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60 Minutes 1.8

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About This File

This set has a wide range of difficulty. Most of the levels are puzzles, while others are focused mainly on dodging. It contains 60 levels and gets increasingly difficult as you go on. Try them out yourself. Please use them for CCLP4 consideration.




Version 1.1: Levels 36 and 43 have been updated to avoid lucky timing.


Version 1.2: Changes the bees in level 24 to tooth monsters to promote optimizing.


Version 1.3: Takes out unintentional bomb at (13,26) on level 56 and fixes bust on level 30.


Version 1.4: Adjusts times for some of the levels.


Version 1.5: Fixes level 5 and the ending of level 60.


Version 1.6: Fixes busts on levels 45, 46, and 52. Changes times for some levels as well.


Version 1.7: Level 53 fixed in lynx (thanks to Random 8) and fixed border issue. Levels 46 and 59 fixed. 60 changed to Miika's solution.


Version 1.8: Updated level 41 and gave more time to level 42.




Additional Notes:


1. All levels are ms/lynx compatible.


2. Every level should be solvable.


3. Have fun :)

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