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Ultimate Chip 6 0.60c

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About This File

I took a break from designing levels after CCLP4 submissions closed, because I thought I was out of ideas. But then a funny thing happened- I kept getting ideas, either as I went through the submitted levels or from just playing around. It's been over a year since my last release, but it's finally time to show these creations off.


I don't need screenshots I HAVE A TRAILER


This set contains 60 levels, of which 8 have 0 walls at all and 14 use the walls from another level. 5 were originally designed for use in Time Trials here, and a further 1 was used for one- though that wasn't the intent when designed! 5 of these were entered in Create Competitions, of which 3 overlap the walls of requirement with CCLP1. 2 of these levels were collaborative efforts- thanks to Josh Lee for one of these, and members of my family for putting up with me pestering them until Christmas Armament came together.


All levels are confirmed solvable in both rulesets.


Enjoy the set, and make sure to let me know what you think here!!

What's New in Version 0.60b   See changelog


  • * Minor edit to Betwixt and Between to remove a 9 second busted route. Solutions won't sync.
  • * Fix to Happy as a Clam to remove concussion rule chance, breaking most of the end of the level as discovered by Tyler. My solutions synced, but yours may not.
  • * Fix to Opal Shrine to require the full final block path. I knew about this one but only just realized the obvious fix. Solutions won't sync.

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