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Because CC1 Blobs was SO much fun (which it was, outside a few levels), and because CCLP1 exists and I was wondering how a couple levels would fare if their monsters were replaced with blobs, and because I was bored one day, I made this between 256 Lynx attempts on The Last Starfighter.


Note: I was REALLY bored, because I made a CCX file to go with it, complete with a short, silly little storyline that goes absolutely nowhere.


Blobs. Blobs, everywhere.


Most levels just had monsters replaced with blobs/blobs added, though about a dozen required larger changes to keep functional despite the changes. I tried to make these as non-intrusive as possible.


Some levels had their time limit removed, a few untimed levels had one added. Some levels where the blobs would all die/be a non-factor in solving had a shortcut added (ie: fireboots in Quincunx and Amphibia, skates in Whirlpool).


Additionally, some key colors were changed, as well as a few other minor tweaks in an effort to make every level solvable in Lynx. Naturally, I haven't tested this, but they should be.


Blobs blobs blobs blobs blobs blobs.


Nothing was done about busts introduces by the addition of blobs. This does make a joke of levels like Funfair, but nothing was done about busts like this in CC1Blobs (Monster Lab, Memory, Perfect Match, Firetrap and All Full are affected from full bust to minor bust). In the interest of redesigning as few levels as possible, these were left alone.


Finally, Colors for Extreme and Chip Alone outright did not work without sizable changes to the method of solving, due to relying on a glider and 2 fireballs, respectively. I kept a puzzle aspect intact, though the solution follows some of the same steps it is ultimately different-I felt this was the best compromise to make in the interest of making a solvable level.

BBBB   L       OOO   BBBB    SSS B   B  L      O   O  B   B  S   SB   B  L      O   O  B   B  S    BBBB   L      O   O  BBBB    SSS B   B  L      O   O  B   B      SB   B  L      O   O  B   B  S   SBBBB   LLLLL   OOO   BBBB    SSS

What's New in Version v. blobs   See changelog


  • Fixed a Lynx issue with Green Clear pointed out by random 8-no more is it 50% chance of success.

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