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JoshL5 Medley

After seeing the UC4 medley level Jeffrey made for his future "best-of" set, I was motivated to try one with levels from JoshL5. This is the end result.


This one has sixteen 8x8 sections from various levels in JoshL5. The sections used are also in the exact same location as they were placed in their JoshL5 counterparts which makes this kinda interesting, however, some portions had to be edited so not all these are perfectly copied but they are close enough. Gameplay wise, it's block pushing heavy so it's not as fun as it looks but it is what it is. Difficulty wise... it's moderate. There's some extra and pointless stuff so it's not that strict. What do you think? If this is something you'd be interested to play, I'll include it in my upcoming re-release of JCCLP2!


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