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Valentines levelset-15 levels Lynx & MS

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About This File

"Valentines" levelset has 15 playable levels with 10 of the levels imported from "Gifts" levelset...as I have changed almost all of those levels to be more understandable or easier to figure out ...particularly levels 1 & 2.


Many of the levels have at least one of every TYPE OF TILE- as a point of intest and also fun for me to accomplish.


Much thanks to MikeL, who has made an avi of levels 11 & 12 available at the NG. Also there is a MS Excel spread sheet of these two levels at the NG and Yahoo group: look for "LEVELS". Plus there is a copy of CC1's level 136 - "Double Maze" on another tab that you can print out on one sheet of paper- so that you can draw lines for the different routes ( in different colors, I would suggest.)


I believe that MikeL has made an AVI of level 5, but maybe (hopefully) he will do a new one, since I changed the gravel tile.

Ian Wilson - thinker


Level 5 has been a very tough level to make and get the timing right with the two different modes. Plus, I had other problems to address, but now, after replacing the gravel tile in the start area - in this update- I am happy with it and hope that you give it a try.


Happy Valentines Day! -eveyone.


Ian Wilson - thinker

What's New in Version Lynx & MS   See changelog


  • With all the updates and changes and also the redesigning of the NE area of level 5: I decided to have a clean slate and do an Updated- NEW UPLOAD
  • This update is to use extra block in NE water / Ice area.
  • Some feedback on level 5 - indicates the need for there to be more info at the start: I replaced the gravel tile and put in a W-thin wall near the circling glider -to eliminate the possiblity of Chips filling in the two single water tiles and ALSO_to enable Chips to get through the trap under the glider "early" and get a better view of all the action in the start areas

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