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  2. Ruben's official set scores

    CC1-Steam #26 (CHCHCHIPS): 253 (+9, bc) #28 (PING PONG): 236 (+45, bc) #53 (TRAFFIC COP): 452 (+41, bc) #54 (GRAIL): 320 (+38, bc) #73 (MORTON): 485 (+129, bc) #74 (PLAYTIME): 356 (+37, bc) #96 (PARANOIA): 315 (+18, bc) #97 (METASTABLE TO CHAOS): 290 (+131, bc) #98 (SHRINKING): 332 (+55, bc) #107 (BALLS O FIRE): 258 (+29, bc) #108 (BLOCK OUT): 272 (+29, bc) #119 (SLIDE STEP): 178 (+44, bc) #128 (ALL FULL): 292 (+68, b+2) 5,947,760 128 bolds (99 timed, 29 untimed)
  3. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    It really works on my 64-bit computer! One question though, is there a way to turn the music on? Do I have to copy the audio files somewhere? I can't seem to get it working although I've already set it on in Options menu. Anyway, this is definitely an awesome program you found there, thank you very much for sharing!
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  5. Ruben's official set scores

    CC1-Steam #22 (FORCED ENTRY): 289 (+42, bc) #29 (ARCTICFLOW): 291 (+67, bc) #90 (PLAYHOUSE): 316 (+110, bc) #102 (ICEHOUSE): 175 (+15, b) #122 (TOTALLY FAIR): 271 (+17, bc) #129 (LOBSTER TRAP): 287 (+65, b+1) #131 (TOTALLY UNFAIR): 25 (+18, bc) #135 (TRUST ME): 255 (+9, bc) #138 (PARTIAL POST): 225 (+174, bc) #149 (SPECIAL): 951 (+9, bc) 5,941,030 115 bolds (86 timed, 29 untimed)
  6. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    I didn't feel any guesswork whatsoever throughout the level. It was mainly just planning ahead.
  7. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (MS) 117: 268 (+6, b-1, pc) [Greenian Motion] 6,089,140 (83 bolds)
  8. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Ehh yeah I could have made something better for Bug Arranging but I specifically wanted a dodging level and the wall pattern of that level seemed very suited towards one compared to what I have left to use. Not to mention, I enjoy this level enough myself to not want to build something else for it and further, I have no ideas to what else to make with them that isn't another maze. Happy the further nerfing was helpful though. It's a whole lot more than just a 4x4 sectional level This is a relief to hear. My first thought when I made this and especially so after solving it myself was thinking this was too close to guesswork territory but that doesn't seem to be the case! Thanks!
  9. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Just completed all new 20 levels! Yet another awesome update! (91-100) 91. Fun level to play. The ending puzzle was easier than it looked. I also wish that the top ice slide near the sokoban was a little longer. 92. Fun and simple chip collecting maze. 93. Quite an annoying level and quite frustrating. Thank you for nerfing the 3rd room though. The wide open space is very well appreciated though. Knowing you Josh, I know that you being a prolific level designer could do a better level for Bug Arranging. 94. Amazing level to play. Whole LOT better than Bustin' Out and the last level (Frantic Frenzy). 95. Extremely well put together puzzle. Equally as challenging as Triple Maze. 96. Very cool design. This is kind of like an easier version of "Force Field". 97. Yet another nice ice level. I've never seen block puzzles on ice corners before, brilliant. 98. Nice 4 by 4 sectional level. 99. Extremely brilliant and awesome puzzle. I was stumped on this one for a bit and in the end it was a satisfaction to solve. I'll take this level over "Suspended Animation" any day. 100. This will make a great ending level for a great "Walls Of ..." level set. Like this one more than "Massingham Mansion". Yet another awesome update Josh, keep up the great work. Hopefully, in the next update not a level that was annoying as Frantic Frenzy. It's wasn't necessarily a bad level it was just annoying (at the start before the nerf). Still, a very cool update nevertheless.
  10. Discord Quotes

    [7:26 PM] Flareon350: WoCCLP3 updated to fix the Exit Exaggeration bust @Tom Brown found [7:44 PM] Tom Brown: I was originally thinking that maybe a simple force floor would do but I guess that works too [7:45 PM] Flareon350: A simple force floor where [7:45 PM] Icey: in the level 👌3
  11. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    100 levels! Woot! Again, very happy to see more new levels! (81-90) 81. At first I thought this was going to be a danger type of level based on the title. Turned out to be great level. 82. Nice "Oorto Geld" level. 83. Great fire boot puzzle. 84. Awesome level. The block checkerboard is thankfully at the start. Still has very cool puzzles. 85. Excellent level. The sokoban behind the recessed walls and the lower right block room were the most legit. 86. Very fun level. Far from lethal. 87. Legit twist to an ordinary "push blocks to reach the chips" level. 88. Simple chip collecting level. I can't imagine playing this level without suction boots. Suction boots are a blessing. 89. Nice variation on JoshL2's "The Mountain". 90. Nice ice level. Nice twist on a partial post room too.
  12. Hornlitz's Official Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) Level 44 (Blobfield) - 413 (+6)(b) Level 91 (How to Retune Your Harp) - 379 (+1) (lol) Level 126 (Bind Mender) - 145 (+30)(b-1) Level 130 (Bam Thwok) - 534 (+238) Total Score: 6,091,320
  13. Ruben's official set scores

    CCLXP2 #59 (Lot of Danger *): 348 (+1, bc) #141 (Oracle II): 594 (+1, b) 6,041,820 (original 2,992,750, modified 3,049,070) 133 bolds CCLP3-Lynx #27 (Jumble): 219 (+1, b) #54 (Good Advice): 272 (+3, bc) #69 (Coal Mine): 422 (+3, bc) #119 (Elite): 480 (+4, b) 6,064,980 93 bolds (93 timed, 0 untimed) CCLP4-Lynx #86 (Cyprus): 316 (+4, bc) 6,097,520 100 bolds (95 timed, 5 untimed) 500 bolds in Lynx (excluding CCLP4) re-achieved 600 bolds including CCLP4
  14. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Time for another update! As promised, 20 new levels have been added, which brings the total of this new version to 100 levels. As usual, these new levels are arranged by difficulty among themselves. The current 100th level is planned to be my final level of this set when it's complete as well. Feedback is appreciated, and enjoy! Walls of CCLP3
  15. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    baby don't hurt me CC1 had 149 levels. Does this mean the clubhouse building had 149 different physical rooms, one for each level? Or did the clubhouse just have a handful of rooms and once Chip completed a level they had to dismantle the level so they could build a new one? Are there multiple clubhouses? What we do know is that the Blobnet level 23 was so overrun with blobs it couldn't be dismantled and had to be walled off. And how long does it take them to prepare a level for Chip to play considering there are 31^2=961 tiles. Do you think the people who put the Tossled Salad level together got into trouble for leaving the chip socket at the warehouse? Are the rumours true that Chip vomited all over the ForceField level and the vomit is still there to this day because noone wanted to clean it up? Are the rumours true that Chip has a phobia of pink bouncy balls and for these levels you actually play as a Chip lookalike? And did the Clubhouse really give Chip $100,000 payout in a lawsuit compensation for the injuries Chip sustained from being bitten by teeth or burnt by fire? Do monsters help to physically build the levels for Chip to play, or do they have a smoke break when they aren't monstering? So many questions.
  16. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    They optimize the levels, of course. Morton's almost got 5,970,000 for CC1! Also, this is what happens to blue keys apparently: What is love?
  17. Count to 1,000

  18. Discord Quotes

    So with the community having migrated from Skype to Discord, I'm starting a new thread for quotes from Discord. Here's one that just happened a few minutes ago to start: [jamesa7171 at 12:44 AM] [10/21/2014 11:38:11 PM] James Anderson: wow i need more sleep oof, still true [Flareon350 at 12:45 AM] :sun: [jamesa7171 at 12:45 AM] someday my tombstone will read "at least now he can get more sleep"
  19. Top 10 favourite video games of all-time

    Too many to choose from, here are some off the top of my head. Sonic the Hedgehog series of games Super Mario series of games Geometry Wars series of games Chips Challenge 1+2 Dizzy series of games (puzzle solving games featuring an egg for older systems) GTA Vice City Terraria Rocks'N'Diamonds https://www.artsoft.org/
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  21. Ruben's official set scores

    CCLP3-Lynx #50 (Once Upon a Troubadour): 159 (+9, bc) 6,064,870 89 bolds
  22. Indy's High Scores

    More CCLP3 Lynx scores! CCLP3 Lynx #1 Entrance Examination (182) #2 Snakes and Ladders (337) b-1 #3 A Walk in the Park (305) b-1 #4 Suction Solution (234) #6 Thieves and Teleports (88) b-2 #7 Dancing Gliders (147) #8 Pigeonholed (103) #9 Redoubled Effort (108) #10 Annoying Wall (71) b-7 #33 Vague Dream (35) b-2 Total CCLP3 Lynx Bolds 5/149 Total CCLP3 Lynx Score 84,180
  23. The Walls of CCLP2

    Another update!!! currently at version 3 currently 48 levels. changelog: Swivel Tombs: made some areas optional bonuses added on Mission Improbable new levels added: 28: Tempest 32: Back on Track 33: Present Push 35: Ye Chip of Old 36: Thief 37: Melinda on Mullberry Street 38: Which Switch is Which? 39: Dingbat 40: Play Hooky 41: Hints and Allegations 42: To Each His Own 43: One Way Traffic 49: Quantum Leap* 50: Babylon Fading 51: Bumper Cars *This level requires a good understanding of ghosts relationship with yellow teleports which is not intuitive. Refer to a pinned message in discord under general chat for a detail of how it works.
  24. Rey's CC Scores

    Rey's CC2 SCORE UPDATE Improvements: 25 TRIATHLON 264 / 17350 (+0 / +10) 26 CHAMBER BOMB 216 / 15240 (+2 / +50) 36 SPRING MINES 95 / 18950 (+2 / +20) 37 HOTKEYS 167 / 20170 (+5 / +50) 44 SILO BOMBER 306 / 33260 (+4 / +50) 45 MIDDLE SCHOOL 129 / 23790 (+2 / +20) 108 REPAER MIRG 380 / 59630 (+39 / +1970) Score's Update: 185 SLAMBAM 307 / 95570 186 DA BOMB 192 / 95890 Total Time / Score: 32,742 / 9,249,231.
  25. IHNN's scores

    CCLP3 (Lynx) 050: 159 (+30, b+1) [Once Upon a Troubadour] 5,982,340 (a whopping 10 bolds)
  26. Indy's High Scores

    CCLP3 Lynx #50 Once Upon a Troubadour (158,b+8) Total CCLP3 Lynx Score 26,580 So I guess I'm adding CCLP3 Lynx to my scores topic now.
  27. Count to 1,000

    The average of the sum of the other two valid 3-digit (decimal) answers to ncrecc's post with itself reinterpreted as base 11. Plus 5/2. 423+427 = 850. 85011 = 102310. (850+1023)/2 = 936.5
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