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Jacques.dat: levels 101-200

Some hints on solving the next 100 levels of the longest levelset ever, Jacques.dat, by Jacques Smith (known on this forum as Green Kitten)

Posted by chipster1059 on Jun 03 2015 11:06 PM

This is the sequel to this tutorial: http://cczone.invisi...t-levels-1-100/


This time, we will process the next 100 levels.


101: Spiral.  Use the middle trap.  Several chips are underwater, but you only need 8 of them.

102: Blue Wall Maze.  Use the editor.

103: Blind.  Same wall pattern as 102, but use the editor anyway.

106: I Slide.  Once again, use the editor.

108: Blob Disco.  Most of the level is dodging.  The button protected by gravel doesn<t link to anything.  Don't bother with the block, let the blobs push the working button for you.

109: Hunt of Death.  There are 6 extra chips.

110: Telenet..  Just use the editor to figure out which teleport directions are safe.  Unlike the original Telenet, this one has hardly any patterns.

111: Chips On The Blocks.  Yes.  Use the editor to find out which blocks are safe.  But consider trapping the teeth between blocks in the top right corner so you won't have to worry about them again.

112: Running Muck.  Go to the first gravel tile.  Then go right 9 tiles and down 2 tiles to find a red key under the floor.  Aosl, near the botton right of the level, there is a room that contains a chip and several hidden traps.  Enter it from the blob room, then go right 2.  Leave using left 2.

114: Chip Town.  Make sure you enter the right fire room through the teleport.  The leftmost yellow lock is the only safe one.  The only safe red lock is the one at [28, 28]

115: Gabriel Glider.  There are 5 extra chips.  Avoid those in the toggle wall room and don't push the block.

117: Torturechamber..  There are 40 extra chips.  Skip any room you find too hard.  These will vary depending on the player.

119: I found this level to be very hard.  All I can say is: use boosting to your advantage near the teeth room.

120: Double Maze.  Editor!  No pattern!

121: Monster Madness: Chase Race!!!!!!!.  Most monsters are not a threat, but beware of the final room.  It is the hardest one.

123: Chips Properties.  Some locks are protected by gravel, but others are not.  Enter the teleport from the left.

124: Paramecia.  All blue walls in the paramecia room are real.  Don't read the hint.

125: Motorway..  All blue walls are real.  There is a bust that allows you to only use the blue key to reach the exit.

129: Mixed Nuts.  The three columns of bombs on the right have chips underneath.  All blue walls are real except the one at the end of the water tunnel at the top.  Several blocks have monsters underneath in the right section.  Beware of blocks 3 and 6 in row 1, 3 and 4 in row 2 and 2, and 5 in row 3.  You can only push the corner blocks in the room with the gravel square.

130: Monsters Under Blocks?????  There is a pattern.  The outer layer of blocks is safe.  The middle column, the middle row and the main diagonals are also safe.

131: Shaft...s.  In the room that four shafts link to, beware of the leftmost one.

132: Monster Laborotary.  Do not push the button after the force floor room more than once and do not let the teeth push it.

136: Mix Up II: A Little Bit of Everything.  There are two extra chips.  Avoid the middle one that is blocked by water.  There is gravel at the end of the dirt tunnel, a block under the floor [14, 18] and clone machines under several dirt tiles.  The balls that don't slide don't move.

138: Blobnet II.  Do not release the glider.  Open the green locks and pick up the chips under them in order to let the blobs "drain" into the water while you take care of the rest of the level.  The monsters in the bottom right room do not move.

142: Most blue walls are real.  There is no pattern, so use the editor.

143: Very, Very Strange.  Not as in insane, but still very strange.  Don't be afraid to explore the various rooms, you cannot die unless you are clumsy, but make sure you leave a way out.

144: Raining Chip.  The biggest threat is the time limit.  Start with the room on the left, the move on to the right.  Do not empty the column of chips at the beginning, it is a waste of time.  Most importantly, RUN!

145: Plane On The Water.  The level is much easier than it looks.

146: Cake Walk.  The worst level so far: all water tiles except the one near the exit have stuff underneath.  Blocks need to be pushed into every single one of them in order to access what is underneath.  Don't be afraid to skip it, I did.

147: My Properties II.  There are 18 extra chips.  Don't be afraid to leave those the gliders and fireballs hit, you don't need them.  Make sure you have finished all the teleport rooms before entering the clone machine room.

149: Special.  Just be patient.

150: Crazy for Balls.  Lots of precise dodging is required.  There is a green key under the floor at the bottom right corner of the large room.  Sometimes it may help to memorize the required movements and execute them with your eyes closed to avoid being distracted by the balls.

154: "Now For Something Completly Different".  There is no pattern, so you will have to use the editor.  Again.

156: Walker Dancing Foxtrot With Blob.  It seems nobody ever solved this level.  It is solvable in theory, although extreme luck is required.  The best solution is to use a computer program to solve it automatically.

159: Entering St. Saidu Walker's Hotel - 5 Star!!!!  Do not enter the teleport.  Begin with the top room.  And beware of walkers!

162: Walkerdon F.C Match....  The exits are under the top sockets.

163: Wormwood.  There is only 1 spare chip.  You have to free the teeth with a quick chip snatch, and get the green key underneath.  Avoid the flippers and the suction boots in MSCC.  Beware of the corner and centre blocks.  Do not press the tank buttons.  Make sure the teeth does not go beyond the water tile.  The room at the top right is filled with clone machines under the floor.  Do not open the lower socket.

164: Microcosm.  The map works.  Do not open the toggle walls.

169: Series.  All chips in the blob room have gravel underneath.  The trap over the exit is the one what works.

172: Frogger.  You will have to be very patient in the upper rooms.

174: You Give It A Name.  Don't worry about the insects, all that dirt has gravel underneath.  Also I doubt the email address still works, but I haven't checked.

175: Monsters Under Blocks II.  This one has no pattern, so you must use an editor.  However, it is a good idea to trap the teeth and the ball behind blocks so they won't bother you.

176: Can You Beat This.  There are 49 extra chips.  You can therefore avoid those in the walker room (don't open the blue walls that would free the walkers) and those under most green locks.

178: Run!  There is a chip under the floor one tile below Chip at the start.  You need the four keys and use the teleports to your advantage.

179: Race!  You must push the block onto the toggle button, then run and pick up the chips.  Open the socket on the right, take the lower slide, then the slide on the left.

180: Enzo.  I doubt this is solvable.  If it does, it requires a lot of practice to avoid dying just before the socket.  If you solve it, let me know.

181: Pain II.  Unfortunately you have to clone all those blocks to reach the exit.  There is no bust.

185: D'oh II.  809 of 1053 chips are required.  The socket set in the top left corner is the only one with exits.  Begin by snatching a first chip, then lead the teeth into the water.  Then snatch the chip under the teeth you just drowned, then drown the others.  You will not need to free any other teeth for the rest of the level.

186: Chip Fight.  Yup, just like The Most Tedious Level Ever Without Blocks in TCCLPRejects, but with multiple monsters this time.  Just be patient.

187: Here's One I Prepared Earlier.  The bottom half of the level is filled with invisible and hidden walls.  An editor is pretty much your only option.

189: Fruit Salad.  This one has a socket, so you will need to pick up the chips.

190: If you are lucky, the dodging can be avoided if the blob blocks the walker clone machine while the button is pressed.  If not, this level will be very difficult.

192: My Strange Maze.  Do not push the buttons!  The only safe block is the one near the tanks and the water, and you will need it to access the chip under the water.

193: Just Run I.  Right 22, down 27, right 1.

194: Just Run II.  Down 10, left 3, down 10, left 3, down 3.

195: Treasure Hunt.  I'm sorry.  Use the editor.

196: Chip Mine II.  Even worse.  Use the editor.

197: Jumping Gliders & Walkers.  Go up and find the three blocks.  Use the first one to prevent the walkers at the top from escaping.  Use the other two to protect the other chip so the gliders won't kill it.

198: Nightmare 4.  Use the green key to your advantage.  When facing the blue walls near the teeth, open the middle one and stay there until all teeth are dead.  In the room with two walkers, only push the middle block.

200: La Matrice.  Many chips have fire underneath.


Thanks for reading!  I hope this helped!

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