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5/30/2019 update: My CC2 set can now be found elsewhere! I'm keeping this up as a record of what used to be, but this is very, very non-canon.

3/8/2018 update: This set is officially discontinued. It's been stagnant for a while with no updates due to very, very few CC2 levels built since then. I've since folded the levels contained here into a new set, either kept as part of the curve, or kept around as a rejects ground/archive of what used to be. I'm starting to work on CC2 designs again while finishing up my CC1 swan song, which will hopefully release by the end of the month. From there? Expect a CC2 set at some point! This set suffered greatly from designing to design because it's what everybody else was doing, and I won't make that mistake again.


So this is just going to be where I put my CC2 levels for now. I'm thinking 100 levels for personal CC2 sets sounds pretty good, and I'll be posting further intermediary releases every 25 levels created. If it's allowed, I'll also try to include a custom music pack in the final release: even if I have to compose the contents myself! :P


There is no difficulty curve here, so be warned.


Many of these levels fit within the entire viewing area. Some are tightly timed. A couple are ports.

Have fun!


What's New in Version 0.25


  • First release. 25 levels in the order they were created.

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