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  • CCLP1 By jblewis

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    The third community-produced official level pack for Chip's Challenge, originally released on March 28, 2014. This set contains 149 levels that can be played in the MS and Lynx rulesets and is meant to serve as a legal alternative to Chip's Challenge 1 that introduces new players to the game.   Key features:   - 149 levels that will tickle your brain and your fingers - An all-new, epic story with new characters who reveal more about Melinda the Mental Marvel and the Bit Busters Club - Lots of amazing CHALLENGES - Rooms to explore that are so spacious, you'll want to pack up and move into one - This one really hard puzzle that you won't get but you'll look it up online and not tell anybody - All your hopes and dreams
  • CCLP4 By jblewis

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    After nearly two years since its construction began, it's finally here. The fourth official clubhouse, known as CCLP4, has been completed, open to the public, and ready to be tackled by those who wish for fantastic, yet very satisfying puzzles! Are you up for the challenge?   Inside, you'll find: 149 wonderful, amazing levels that you won't get enough of
    Numerous puzzles that will stump you till you spot the most obvious thing ever
    Levels that flow so steadily, you'll want to sit back and relax
    The greatest experience for any Bit Buster
    Disclaimer: This is Version 0.99, as a planned storyline will be coming soon, in a later update! Stay tuned for it. (Don't let that stop you from playing, though!)
  • Tile World Gold [Windows] By AdrenalinDragon

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    Tile World Gold is a quick and efficient way of installing everything you need to play the official level packs. Recommended for newcomers.   Features Tile World 2.1.0, CCEdit 2.0.0, and all three Chip's Challenge Level Packs (CCLP1, CCLP2, and CCLP3) in one installation package.   NOTE - CHIPS.DAT is not included in this package.
  • CC Zone Competition Goodie Bag By M11k4

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    It is finally here! Inside this download you will find all the entries to the Create Competitions for the first four years from when CC Zone was created, as well as all the Time Trial levels to date. These are split into three sets that each come with a ccx file summarizing some of the info related to the competitions. A total of 28 people made these 123 unique competition levels that were part of 48 competitions. That's quite a bit   Update: now added the next two years worth of competition levels too! I didn't do the exact calculations like above, but there are 74 new Create levels and about 20 new Time Trial levels as well.   So the sets you are getting (along with their accompanying ccx and dac files) are:   CCZcreate2008-2011.dat CCZcreate2012.dat CCZcreate2013-2014.dat CCZoneTT.dat   Thanks to all the people who created these levels! They are an important part of CC-history.   This compilation will be updated when needed. Like if you want to comment on one of your designs included in this release, it can be added into the ccx file. You can also expect us to add more files to the collection once there is enough material. All feedback is appreciated.   Enjoy!

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