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CCMiniLP PostFinal2 (1.0.12)

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About This File

Contains CCMiniLP.dat and the associated text file. Also available at the Yahoo! group. Added .tws and .dac files as of v6 (1.0.6).

What's New in Version PostFinal2 (1.0.12)   See changelog


  • vPostFinal2 - updated TWS. Level set remains unchanged.
  • Details also in notes file.

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I have played the first 5 levels on Lynx and here's my thoughts:


1: INVERTED - Although this level is similar to CCLP2's Reversi and not a favourite of mine, I enjoyed this one due to the fact I didn't get lost as much as I'd thought I would.


2: TELE-PORTABLE - This one was trial and error and I had to use the solution in the end to solve it. Too much guesswork for me. It takes forever to solve in Lynx.


3: RUINED CANAL - I enjoyed this level. Although a little on the long side due to the block pushing, I'm glad there were no fire or bombs under the blocks.


4: RANDOMNESS! - Another long level which I didn't finish as I ran out of steam on the Bug Block room in the bottom left countless times. What was the randomness?


5: CRUEL AND UNUSUAL - I hate to say this, but invisible sokobans this long and tedious are never going to be anyone's favourite. Not much else to say about it.


Overall, it was a bit below par. I liked 2 out of 5 of the levels, but a lack of variety or levels outstaying their welcome were my biggest complaints so far.

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3: It was the only one that really had CCLP1 in mind, since i spent most of the week and a half (see notes) building that level, so i'm glad you liked it. :)


4: The randomness is in the level design/layout.


5: Hence the name :P.

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