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This is my (ajmiam's) first levelset, which has been in the works for quite some time now. It contains 100 all-new levels which start out very easy but become harder over time, especially after level 70 (though there are still some easier levels mixed in after that).


Some notes:

  • Every level has been tested in Lynx and should be MS-compatible as well.
  • Every 10th level (except #50) is an "action" level--that is, a short level where speed, reflexes, and timing play a larger role than puzzle-solving. Don't worry, there are some puzzles and action both mixed into the other 90!
  • I submit every level in this set for all Chip's Challenge community level packs (CCLPs), except #50 (which is just a "break" level) and any levels that have appeared in a previous CCLP.
  • Level 99 is completely, absolutely, totally unfair. This is done on purpose. Otherwise it wouldn't be a reference to the game it's referencing. It has no randomness, though, so once you figure out what to do, you should be able to solve it. The hint gives you the password to Level 100, though, if you want to skip it.

Anyone and everyone may download this set, play it with Chip's Challenge and Tile World, and redistribute this set as-is with credit given to me. You may NOT, however, redistribute this set as your own, or edit any level(s) and redistribute the result without my permission.

What's New in Version 1.009   See changelog


  • 1.009 (Oct 28, 2014)
  • Had made some minor changes to the set over the previous year and evidently forgot to upload them to CCZone but did upload them to Pieguy's site.

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