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Consistent Inconsistency 1.5.-1

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About This File

My levels so far, along with solution files for select levels. I'll be adding to the set as i make more levels. (Discussion thread)

What's New in Version 1.4.0   See changelog


  • 1.4.0: So many edits that writing your own program to print differences between the sets probably would be faster than me typing the following list:
  • * NOTE: The TWS files are NOT being updated in this release or future 1.4 releases because I'm too [s]lazy[/s] busy at the moment.
  • * 1: changed time limit from untimed to 100
  • * 2: added two water tiles at [15,8] and [19,8]
  • * 4: modified teeth's path insignificantly
  • * 6: replaced a couple rooms, rearranged a few, and modified most of the rest; modified hint
  • * 7: added more rejects from #6; removed some redundancies (there are still redundancies, but they'll disappear if i think of new ideas for #6; hint tile got removed in the process, so i removed the hint text as well)
  • * 8: modified MS route, plus a few other minor changes; awkward addendum to hint text
  • * 9: changed [4,30] from block on water to water on floor
  • * 10: removed all sockets that were under blocks
  • * 11: removed all chips that were under blocks; removed clone button on the bridge; changed hint text and removed recessed wall next to hint tile; small aesthetic changes
  • * 12: decreased chip count by 2
  • * 16: prevented teleport loop by changing [30,29] from ice corner to west force floor (Lynx) and placing bomb at [20,31] (MS); replaced some bombs (cheap deaths) with ice and teleports
  • * 18: modified south section to remove MS/Lynx-esque component
  • * 19: edited hint text
  • * 21: edited hint text; removed extra clone buttons in SW corner (editor still recommended for that section; i intend to redo it before the next update)
  • * 22: added spaces in hint text
  • * 24: added hint; moved force floors
  • * 25: rewrote hint text
  • * 27: rebuilt timing mechanism in NW; removed toggle wall "locking" mechanism; moved re-entry point and teeth cloner to top of labyrinth; added force floor loops and blue buttons; changed key color from blue to green
  • * 28: optimized "input" mechanism; improved security; removed recessed wall at [28,4]
  • * 29: rebuilt starting section to remove blob challenge; rewrote hint text; added teeth monster to "exterior", extra block and gravel to bug/paramecium section, and force floors by the exit; replaced clone button at [29,26] with fire and fire at [28,20] with east thin wall
  • * 30: replaced UNFINISHED with starting section from #29
  • Changes also recorded in notes file.

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