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SexyFrogs.ccl MS & Lynx

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About This File

SexyFrogs levelset with 3 levels - with level 1 being the culmination of many versions; in my attempt at reaching my goal of makng a level of this type.


Levels 2 and 3 are earlier versions, that are supposedly easier than level 1. By playing either of these two levels, one can get a better idea of the general layout of the level...which might help (?).


These versions are based upon level 21 "Audacious Scavenger Hunt" -in my "Places.ccl" levelset -that was offered for CCLP1 consideration, etc. --- which is the most simple version of the "SexyFrogs". level


Ian Wilson -thinker


Update: level 2 needed to be fixed because of one to many bombs in column 31...sorry!

since I am doing an update, I made some other improvements to level 1...(mainly the relocation of the fire shoe)

What's New in Version MS & Lynx   See changelog


  • Thanks to MikeL for his help with suggestions to make level 1 better and to eliminate possible confusion about taking certain routes, et.
  • These several updates were really not required for the level to work originally, but it should eliminate possible problems. Some of the updates were to fix some errors that I made in making the changes -that ended up not working.
  • Ian Wilson
  • Sorry for any inconvenience - Ian Wilson
  • Update to fix level 2 with too many bombs in column 31. sorry! Also, fixed level #1 -fire shoe.

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One of the points in showing all of these levels is to show how much progress can be made in making a level better by continually working on it until fully satified that it can't be improved any more, etc.




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