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    • I played and solved most of the new levels, and overall I liked them I also replayed the levels that have been modified in the new version. 1: I like the change. I still got full bonus, but it was much harder, and I only had 2 seconds left when I exited. 4: The decreased time limit was all right. 6: This is a massive improvement. The puzzle is very clever, and I like the blank space tiles. The added bonus rooms were also great; I got the full bonus. 7: Overall, I think the changes are good. 18: I like the changes, but this level was still very easy. 19: The walker room is better now, I think. Also I don't recall seeing the bonus flags in the blob room in the previous version; I think they are a nice addition. 20: This is really a massive improvement, really creative. 26: I really like the new starting room, and the presence of the eye tool to spot the bonus flags. 27: The ghost part was really creative and fun. The starting/ending room had me completely stumped, and it took me a long time to figure out how to handle it, but it was fun, and the concept is creative. In the end, my bonus was of 200. 29: This is a really fun puzzle, and a good use of the hook. I managed to get the full bonus. 31: I like most uses of swivel doors in this level; the yellow key and tank rooms are especially creative. However, the bug dodging is overly difficult; I only made it through once, and died on the way back. Therefore I have not solved this level. 33: The puzzles are really clever. The yellow tank and red teleport mechanisms are amazing, and the hook is very well-used. 34: This was great. In most situations I don't like long chip-collecting levels, but this one was really fun and creative. The track puzzle is perhaps my favourite part of the entire level, and I like how you put some area control buttons in the toggle section. 49: I haven't solved this one yet. 53: This is a really awesome concept, it's really creative. I think it's busted though: by dropping the lightning bolt during the final passage, it is possible to exit without disabling the security system. So far, a really great set
    • Thank you for the feedback I think you might be confusing this with another level...this one had its current title ever since I first added it to the set.
    • Update to the set already There was a major bust I completely overlooked in level 7. Added green locks around the level to remove this, plus add additional aesthetics. I also added a few extra yellow keys, to compensate for this fix I've adjusted aesthetics in level 9 due to someone being annoyed with one particular section of it. Wasn't enough to warrant the adjustment but I got annoyed lol Another in level 11 that revolved around slide delay, though I'm not 100% sure this completely fixes it. Please inform me if it's still busted.
    • thanks for hints; didn't get to play lately so here's the rest of what I did a while ago; OOOH IT'S A GHOST
      fun dodging level that really keeps you on your toes! HYDROCITY
      A pretty good one, simple but effective. I wanted to get the bonus but I freaked out at the end, worrying about how the tanks would effect the gliders so I exited and didn't get any. LEVEL THAT WILL DRIVE YOU INSANE
      Reminds me a little of scrambled eggs (from CC2). I don't mind it too much and it doesn't drive me insane :P. THIS TEETH...
      I seem to recall this one having a different title before?
    • The general consensus that I've seen (e.g. on Discord) seems to be that we will definitely do one, but not immediately. End of 2018 or so seems to be the most common suggestion as far as getting the ball rolling.
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