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Walls of CCLP3 0.5.2

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Roughly two years ago, I attempted at a project that would have been my ultimate CC1 set - Walls of CCLP1. I was inspired enough by Joshua Bone's Walls of CC1 to attempt it but as a CC1 set. However, after about 20 levels were made, I lost sight of the project for one reason or another and aborted it completely. Though I savaged most the levels made for it and placed them into JoshL6-extended, but the thought of doing a walls of set with a different set of walls remained in the back of my mind since then.

Then Walls of CCLP4 came out. That... brought back the inspiration to try a walls of set again. Though, I had already placed the ones with CCLP1's walls into JoshL6 so reattempting it, didn't make much sense. CC1's and CCLP2's walls is already being done by Joshua Bone and mobius respectively as CC2 sets. J.B. started up his own Walls of CCLP1 set, which is better suited for him than me. So what other official set is left?


I initially planned to not release this till it was completely done, however, iterative releases are a fun way to get other members involved with the process of any set and honestly aren't done much anymore these days. This release currently holds 125 levels.

Next release is planned to be at ??? levels. Maybe the full 149 or maybe not, I'll have to see.

Feedback is very appreciated! Any input on how the levels play out, look, etc. would be helpful to make this set as good as it can be.


What's New in Version 0.2.0   See changelog


  • 25 new levels added (41-65)
  • Blade Plains - aesthetic updated, time limit increased to 250, renamed to Blue Boot Plains.
  • Lush Forest - time limit lowered to 200.
  • Ping Pong in the Outback - level updated to be more interesting, time limit increased to 270.
  • Frigid Highlands - time limit lowered to 475.
  • Spectral Blood Rave - replaced one walker and one paramecia with a glider and fireball, added gravel and north thin wall to the left of the chip.
  • Whitepoint: One Year Later - removed and replaced with new level titled Cosmic Gold Hill.
  • The Internal 3D Dungeon - adjusted the Waste of Space room slightly, time limit lowered to 900.

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