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Reuploading MikeL2 and MikeL2-fix together since neither was on here before...

This was my "main" level set since 2002, although now I kind of consider MikeL3 to be my main one since it cuts out the weaker levels from MikeL2.

MikeL2-fix is a completely TW Lynx-compatible version of the set which I started in 2006 ("regular" MikeL2 has 84 Lynx-incompatible levels that are modified to be Lynx-compatible in MikeL2-fix).
The reason this set was not given the more sensible name "MikeL2-Lynx" is that at the time I had already put together a set with this name that was just MikeL2 with the Lynx-incompatible levels deleted, and I didn't want them to have the same name...despite the fact that this other one was never actually released...

200 levels / Updated Jan 22, 2017

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