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About This File

This is the beginning of my first main CC2 custom level set.  So far it contains 20 levels, but I plan to make many more, perhaps as many as 100 like my CC1 levelsets.

Many of these levels are new designs; however, some of them are submissions to previous contests involving CC2 level design, and some are ports of CC1 contest levels that I never put into any of my CC1 sets.

Currently the levels are sorted by the order I made them, not by difficulty.  That will probably change in the next preview I make, once I get more levels made.

I hereby submit all levels in this set for consideration in any community-made CC2 level packs, regardless of what they're called (CC2LP1 or any other name we come up with).

Please let me know what you think of the levels, or if you find any busts or bugs!  (Not the crawly kind.)  Also if you could tell me which levels you found the easiest or the hardest, that'd be awesome.  As a designer it's hard to judge the difficulty of my own levels, especially CC2 levels because of all the new elements I'm still getting used to.  You can post your feedback here:  


What's New in Version 0.201


  • #2 Feeling Green?--Reworded hint to only include "dirt/ice blocks" since glass blocks are destroyed by slime
  • #7 Chateau Crunch--Fixed a few busts, including some where it was unintentionally possible to dodge the Teeth in 2x2 spaces, and one where the area button affected one more force floor than I wanted it to.
  • #8 Casino Royale--It was possible to cheat the house and empty a slot machine by throwing two bowling balls with good timing such that the two buttons would be pressed at the same time.  This bust has been addressed.