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Josh's CCLP Submissions 1.2

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About This File

This is an update to my CCLP4 submissions set. If there's ever a CCLP5 or something, and I'm not around, here's all the levels I choose to submit for such an occasion. I give all permissions for it, if it ever happens. Hopefully one day it does!


Contains 350 levels - most of which were submitted for CCLP4 already. The 37 levels that made it in that set, were removed and replaced with 37 newer levels I've made since then plus a few other changes. A couple of my earlier levels were removed due to them being simply outdated and have no hope of seeing them in an official set. I've also added 50 of the 70 levels from my recently released set - JoshL7. 


All have been played and solved, in both rulesets. Take it seriously if you wish, I know some others did with the older version. But again, it's not assembled by difficulty. Have fun!


- Josh Lee [Flareon350]

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • Made changes to various levels, including replacing certain levels with others, slight level title changes, time limits adjustments, and so on.

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