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A Lynx-compatible set that contains 40 levels created by Tyler Sontag. Contains many well-received and well-known levels such as The Sewers, Plug In Baby, Lounge Act, Repugnant Nonsense, etc.

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My top 5 levels of the set:


10. Excommunicated 


This level was a lot of fun to play. It has a lot of good uses of recessed walls. I enjoyed that little block puzzle on the left side of the level as well.


13. Lounge Act


This one screams win all over the place. I love everything about this level! I just wish it were later in the set instead of at 13. :P


18. Gimmick Isle Part Deux 


I don't understand how this is a crappy sequel because it's not. It's a great sequel to the original Gimmick Isle. It took a while to solve but I loved the level overall.


25. Protect Your Fortress


The concept of this one is amazing. I never would of thought of this one myself! Definitely an original idea of yours.


34. Repugnant Nonsense


By far my favorite level of the set. The main concept is awesome but the fact there's other small concepts along with it, like the pink ball cloner with the colored locks room, is just pure genius. I don't think words are enough to explain the epicness of this level. <3



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I like these puzzles. I was expecting them to be a bit easier though, seeing as the name was TS 0 and not TS 2, but for me they were fine. I'll also list my favorites of the set:


#11 - Tunnel Clearance. A clean and fun puzzle.


#12 - Plug In Baby. A nice variety of not too simple puzzles.


#13 - Lounge Act. Probably haven't seen the latest version of this, but it's quite the study on partial posting. I think it would fit well as one of the final levels of CCLP4 maybe.


#17 - Thief, You've Taken All that Was Me. A great thief-themed collection of rooms. The appearing walls were still a bit annoying, but at least they weren't invisible ones. I guess it's a matter of the designer's choice not to split concepts like this into four smaller levels, which I would also find very nice.


#21 - Propaganda. Sparkman made me include this. (Though I do like the level too)


#36 - Fireball Adventure. A bit long and at times tricky, but very satisfying in the end.


Many of the other levels also are fresh on my mind even though it's almost been a year since I played them. I think this speaks of a general sound design, even if I didn't mention them all above. The ones I liked the least were Crete in Winter (#16) and Gimmick Isle Part Deux (#18).



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