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Jacques.dat: levels 1-100

Some hints on solving the longest levelset ever, Jacques.dat, by Jacques Smith (known on this forum as Green Kitten)

Posted by chipster1059 on May 11 2015 01:29 AM

Thanks for reading this tutorial!  Firstly, the CCZone version is the most up-to-date version of the set.  Here it is: http://cczone.invisi...265-jacquesdat/


Secondly, this tutorial assumes you are playing in MS, as most of the levels are not solvable in Lynx.


Thirdly, I will not give any hints for some levels that are very simple, so I can focus on the harder ones.


01: Welcome.  This level is unsolvable in Tile World.

08: Where Is The Exit??  It is under the floor.  Go down until you reach the wall, then go right until you exit.

11: Nathaniel's Spiral.  You only need 187 chips out of the 364 there are in the level.  So, feel free to skip the ones too close to monsters.  Any socket can be used.

12: Force Rumba.  You can start in any direction except right.  Also you don't need the skates or the fire boots, just the suction boots and the flippers.

13: Teeth Trap.  You don't need a single chip.  The exit is in the bottom right corner of the room, under the floor.

16: Crazy For Paramecia.  You should start at the bottom with the paramecium that can only move two tiles without removing the chip, as it is the most dangerous one.  You can use any socket.

19: Stuck Glider.  You only need 70 out of 127 chips.  After precise key presses in the first part, the rest is just dodging.  Don't be afraid to skip some chips.

27: Ghosts.  You only need 104 out of 130 chips.  It is recommended that you begin by clearing a path for the gliders along the outer edge of the room.  The gliders will therefore end up in the bottom left room.  Pick up the chips in that room next, then go pick up the rest.

31: You (something) Teeth!  All chips are required except one.  All the dirt has chips underneath.  Basically, snatching the chips near the teeth relies on pure luck.

33: Sampler.  Once again, getting past the teeth relies on pure luck.  Only this time it's at the very end of the level.

35: Chchcherry Chchchips.  Don't waste your time on the exit on the left, it is blocked by invisible walls in all directions.  All clone buttons link to the clone machine one row below, except for the one line "break", and the last button, which links to the first clone machine.

36: 'Bummer'.  Go down at the start.  Then, get the boots.  There is a chip under the dirt, and picking it up will generally rely on luck.  Then, drown the teeth, and pick up the chips.

38: Password: Beware at the end!  The glider will bounce right back out of the teleport, so you must go fast.

41: One Chip, One Trail.  Don't bother to pick up the hidden keys.  The suction boots are very useful, however.

44: Crazy for Bugs.  Remember this hint: if a chip is on a tile where a bug could go, there is fire underneath.  Don't forget to move sideways off the force floor at the end.

46: Saving Private Ryan.  All the bombs and all the water have chips underneath.  You can't use the exit in the first room, but don't worry, there is another one later on.

48: Invisipath.  Just use the editor.

53: Crazy for Gliders I.  Just push the blocks to stop the cloning.

54: Crazy for Gliders II.  This time, you must clone the blocks using the buttons in the lower room.  It may take a few tries.

57: Right About Now: RUN!  As fast as possible: left 1, up 2, left 2, up 2.

61: Bugport.  Don't worry about the paramecia too much, there is gravel under all the problematic chips.

63: Make Your Choise.  Push the fourth block from the top.  push the toggle button.  Do not remove the dirt.  Take the trap, you will be freed eventually.  Pick up the chip.  Take the upper path.  Pick up the fire boots.  Push the block in the third row from the bottom.  Choose the middle exit.

64: Colony..  All blue walls are real.  There is gravel under the socket.

66: Labyrinthen.  Beware of the teeth near the end!  Take the force floor immediately after opening the toggle walls.  All chips are required.  Take the thief at the end.

67: Diggin'.  Open the blue wall at the end.

70: Cypher.  Pure luck at the end.  Again.

72: Diamonds of Sierra Leone.  There are clone machines under some dirt tiles.  Remove only one dirt tile after the green lock, or you will be trapped.

74: Walkerland.  One thing: RUN, WALKERS ARE CLONING!

80: Disappearing Act II.  Once again, use the editor, there are clone machines under most chips.

81: Crazy for Teeth.  Most of the level is simple dodging.  When you reach the random force floor part, make sure to boost left, then down.  The exit is under a blue wall, at the very start of the force floor path.

83: Suctioned Out.  The hint is a lie.  Avoid suction boots, and boost at the end.

86: Most blocks have a chip underneath, except those that can only slide two tiles, and a few others.  The rest is luck-based dodging.

87: Poor Monsters..  All dirt and all green locks have chips underneath.  When entering the bug room, don't open the lock on the right so the bugs will drown.

88: Froggy Time II.  At the beginning, you must wait for two gliders to cross the force floor path.  For the teeth part, be patient, and RUN.

90: 10 Room Level.  Use the exit on the right.

91: Tricks.  127 of 255 chips are required.  It is a good idea to use the editor to see which blue walls have chips underneath.

92: Crazy for Dirt.  Once again, use the editor.

93: Now It Gets Harder.  Editor!  Also, beware of the walker.

96: Now it's easy.  Blow up the bomb on the right.  Use the right series of trap buttons.  Blow up the middle bomb.  After picking up the five chips, step on the second floor tile from the top.

99: Mugger Square II: Thief Corner.  Start left.  Perform the other directions in any wey you want, but to save time, finish down.  When going through the green lock room on the right, use the editor to avoid the traps.  Finally, use the exit on the bottom left.

100: All bombs have chips underneath.


Congratulations, you are now around 10% through the longest levelset ever!


I hope to continue this with the next 100 levels soon.  Thanks for reading!

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