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UC4 Medley

A level inspired by Eddy's "Dedications" set. I always wanted to try making a level like this, and the Vignette levels in UC5 were fun to create, if a bit frustrating at times. These both had some standalone sections, though, so I decided to take it one step further and spent most of my evening and night compiling this medley of 16 UC4 levels, with an unedited 7x7 section from each. The level is surprisingly legit for the creation process!


So when will I release this level? Eventually! I plan on compiling some of my best levels into an ~60-75 level set, and this level will be part of that. Maybe I'll do the same with UC3 and UC5 levels. We'll see. This was another fun and frustrating experience.


And no, there are no step shenanigans required to solve the level, though they are likely faster.


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