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Here is a level set containing 5,000 levels for submission into CCLP4. this is obviously not real btw

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Well, well, well. Zane Kuecks has outdone himself yet again! Continuing from the success of the highly acclaimed ZK3, Zane Kuecks delivers us a colossal new release, dethroning the mighty Jacques.dat from its title of the largest level set ever made. However, unlike Jacques.dat (sorry, Jacques!), this set delivers quality level after quality level. Seriously, this is like Pit of 100 Tiles combined with JBLP1, multiplied over by 200 (in terms of both quality AND quantity). This set took me about three years to complete, but trust me, all that time spent playing was well worth it. It gave me so much more insight into the human psyche that even the greatest works of literature and film could not provide. So I commend Zane for crafting this brilliant work of art.


My rating:



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I have already mentioned this in the CCLP4 submissions thread, where I fully expect a level from any other set to get nowhere close to the final product, that this set is truly a masterstoke of creative genius. The flair, the passion, and the artistry of each and every carefully crafted level is a sight to behold.


I even believe that the contents of this set break down the boundaries of everything we have yet created as a community, and truly transcend the title of mere "levels". Anyone, whether they have played CC or even any computer game before, should play this set. I believe it has the power to pacify all war, bring an end to famine and disease, alleviate world hunger, the growing energy crisis and international debt, and to that end, I nominate Zane Kuecks for the 2014 Nobel Prize in Peace, Physics, Medicine, Literature, and Economics. A Chemistry Prize is also on the cards if the theory that this levelset can safely dispose of radioactive and pharmaceutical waste is proven correct (as I'm sure it will be).


I award this levelset a new rating, Zane/10, as any other number simply does not do it justice. From this moment on, the number "Zane" will replace "infinity" as the highest numerical limit, that which the rest of us can aim towards, and if we're lucky, approach, but never actually reach.

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I am shocked at the number of positive reviews of this level set. Frankly, this set sucks. Here are my thoughts on some of the levels, given with the dim hope that maybe these will push the creator of this set towards better design techniques:


#1 - Seriously, you couldn't do better than that? You couldn't even have Chip FACING TOWARDS THE EXIT? Sheesh.


#12 - what is with all this empty space? You expect me to walk around all that?


#34 - Don't you know that level 34 is ALWAYS supposed to be a cypher level? Hmm?


#1002 - Man. I don't even have the words to describe how bad this level is.


#3776 - Ah, this level is the one bright spot in this set of terrible levels. The only level that gets even a two-star rating from me. It's the one level that gives me a dim hope that this designer may improve. Maybe.


#4092 - This level needs gliders. Seriously.


#4998 - I thought this level would be the worst in the set. Until I got to the last one.


#5000 - Is this level even possible? I spend an hour wandering around, looking for the exit. I didn't bother to open it up in an editor, because by this time I was just sick of the whole set.


Overall rating: -1/10.

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Unarguably the greatest set ever made. My favorite level is 5656...oh wait, did you guys not know about the

hidden (even in level editors) second adventure



My lips are sealed! :x

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