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Markus CCLP4 submissions 1.4

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About This File

CCLP4 submissions! This is basically my CCLP1 set with newer levels added on. No original levels. Enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


  • 1.1:
  • Removed an impossible level that was in MO1 anyway. Great set.
  • ---------------
  • 1.2:
  • Removed Slime Cave: Ineligible
  • Removed Open Vault: Old MO1 level so badly tested by me, probably unsolvable.
  • Removed Symmetry: Busted
  • Losing it: Added in trap buttons for a sound that works in MS. (why can't we all just agree to not use MS ;_;) It's still slightly unbalanced but solving it should be about the same on either difficulty.
  • Playground: Fixed Busts. I hope.
  • -----------
  • 1.3:
  • Removed Pier 20: Busted
  • Crash Landing: Changed Paramecium timing to fix a bust
  • Losing it: Reverted changes and added a new sound cue.
  • Playground: Fixed Busts. NW Room has changed a bit. (This level still needs work, but the rest of these levels are final)
  • Photopia: Fixed chip count
  • -----------
  • 1.4: Made some changes to Photopia and Losing it suggested by the CCLP4 staff
  • Thanks to The Architect for feedback and for sharing his solutions with me :)

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