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About This File

Hello all! This is my 2nd level set, titled JoshL2! It consists of 149 levels, some being easy, some being moderately difficult, some being pretty puzzling at first.


In this set, you will experience:


-Great levels that should be strongly considered for CCLP1!

-Quite a bit of block pushing (sorry about that)

-Amazing and hilarious concepts

-Levels that will lie to you

-Levels that might make you scream your head off


This set is fully Lynx-compatible! If there's a fix that needs to be made let me know! I have been known to constantly update this set!


:flareon: 350


Update 1/13/2012: Level 61 bust has been fixed. The level must be completed the intentioned way.

Update: 2/1/2012: Modified various levels and also changed a few time limits. Most have been increased, but I changed one to be untimed. (69)

Update: 2/3/2012: Fixed 67 (there is now a order you need to do in the level, also fixed chip counter), fixed spelling in 143, and made 147 less evil.

Update: 2/7/2012: Modified 35 and 36 for Lynx-compatibility.

Update: 2/13/2012: Modified levels 83 (can't explain), 90 (made a bit easier), and 92 (swapped items at end and removed evil ending).

Update: 2/16/2012: Level 78 fixed for Lynx. Level 93 time limit increased. Level 94 replaced with new level. Level 131 majorly modified.

Update: 2/19/2012: Fixed level 149. Now solvable.

Update: 2/24/2012: Fixed level 35. Removed busts in levels 116 and 126.

Update: 2/29/2012: Switched levels 144 and 149 with each other. Also slightly modified both of them, as well as renamed them to more epic titles! Also fixed level 27 for Lynx and added extra seconds to level 18.

Update: 3/2/2012: Changed hint in 69.

Update: 3/5/2012: Fixed 116 again (hopefully this works as it was intentioned). Added ball at end of 111 (thought it was in beforehand)

Update: 3/18/2012: I'm not sure if this was an error, but I fixed the starting position of 111.

Update: 4/20/2012: Replaced 107 with a much better level. Also changed many time limits and added a surprise to the set! :)

Update: 7/18/2012: Replaced level 146.

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