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    • New level. This was built before the first release, but i've been wanting to remake it. I changed my mind now.
    • hmm, not sure where to respond (PM, Discord...) but figured this thread might help someone else too.

      Martin, you asked about levels #130, #132, #137, #138. I was gone for a week but finally today had some time to look at these. I solved the first three but not the last one. They are quite involved and it is not easy to give simple hints for them. They all share one aspect though, and that is you really need to plan on how you are going to get the last blocks into place and how you can setup for such a situation to occur.

      In Network Dynamics, you need a path from the top room's door through the center trap room to the right door open for as long as possible. Looking at the attempt video you posted on YT, perhaps the first idea you were missing was storing a block at (14,15) for a while and then bringing it later into the right side of the center area. You'll need a block at (15,9) before you put one at (15,12). This was a pretty puzzle, and I even liked how stuff worked in the SE room.

      Rigid Internal Logic was the easiest for me. You need four blocks in the NW area before you start filling in the right column of buttons from the top down, leaving the middle column last. At the (relative) start, the block at (12,15) moves down a tile and then you go around it on the right to push it back U and then L. This was not a bad puzzle, though I would like the right room to have fewer blocks, perhaps balanced by not needing all the buttons in the middle column.

      Moon Bridge Surplus needs more time than 250 seconds. My first solution was just under 400 but with considerable planning. I was able to improve this down to about 230 seconds or so to solve the actual level but it required much more effort than levels around it. (I plugged it into YASO and that theoretically shaves off another minute, but the route is inhuman to discover.) In any case, the puzzle is very clever. There are multiple subgoals to reach, with the important one being how to get to storing five blocks in the SW area. There's also a lot of manipulation of blocks in the NE, specifically in the square (17-18,12-13). The first two traps I lock down are (16-17,19) and then much later (14-15,19). Anyone looking for a puzzle to mess with their mind should give this one a go.

      Lookatthis, it would be interesting to know if you've solved some of these levels. I understand you found them online, created by others and maybe an unsolvable one might have slipped in. Could this have happened with Fugue State Generator? The problem is how to store the other blocks at the moment Chip is at (12,14) and pushes a block into (14,14). After this moment, no more blocks can be brought 'in' from the East of the level. I didn't see a way to do this. Granted, that's not a mathematical proof of unsolvability, but someone else take a look at tell me how I'm wrong  (Also, for elegance and simpler game play, (11,15) could just be a wall as pushing the block in any direction will cook the level.)

      That's all I had on my mind tonight
    • Another update with 30 levels in total coming soon 7 out of the 10 new levels will have more than one playable character in them. 1 of the new levels I have ported over from my CC1 levelpack Would you agree it would be a good idea to replace level 19 "killer bees nest" with another level? That level was ported over from my levelpack for CC1 and I think it belongs in that pack rather than this one in which I am aiming to keep to puzzle-solving and clever monster manipulation rather than frantic monster dodging.  
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