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  2. chipster1059: Anyway, if you combine the level design skills of Chuck and Bill, you get a masterpiece. Vehudur (AKA Lessinath): Chuck likes bill's slime confirmed....? Sharpeye: I ship it Ncrecc: cc r34 when. Bubbleman: Wait, no. Don't give it 3 Xs (referring to reacts) That implies you are supporting it Ncrecc: “chip plugged his male port into melinda's female port" Sharpeye: it is in fact supported chuck x bill xxx thanks chipster1059: plz no Bubbleman: SEE WHAT YOU DONE?
  3. CCLP3 (MS) 111: 629 (+5, bc) [Bustin' Out] 6,058,120 (118 bolds)
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  5. CCLP3 MS #111 (Bustin' Out): 629 (+5, b+5)
  6. Only Keyboard Wielder can: his years of experience, his frog trainer liscence, and the very existence of that level, all prove it. But anyways, I always considered frog/teeth to be a very unintelligent monster, unable to avoid suicide if Chip is in water, the teeth will just jump right in, or if Chip is behind a bomb (or in fire in MS). Anything goes when it comes to trying to catch Chip. It seems to be only capable of moving, eating, and breathing. It does, however, have a strong sense of smell for Chip, and can detect him even from an opposite corner within a level. However, this is handicapped by its 0 navigational skills. As long as there is something in between Chip and the frog, there will be no attempt at going around the obstacle. Where did Melinda get a person-sized paramecium from?
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    2 levels I made a couple years ago.
  9. Ok, go ahead and update my scores then. Thanks for the info. CCLP1 (Lynx): #1 (Key Pyramid): 166 #2 (Slip and Slide): 179 #3 (Present Company): 181 #4 (Block Party): 191 #5 (Facades): 232 #6 (When Insects Attack): 184 #7 (Under Pressure): 181 #8 (Switcheroo): 229 #9 (Swept Away): 225
  10. Because that's the blue thief's job, duh. Why can't i teach an old frog new tricks?
  11. Yes. In the Chuck Sommerville Cinematic Universe, not only is Chuck god, but Chuck is also the guy who got nailed to a cross. He's smugly waiting for Bridgestone to realize this and discard ownership of the Chip's Challenge trademark out of disgust. If Chip is such a tool, how come the red thief doesn't confiscate him?
  12. Because the content of this thread is very deep and spiritual. One day this thread will be made into a holy book for Chipsters to read whist they worship. This game is our religion. If Chip and Melinda prayed, technically they should be praying to Chuck because Chuck is their creator, right?
  13. Two quick things- 1. The main way the scorekeepers that there's a score to update is the new post notification. It's better to type the scores into, say, a notepad file and then paste the contents into a post all at once (allowing multiple days of scores to be aggregated). CCZone also saves posts in progress, now that I'm thinking about it, so Notepad is unneeded. 2. Negative scores are treated as "0", which just means solved for an untimed level. This is because untimed levels having times stems from T-Chip, which gave a time limit of 999 in MSCC. Obviously, a score of 0 or below would run out of time under T-Chip, and so lower scores aren't tracked. (My Pain Lynx score is about -20, fwiw)
  14. It's not working again! https://hw0.eu/cc2lp1/index.html For future use.
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  16. Note to scorekeepers: Please do not update my scores for a while. Thanks! I will post at the end of this post when I am ready for these scores to be updated. Thanks! CC1 (Lynx) : #14 (TELEBLOCK): 173 #15 (ELEMENTARY): 80 #16 (CELLBLOCKED): [971] #17 (NICE DAY): 82 #18 (CASTLE MOAT): 552 #19 (DIGGER): 161 #136 DOUBLEMAZE : 0
  17. CC1-MS #146 (CAKE WALK): 707 (+2, b-17) 5,977,520 115+20 bolds
  18. I'm still getting the Page not found message. Also, when I put my cursor over the link, it's highlighted in two separate sections. So, it's separated like this: https://hw0.eu/cc2lp1/ind ex.html That's where it is separated, though it's still on the same line. Is my link the correct one? Edit: I went back in my browser history and was able to find the link. It wasn't wrong, and I have no idea why it didn't work, but I'm happy now that it is working.
  19. The voting site was down for a while, but it should be back up now.
  20. I have a new problem. Since Wednesday (the 11th), every time I try to go to the voting link that I have, it says Page not Found. Yesterday, it was "502 Bad Gateway". It may be that my link got messed up, so here it is: https://hw0.eu/cc2lp1/index.html Let me know if it's incorrect as soon as possible. I'd like to continue voting. It worked fine until Wednesday.
  21. CC1-MS #65 (AMSTERDAM): 397 (+2, b) #93 (ROADSIGN): 651 (+1, b) #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 714 (+2, b-3) #132 (MIX UP): 683 (+2, b) 5,977,500 115+20 bolds CCLP1-MS #31 (Quincunx): 144 (+13, b) #53 (Start at the End): 410 (+5, b) #61 (Highways): 425 (+4, b) #115 (California): 430 (+16, b) #132 (Spumoni): 446 (+5, b) #135 (Culprit): 382 (+17, b) 6,002,800 92+14 bolds
  22. To play CC1 custom levels, Tile World is the easiest option.
  23. CCLP2 (MS): #4 (Force World): 237 CCLP2 (Lynx): #4 (Force World): 234 #135 (Zartacla): 495
  24. Never mind, I got it all figured out. Now I just need to figure out how to download and play the other official packs, like CCLP1, 2, 3 and 4, I don't know if I need to download Tile World, or something else.
  25. CCLP4 (MS) 077: 504 (+4, bc) [Brick Block Facility] 6,111,310 (147 bolds)
  26. CCLP4 MS #4 (Oasis): 227 (+2, b) #77 (Brick Block Facility): 504 (b+4) 80 solved, 78 b
  27. CCLP4 (MS) Level 35 (Chasing Chips) - 356 (+2)(b) Level 39 (In the Walls of Gravel Castle) - 454 (+2)(b) Level 110 (Keyrithmetic) - (946) (+39)(b) Total Score: 6,103,580 With that, I have 100 CCLP4 bolds.
  28. Several reasons: because there are tanks in Chip's Challenge, because there are bombs in Chip's Challenge, because they're afraid someone might make a levelset with the number of the beast amount of levels, because they're afraid someone might make a level with the walls forming an inverted cross, because they think MS teeth are demon spawns, and because water in Chip's Challenge is normal water and not holy water. Well, most of this is if the cartoons were based on the game (the wacky hijinks being clubhouse/puzzle related) while also being religion related. If they did things non clubhouse/puzzle related, plus no mention whatsoever of the clubhouse/puzzle life, that would just be odd and unconsiderate ("let's just take these two popular characters, and force them into situations that have nothing to do with what they originally did, for our own benefit"). But then again, capitalism. If they did proceed to making this series of cartoons, though, it's something only a few bible-study centers would be interested in, plus probably a few of us for the laughs. Once it gets old, it'll probably be forgotten forever or eventually find its way to YouTube and then there will be hilarious YouTube poops of it. This is not a rant against religion, I just don't imagine the idea working. I imagine the whole thing to be seen by the public (christian or not) as cheesy (there are probably better things to turn into a christian cartoon, like Sonic the Hedgehog, for example). The good thing though, is that those souls that watch the cartoons will be exposed to Chip's Challenge, and maybe we'll have two or three more members to talk to/ play their levels. Why are we so drawn to this thread? It's the only thread getting (besides the High Scores threads) a stable flow of posts.
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