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#25532 Official CCLP1 Trailer

Posted by AdrenalinDragon on 23 March 2014 - 08:29 PM

For solving all puzzles related to CCLP1 over the last couple of weeks, the CCLP1 staff have decided to give you one last surprise before release.



Enjoy! :D

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#35821 My New Project

Posted by The Architect on 05 November 2016 - 10:44 PM

The initial coding is sufficiently finished that I am finally ready to announce my new project: Chip's Challenge Creator (working title), the first unified editor for both Tile World and CC2, with script editing!

Below is a screenshot clip demonstrating my code's ability to load a familiar CC2 level and display it using the CC2 tileset:



The plan is to write the first version in Java, for ease and speed of development. The Java program should work on most people's systems, and I hope later to port the program to C++ for more power and versatility.


Below is a list of the planned features for the editor. I invite everyone to look over the list, and reply with any requests for additions or modifications.



With the heavy coding out of the way, I may have the project finished in a month or two. Hopefully the community will find it useful for creating the next generation of awesome Chip's Challenge levels!  :chipwin:


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#36233 My New Project

Posted by The Architect on 02 April 2017 - 03:12 AM

Well, I'm sorry, since I know you all really want this editor; but I'm afraid I'm going to have to put it on hold indefinitely. Life's just gotten too busy to make time for it.  :( I'm hoping I can get back to it sometime this year, but I can't make any promises.


Anyway, I had a few more screenshots lying around, so you can have a look at them. These are various dialogs that I had just started adding (warning: maximized images):


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#26368 CC sets in 1 word/phrase.

Posted by AdrenalinDragon on 07 April 2014 - 11:31 PM

CC1: Nostalgic

CCLP2: ****

CCLP3: Madness

CCLP1: Legit

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#19339 The Long Run Guess

Posted by IceyLava108 on 01 December 2013 - 06:21 AM

No. That'd be cheating. :/


there was no rule stating this 

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#18276 Hey people! Guess what time it is?

Posted by quiznos00 on 12 October 2013 - 10:28 PM

What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

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#28460 Possible new glitch in Tile World Lynx -- Clone Desynchronization

Posted by Eric119 on 30 November 2014 - 03:51 AM

I have been doing some investigation of this. In brief, I have concluded that this is not a bug in Tile World. The same kind of "clone desynchronization" occurs on the Atari Lynx, and so far I have been able to observe, it works the same as in Tile World's Lynx mode. The question remains: why does this happen? (I haven't seen this discussed anywhere else.) Here is a description of how things are handled internally in Tile World. (The Lynx ROM presumably does something similar; in any case, the final result is the same.)


1. When a level is (re)started, the game builds a list of all creatures in reading order. Creatures include monsters, blocks, and Chip himself. The list includes monsters and blocks on top of clone machines. After this, if Chip is not in the first position in the list, he trades places with whatever creature is there. So, Chip is always at the beginning of the list.


2. Each game tick, the creature list is traversed in reverse order. Monsters move 1/4 of a tile when not slipping. Creatures on clone machines or traps don't move. (Things are actually more complicated. There are three traversals per tick. In the first, the creatures decide which direction they move when not in midmove. In the second, the move is executed. The third traversal handles teleporters. All this may be ignored for this discussion.)


3. When a creature dies, the creature's entry in the creature list is not removed. Instead, the entry is marked "hidden", which just means there is no longer any creature occupying that location in the list. Hidden entries in the list are ignored during the traversal.


4. When a clone button is pressed, the corresponding creature moves 1/4 of a tile off the clone machine, and a new creature is created on top of the clone machine. If there is a "hidden" slot available in the creature list, the new creature will be inserted into the earliest such slot. If there aren't any hidden slots, the creature is appended to the end of the list.


So, when a creature is cloned, if the creature appears later in the list than the creature that pushed the clone button, it initially moves 1/4th of a tile. However, if it appears earlier in the list, it moves 1/4 tile again on the same tick for a total of 1/2 tile.


Here is an example. It's pedantic Lynx compatible, so if you want you can try it on the Lynx ROM (using Brian Raiter's "c4" utility to patch the level in).




If you run the level in Lynx mode, every so often the fireball cloned on the second row will be slightly ahead of that on the first row. Here's how it works in detail:


The creature list initially looks like this:


C B1 F1 B2 F2


Here, C is Chip, B1 and F1 are the ball and fireball on the first row, and likewise for B2 and F2. At first, the fireballs don't move because they're on clone machines. Then the balls press the clone buttons. B2 acts first, causing F2 to leave the clone machine and another fireball to appear in its place. Likewise, F1 also leaves its clone machine on the same tick. Now there are more creatures on the list. We denote the extra creatures by an ellipsis since they're irrelevant to the example.


C B1 F1 B2 F2 ...


As time passes, more cloning occurs, without anything interesting happening until the fireballs start drowning. When the splash animations for F1 and F2 finish, their entries on the list are now marked hidden:


C B1 H B2 H ...


Later, the balls will push the clone buttons. First, when B2 presses its button, the fireball on row 2 is released from the clone machine. A new fireball, F2a is created on top of the machine, and placed into the first available slot:


C B1 F2a B2 H ...


Next, it is F2a's turn, but nothing happens since it's on a clone machine. Then B1 presses its button, and we have a new fireball F1a on the clone machine in the first row:


C B1 F2a B2 F1a ...


The next time the clone buttons are pressed is when it happens. F1a, on a clone machine, does nothing. Then B2 presses the clone button, causing F2a to leave the clone machine. F2a is processed next. Since it isn't on a clone machine anymore, it moves again. Then B1 releases F1a from the clone machine, but F1a was already processed, so it doesn't move again this tick. So F2a is now 1/4 tile ahead of F1a.


After this, the fireballs cloned will be synchronized until F1a and F2a drown, making their slots in the creature list available again, and the cycle repeats.


Some final notes:


The extra 1/4 move can occur even if there is only one clone machine in the level. It all depends on the relative order of the creature that presses the button and the creature on the clone machine in the creature list. For instance, it never happens when Chip presses a clone button since he is at the beginning of the list.


random 8 above mentioned that something similar happens with traps. The explanation is more or less the same. If the creature on the trap appears earlier in the list than the creature that pushed the button, it gets another move.


We should probably call this quirk/glitch something. Perhaps "release boosting"? Maybe someone will come up with another name.

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#26033 Tile World 2.1

Posted by Eric119 on 27 March 2014 - 09:11 PM

Tile World 2.1 has been released. This release was created by Eric Schmidt (me), with assistance from Madhav Shanbhag.


From the Changelog:

* Main window layout changed; in particular, passwords are visible.
* Fixed Lynx toggle wall bug: if a level stopped running the instant a toggle button was pressed, the walls would toggle the next time play started.
* When selecting a level set, the game now tries to start on the level the player left off from, rather than the earliest unsolved level.
* MS mouse emulation bug fixed. (report and fix from David Stolp)
* Some "stuck key" problems fixed, such as Alt-Tab on Windows 7.
* The fileio.c patch, which fixes a .tws corruption problem on 64-bit Linux, has been applied.
* Added the ability to disable the display of CCX text when visiting or completing a level.
* Added ability to view CCX text via menu options.
* Messages displayed when winning, dying, or running out of time are now customizable via external file.
* When playback of the solution to the last level in the set finishes, the congratulatory message box wouldn't appear. Now it does.
* In Lynx mode, it is now possible to select the starting direction for the "random" force floors, by using the "f" key.
* Added settings file. There are currently two settings: (i) whether to display CCX text, and (ii) sound volume.
* Debug/cheat keys completely disabled for releases.
* In pedantic Lynx mode, when an entity attempts to leave the map, rather than play being halted, a warning is printed on stderr, and play continues as in non-pedantic mode.
* "Goto" menu item renamed "Enter Password", and greyed out during play. (Before, it could be selected, but it would not do anything.)
* Miscellaneous code changes not visible to users, to eliminate compiler warnings and for other reasons.

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#36228 Pieguy's scores

Posted by pieguy on 31 March 2017 - 05:07 PM

I recently realized that the point at which I became serious about CC was closer to my birth than to today.  In other words, for more than half my life this game has been a part of who I am.  There have of course been some lulls here and there, but in some ways those were just the times I was distracted.  And it's nice to know that I'll always have it to come back to.
Anyway, enough of me being sentimental, this is probably what you came here for:


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