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Any competitions already finished go here

58 files

  1. CCZone Time Trial - January 2012

    The two levels for January 2012's Time Trial competition. Designed by John Lewis.



  2. CCZ-TT-1303.ccl

    Here are the levels for the March Time Trial 2013!
    I'll post more information in a thread in the competitions forum.
    #1 - Hexominos
    #2 - Nested Replay
    Hope you enjoy!



  3. April 2013 survival competition levels

    The thread for this competition can be found in the competitions subforum.
    This is a competition where the goal is simple - survive as long as possible!
    Winners will be determined by whoever lives the longest, and they will be granted points to the "chip cup". If there is an exact tie, the person who submitted first will win the tiebreaker. This is subject to change.
    The participants will receive points to the Chip Cup.
    This should be played in the MS ruleset, for consistency. The first level is very random, the second level has some randomness and the third has no randomness at all.
    To submit your attempt, you may either:
    Post it on YouTube or some other trustworthy video hosting site,
    Email and attach your AVI submission to cczonenextlevel at gmail dot com
    List your username and this competition in the subject. Keep it short and simple, Something like: "April 2013 Survive Competition - Lessinath"
    Submissions will be closed on May 2nd, 2013 allowing 30 days to complete this competition.
    The last time this was hosted, it was brought to my attention that it might do some good to link to recording software. I have not tried it myself, but I have been told good things about Camstudio: http://camstudio.en.softonic.com/



  4. CCZone March 2013 Create Levels Packaged

    Here are the levels created for the March 2013 Create Competition!
    The levels included and their designers are:
    Level 1 - Michael
    Ancient Glider Temple - Flareon350
    Tricks & Traps - CraigV
    Shemozzle - jblewis
    In or Out - jblewis
    The Beach - Minus3K2
    Flip-Side-Up - random 8
    That Ticking Noise - rockdet
    200m Free Style - rockdet
    Protect Me as I Protect You - BlazingApollo
    Bricks - random 8
    Impedence - random 8
    Bringing Up the Rear - BigOto2
    This is basically the order I received the submissions. I'm uploading two files, one is just the set with the levels, and the other is a zip-file that contains a ccx-file where some of the designers explain things about their levels. The zip-file contains the ccl- and ccx-files in the data folder, and two dac-files in the sets folder.
    We will hold a vote for which levels everyone believes deserves the title of the best for this month. Details and instructions for how you can be part of that will be found in a new thread in the competitions subforum.



  5. November 2012 Time Trial levels

    This is the pair of levels for the November, 2012 Time Trial Competition.
    "1,2,3-trinitroxypropane" is certainly an explosive level, containing a mixture of some dodging, block pushing, and even a joyride item swapper mix. Yes, there are two walkers, but they're easy to manage.
    "The Chosen" is a pure melee level. Just you and the teeth, plus a few other creatures for flavor.
    I hope you enjoy it and score good times on these levels! Best of luck!
    1.1 provides a fix for "1,2,3-trinitroxypropane" in Lynx. Thanks to Miika for pointing this out.
    1.2 *IMPORTANT* makes several major changes based off serious negative feedback I'd received about some sections of the level. Also, teeth in the walls for flavor.



  6. CC-TT-1215.ccl

    Two levels for the December 2015 Time Trial:
    15.8 A - Seven is Not Nine
    15.8 B - Point Break
    Check the thread for details on the competition
    (This download is a zip file that also includes two dac files. If you just want the ccl file, click on the first version on the right.)



  7. TreasureHunterCompetition-Jan2012.ccl

    The level to play for the CCZone January 2012 Treasure Hunter Competition.



  8. January 2016 Create Palettes

    The palettes of allowed tiles for the January 2016 Create Competition. More information can be found in the thread.



  9. CCZone 2015 December Create Levels Packaged

    Here are the levels submitted to the December 2015 Create Competition - First Impressions.
    The levels included here are:
    Do you even lift? by random 8
    Infiltration and Escape by chipster1059
    No Refunds by RB3ProKeys
    Diametric Opposition by Ihavenoname248
    Waltz of the Kerosene Fire Fairies by Cyberdog
    Holiday Trail by Flareon350
    Walk in the Part by Syzygy
    The Emperor's New Level by random 8
    Connections by Ihavenoname248
    The Hills in Winter by chipster1059
    Romper Room by Syzygy
    Twenty Chips by Syzygy
    Mouse Trap by Syzygy
    Midterms by Syzygy
    Last Minute by RB3ProKeys
    "Yet" by KeyboardWielder
    Thanks to all participants! Check the thread for more the results and other details, including a long video of how we got this ranking.



  10. January 2016 Create Levels Packaged

    The submitted levels for the January 2016 Create Competition.
    More details in the thread here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1185-january-2016-create-competition-palettes/



  11. CCZ-TT-1603

    "Cycloids", the level for the March 2016 Time Trial competition.
    See competition thread for details.



  12. Febuary Create Template

    Create Competition Febuary 2012
    The really important things:
    - This level must be solvable in both MS and Lynx, but Pedantic compatability is not required.
    - Email this level to Rockdet at rocket_rg (at) msn.com * Be sure to specify who you are and what competition this level is for.
    *note: This isn't a direct email link to make it harder for spam bots scanning the web to grab his email address.
    This is where it gets intresting. This is an experement. For science.
    - This level must use the "template" - this file.
    A few important notes:
    - First, these are not rules, that would be too restrictive. They are useful notes and advice for what we're looking for.
    - Second and most importantly, design something fun.
    - Utilize the ouside walls, and open space between sections as you wish. There's a lot of open space because we want to see what you can do with this.
    - You don't have to use anything there if you REALLY don't want to. Your level will be accepted and considered no matter what you do, however, levels that stay truer to the original template will be more likely to win.
    - Moving the sections around will not count against you.
    - One note about the ice slides: You can move them around without it counting against you, because we realize they may get in the way. Do try to keep the start and end points the same.
    - You can change door positions and colors, except the green door maze, without it counting against you. Same goes for the keys.
    - Levels with a canyon or wild west theme will recieve addititional bonus points.
    These levels will be due by 0:00 GMT March 1, 2012. If you're not sure what time that is by you, submit it a day early (or earlier!) to be safe.
    Submission requirements:
    Email to rocket_rg (at) msn.com
    You must list your username and the competition that your submission is for in the title. Keep it short and simple, something like:
    ""From Lessinath - Create Submission.""



  13. February 2016 Create Levels Packaged

    These are the levels from the February 2016 Create Competition.
    Gnome & The Trouble with Mirrors by chipster1059
    The Salt Mines & Solitary Refinement & Mathematical Mastermind by Ihavenoname248
    Mental Marvel Monastery & Tropical Hibiscus & Fire is My Enemy by Flareon350
    Coda Liabli & Cornerstone by KeyboardWielder
    Tesseract & Sonic Resonance by RB3ProKeys
    Ice Block Corner by M11k4
    The levels are based on the wall arrangements from CCLP3. Thanks to all the participants!



  14. TreasureHunterCompetition-Feb2012.ccl

    The level to play for CCZone's February 2012 Treasure Hunter Competition.



  15. CC Zone Competition Goodie Bag

    It is finally here! Inside this download you will find all the entries to the Create Competitions for the first four years from when CC Zone was created, as well as all the Time Trial levels to date. These are split into three sets that each come with a ccx file summarizing some of the info related to the competitions. A total of 28 people made these 123 unique competition levels that were part of 48 competitions. That's quite a bit
    Update: now added the next two years worth of competition levels too! I didn't do the exact calculations like above, but there are 74 new Create levels and about 20 new Time Trial levels as well.
    So the sets you are getting (along with their accompanying ccx and dac files) are:
    Thanks to all the people who created these levels! They are an important part of CC-history.
    This compilation will be updated when needed. Like if you want to comment on one of your designs included in this release, it can be added into the ccx file. You can also expect us to add more files to the collection once there is enough material. All feedback is appreciated.



  16. CCZ-TH-1604

    Can you steal the Cross of Coronado and get away with it?
    Points are awarded in this fashion for gathering items:
    chip - 1 point
    blue key - 5 points
    red key - 8 points
    yellow key - 9 points
    green key - 15 points
    opening a lock or socket - 0 points
    However, this artifact comes with a curse and there is a twist!
    It is not always the person who gets away with the treasure
    who ultimately is the best treasure hunter. In fact, the winner
    of the competition is the one who comes closest without
    scoring the most points. You may enter up to three times,
    but better get to it before the train passes by without you!
    For more information, check out the actual thread!



  17. CCZ-TT-1605.ccl

    Welcome to the May 2016 Time Trial!
    The two levels in this set are:
    16.2 A - Off the Humble Shelf - by Miika Toukola
    16.2 B - Time Trial Mix II - by Miika Toukola, compiled from pieces by Tom P and SugarHue123
    Play them, send your solutions, and wait for the results. More info here.



  18. Create competition January 2012 submission packaged levels release

    Note: the levels this month are not in any particular order.



  19. CCZone Time Trial - March 2012

    The two levels for March 2012's Time Trial competition. Designed by Tom Patten and Josh Lee.



  20. minicomp

    Here's a file with some levels for mini time trials. Perhaps eventually this will grow large enough that we can post it on pieguy's site
    So far the levels in here are:
    Fool's Gold__ - by Flareon350____ - July 2016 Mini Time Trial
    Twice the Fun - by M11k4_________ - January 2017 Mini Time Trial
    Choice Tools_ - by Ihavenoname248 - March 2017 Mini Time Trial



  21. CC Zone Treasure Hunter - March 2012

    The level for March 2012's Treasure Hunter competition. Lynx ruleset. Designed by Tom Patten.



  22. CCZ-TT-1612.ccl

    The levels for the December 2016 Time Trial, by Ihavenoname248. Check the thread for details!



  23. CCZone Time Trial - April 2012

    This file you have to play for April 2012's Time Trial competition. Both levels by rockdet, and they can be found in Rock-Beta.dat.



  24. CCZ-TT-1702.ccl

    Here are the levels for the February 2017 Time Trial.
    What Lies Beneath (by Ihavenoname248)
    The Half-Living Corpse (by BlazingApollo, shortened by Miika)
    Check the thread for more details, as they come available. Hope you enjoy!



  25. CCZone January 2014 Create Levels Packaged

    Here are the levels created for the January 2013 Create Competition!
    There were ten submissions by nine participants. The results are still being determined.
    Thanks to lookatthis, Flareon350, mobiius, PB_Guy, eric119, chipster1059, jblewis, Blazing Apollo, and M11k4 for participating and creating these levels!
    There will be an update to this that connects the designers to their levels as well as the results.



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