something like a mega level pack that compiled all of the levels from all of the official level sets (CC1, CCLP1, CCLP2, CCLP3, and CCLP4) and assembled them all by difficulty? Well, it turns out that the amount of levels would add up to 745. The thing is though, is that the length of that would make it short compared to a full 999 levels. This brings me to my next question: Which levels/levelsets would you compile together (along with the 745 levels from official levelsets) to make it a full 999 level levelset? For me, I would probably add the Walls of CCLP4, maybe a few CCZone award levels, and possibly ZK1. What about you guys? What would you add?
  14. Help for Nuclear Energy for Dummies

    Yeah, it is rated a 3 star difficulty level according to the Chip Wiki. Sometimes you have to think outside the box.
  15. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Thank you for your feedback, mmoraleta! Glad to hear you enjoyed them, this is probably my favorite batch of levels so far. I really like that room! I do recognize that RFF part of the level can be a little iffy, but I feel like the timing with the tank flipping is just right. I am open to extend this timing a bit if need be. I'm not expecting this to be a favorite and I went into designing this one with that mindset. That being said, I tried the best I can to minimize the tedium via ice slides and the extra chips (maybe there can be a few more extras?). I didn't want players to resort to spam cloning to solve this one, which is why the trap button mechanism exists.
  16. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    I've finished the 25 new levels and really enjoyed it! 61. This is an okay level. It's a little tedious and a little hard to keep track due to the huge size. However it's not too difficult of a level not to mention the 5 extra chip leeway. 62. This level was a blast (no pun intended). Really liked the trap puzzle and the clear the way path room for the fireball. 63. Ah, the good old world glitch from Super Mario Bros on the NES. Fun level. 64. Cool black and gray aesthetic level. That recessed and trap puzzle with the fire boots is what really stood out. I was kind of stumped on that one. Great level. 65. At first I thought this was going to be a really difficult level, especially with sokobans being hard enough. It wasn't too hard, key thing is that more about the teleports. At the end, it was satisfying to complete. Well, set's complete (for now). Keep up the good work Josh and really looking forward for more fun levels! P.S: Whitepoint: One Year Later will be missed. Cosmic Gold Hill: a nice blue key level.
  17. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Made more progress and enjoying the new levels. 51. The beginning sokoban is cool along with that fireball cloner mechanism. Awesome level. 52. Absolutely brilliant puzzle, equally good as Fireball Tourism which is one of my favorites in the original CCLP3. 53. Creation level is creative. LOT easier than Same Game. 54. Really fun level with a clever use of a block cloner. Nice aesthetics too. 55. That red button room is really legit. Also the drowning of teeth is somewhat satisfying. 56. Fantastic brain exercise level. Whole LOT better than Caves, which is one of the levels I loathe in CCLP3. 57. Very fun level. Good job subverting expectations in that glider room. 58. Okay level, just got to keep track of where you're going. Concept somewhat annoying but thankfully the level is short. 59. Cool level with a partial post somewhat reminiscent of a partial post from Tyler's "Lounge Act." 60. Legit level with a bunch of legit puzzles. I didn't really like the RFF room with the tanks though. Everything else was a blast.
  18. Help for Nuclear Energy for Dummies

    If CC was merely a "kids" game it would not have survived the '90s. Really, it's one of those few remarkable games that manages to be fun across all ages, genders, cultures, etc.!
  19. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Very happy to see yet another update for this amazing set so far. Just played the first 10 new levels and so far so good. 41. Nice and simple level, that glider section threw me off at first but it was legit. 42. Great puzzle, whole lot better than the original Lichtenstein which is one my least favorite levels in CCLP3. 43. I remember reading a discussion on this level on Discord. At first I was scared but thank goodness for the blue walls under the blocks! Pushing blocks onto RFF's is just wrong. Still a great concept for a chip collecting level. 44. Aesthetically pleasing border and somewhat easy chip collecting level. The middle room behind the yellow door could be a little tricky. 45. Legit level with a creative way to use partial posts. 46. Fun level and that blob cloner section surrounding the 2 chips on the top right is amazing. 47. This isn't necessarily a garbage level. Somewhat difficult level in my opinion. 48. Fun level with legit puzzles. 49. Interesting invisible wall maze level. Time limit shouldn't be too much of an issue, I was able to spare 180 seconds. 50. Jumping swarm teeth edition. Kind of like an easier version of Zane's zombie levels
  20. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    At first I didn't see how this was doable until I finally understood what you meant. This has now been fixed - thanks for bringing it to my attention! Edit: bust re-fixed because I'm dumb and left it busted in Lynx. It should be good now, ice being down the hallway on column 16 is the correct version.
  21. Help for Nuclear Energy for Dummies

    Wow, it was actually simple! I feel like a dummy! Lol
  22. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    This looks good so far. I think it will turn out to be an awesome set to play when it's all finished. I was playing a little bit of the "demo version" (or whatever you want to call it) and I managed to find a bust in Exit Exaggeration. Apparently with perfect timing, you can guide the tooth monster into the bomb at the beginning and exit. If you choose not to go there, you can use the flippers provided to exit in the NW room under the same circumstances.
  23. Help for Nuclear Energy for Dummies

    Consider how many blocks you need to reach the suction boots and take note of how the force floors are placed in that room.
  24. I have no clue how to do this whatsoever. I cannot understand how it is even possible. The only path I can see is to go into the room with the blocks and blue buttons and build up to the suction boots. But as soon as one of the blocks hits a blue button “total nuclear meltdown” happens and I cannot get a second block up there because fireballs are now blocking the path. In fact, total nuclear meltdown happens when any button is pressed. This is only level 67! If this game is this hard so soon, then I might not have a prayer of ever getting to 149. Funny how a “kids” game can be so frustratingly difficult.
  25. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    A new version of WoCCLP3 has been released! This release features 25 new levels as 41-65 and are arranged in somewhat of a difficulty curve themselves. Some further updates to some previously released levels are also available in this release. Walls of CCLP3 Enjoy!
  26. Patrick's CCLP4 Scores

    51 - 36 52 - 81 53 - 215 54 - 84 55 - 523 56 - 508 57 - 404 58 - 228 59 - 310 60 - 178 total score = 1,050,950
  27. Drugs

    I made this while high. It's a pretty dumb level.
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