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  2. Here's the proof. Lynx solves in progress. Now when are we going to get the award system back?
  3. CCLP3 & CCLP4 MS Completion Proof View File Proof that I completed these two sets in MS mode Submitter The Architect Submitted 05/26/2018 Category TWS files  
  4. CCLP3 & CCLP4 MS Completion Proof

    Version 1.0.0


    Proof that I completed these two sets in MS mode
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  6. Count to 1,000

    The square root of eight hundred and fifty-seven thousand, four hundred and seventy-six, times (the square root of -1, raised to the fourth power), plus (the result of adding the final result to the negation of itself).
  7. Count to 1,000

    1,000 minus 3/4 of 100
  8. Count to 1,000

    Nine hundred twenty-four
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  10. TSα Discussion

    Great to see new levels, I really like them
  11. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Oh brother. I only used that word to describe a level, just once. And I didn't notice the whole map at the time.
  12. TSα Discussion

    TSAlpha has received its three level update. ALSO now included is replays for every level, every hint text being vertically centered, a slight fix to Give Up the Ghost, and "Oh Dam!" being slightly renamed to "Oh Dam".
  13. Oh I thought it was just a path to the exit fair point though.
  14. Good news - there's another new update! 0.3.3 includes... Flotsam and Jetsam: replaced decoy tank button with random force floor to remove a needless red herring. Block Buster 3 in 2D: reverted to previous version, with some water spaces replaced by bombs, to prevent a bust. @Flareon350 - the section in Images of Giza that was removed was a bunch of disconnected rooms outside the pyramid where you carried a block back inside OVERSEA DELIVERY-style to fill in a water space that guarded the exit, where the hint now sits. I eventually took it out because it seemed to clash with the pyramid aesthetic and felt like needless extra work at the end, especially after all the dodging.
  15. Here is my next set of feedback based on the next ten levels I've played tonight. in addition, the change to Balls to the Wall makes the level much better! 11. This one took me a few tries but cracking the puzzle was pretty satisfying. Loved the blue wall usage of course 12. I was kind of expecting the red keys to be optional, to make for shortcuts but that was immediately blown out of the water upon playing. I think I personally would prefer that but I still liked this level a lot 13. Zabriskie Point 2.0 aesthetics aside though, I absolutely loved this one. I did not expect to see something like this from you, all things considered! 14. Another pretty great level, I liked that sokoban a lot as well as that red button section 15. This level took me a little bit longer than I was expecting to solve... I initially wasn't a big fan of it and to be completely honest, I'm still not. Though that's not to say this is a bad level. Very good puzzle and concept for sure, perfect size and all, and I appreciate the fact it exists in general. But it just wasn't my personal taste 16. Another fantastic use of aesthetics! I was thrown off guard with the yellow locks, well played 17. That starting room is the best room, but the level was very fun. The red/yellow lock room with the surprisingly simple and I don't know if I should be glad it is or disappointed it is 18. Not my favorite level but it was still fun 19. Loved that ending. I remember you mentioned there being a path outside the level to the exit but was removed because it made the level longer? I don't remember the exact reason but I'm semi hoping you'll add that back in because this felt way too short personally 20. What a level! This was very impressive and fun in a lot of ways. I especially loved the elemental room with the chips and the ending room with the glider cloner. I think the hint being in that room is much better than where it initially was as well
  16. I've added one additional minor update that addresses a couple of issues: Three Boot Night: decremented chip count by one and replaced last chip with green door. Blade Mountain: added extra gravel tile in walker dodging "mountain" section. Have fun!
  17. Here's part 3 (21-30) 21. Superb block pushing puzzle, glad that this level got revived. Funny television with water inside it. 22. Awesome blue level and the dodging keeps you on your toes. The walkers were somewhat annoying. 23. Brilliant puzzle got stuck on this quite a bit. 24. Nice concept for a maze but it can be a bit hypnotizing. Just have to be very very careful, kind of like a cleaner mess than Divide By Zero. 25. Great level and the ending puzzle is legit. 26. Not as chaotic as I thought it would be. At first, I thought the cloners would clone crazy like Jumping Swarm. 27. Appealing aesthetic and that sokoban with force floors was legit. 28. Interesting level. Despite title it isn't too hard. 29. Funny pun on sokoban and also an awesome puzzle. 30. I had to draw on a map of this level just like Short Circuit. Still a good square looking level.
  18. Here's part 2 (11-20) 11. Very well crafted key puzzle. 12. Cool level and the tight time limit makes it more interesting. 13. Cool looking maze, reminds me of Josh's "Zabriskie Point". Second level I've played so far that has this maze concept. 14. Awesome puzzles rolled into one fantastic level. That checker sokoban is legit. 15. Brilliant sokoban and twist on the "my friend' concept. 16. Wild level is wild. Better than the original level too. 17. This level has great puzzles which are a blast (no pun intended) 18. Cool force slide section level. 19. Simple level with somewhat of a brain teasing twist. I was stumped on how to get the fireball to blow up the bomb below the exit, I figured it out. 20. Extremely fun level to play. This is kind of like "elemental park" but in a twisted way.
  19. Thanks for the feedback, guys! I've added an update, 0.3.1, with some changes to help make some of the levels a bit less rigid. Glitterglaze Glacier: increased time limit by 50 seconds. Monster Recreation Center: switched walker out with glider and placed walker in 5x5 room, removing gliders. Balls to the Wall: removed balls at cardinal direction points. Three Boot Night: removed door "trap" at the end, added additional chip inside the lock nail area, and moved hint up to cloning area. Block Buster 3 in 2D: replaced water in zigzag block room with bombs, removed one block and sockets from bottom area, and placed socket next to exit, allowing end area puzzle to be solved early.
  20. I just downloaded the update after playing the first 18 levels in the old version. So far so good for a set that will hopefully be a full 149 set. Here's my thoughts on the first 10 levels. 1. Interesting and somewhat complex first level. 2. Aesthetically pleasing and easy chip and boot collecting level. 3. Somewhat hard level well for me since I am not too good with teleport puzzles. Also, pretty hard to keep track. 4. Fun level with monster melee puzzles. 5. Awesome puzzles into one level. 6. Great level with a unique concept. Basically, somewhat of a monster swapper with chips. 7. Nice trap button puzzle but a little weird too. Took me several tries to get the tooth monster to the correct trap. 8. Interesting level. 9. Intuitive force floor block pushing level. I had to study where each path would lead to and the order. The suction boots at the start are very well appreciated, probably be crazy without them. 10. Somewhat hard level, close spaces with pink balls on slides could be problematic. Still interesting though.
  21. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    This is definitely going to 149 levels thank you for your feedback again! Glad you have enjoyed these so far My goal with this set isn't to make improvements of the original levels that use these walls, but instead the challenge of using them to make something different than the original did. That's what makes Walls Of levels so much fun to make! Partially true! This was done in Gloomy Minute Village only because I didn't have anything else interesting in mind to do with those walls, but I find it very fun to try new things out that players would most likely hate right off the bat but present them in small doses (see: Blurry/Blind). Spectral Blood Rave is more revisiting the concept I've done in one of my reject levels than anything else.
  22. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Just finished all 40 levels. This is a great start for the future of WOCCLP3. Many many enjoyable levels and great puzzles. Part 4 (31-40) 31. I find this level to be equally amazing as the original "Mini Challenges" 32. I enjoyed this level a lot and that sokoban with the FF's is legit. 33. Interesting aesthetic with the toggle walls and teleports. This level is better than the original. 34. Very nice to break the trend once in a while with the "my friend" with a tooth. 35. Very cool puzzle and blowing up the bombs are satisfying. Heck, bombs are a beautiful thing. 36. I got lucky and solved this on my first try without skipping any rooms. Despite, the challenging dodges I prefer this one over which one next. That level is pretty tedious and just downright boring. 37. Awesome level, especially with that ice slide with chips. 38. Well crafted level, especially that fire boot puzzle. 39. Confusing level at first but turned out to be very fun. I was able to have several blocks left over in the water room. 40. Said it before, I enjoy block puzzles and this one was a blast. Well, that's all the levels completed (so far), this set is at a great start and keep up the good work. As said before creating 149 levels is quite a tall order but just in case that this set isn't going 149 levels that's okay. What matters is that the players have fun and use their brain. Also, for the most part I believe that this Walls Of series improve the original level. YAYAP was a great example (that blockslide!). But anyway, very fun levels and hope to see more soon!
  23. CC2 Minor Revamps Tileset

    This makes Chip's Challenge look a lot more consistent in many ways. Misalignments and miscoloration are gone, all objects now have shadows except blobs, ghosts, and players, and the swivel doors in particular are neater.
  24. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Thank you for your feedback, mmoraleta. Even though I said I wasn't going to release updates to this set, I've decided to anyway since I'm taking a short break from designing new levels here. These updates include... Technicolor Theatre: re-fixed the blue lock/walker maze corner in MS. Magnetic Workout: thief tile placed after first flipper to prevent bust towards the end of the level. Digitized Disaster: adjusted aesthetics to prevent getting trapped in the teleports upon exiting. The Internal 3D Dungeon: fixed sardine can room to be possible It's unfortunately worth mentioning that The Internal 3D Dungeon was updated twice since I'm dumb and can't make my own difficult sardine cans. So to ensure your copy is the correct, the sardine can room in the NW should have a socket near the red button.
  25. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Here's part 3 (21-30) 21. Really entertaining level, I enjoyed this one. 22. Extremely brilliant puzzle, this is the first level so far that stumped me quite a bit. Had to think outside the box on this one. 23. Yet another yet another simple chip collecting level with an awesome aesthetic maze. 24. Awesome level and a whole lot better than the original Blue Blocks in my opinion. 25. Despite the title, this level is somewhat nerve wracking. The paramecia seem to stabilize but the walkers mess it up and this set seems to introduce monster patterns with both random and non-random elements. Okay level. 26. Despite the title, I don't see that much difference between this one and the original Whitepoint from JoshL5. Both are equally fun and simple. 27. A little like "Blurry" except this one is a little more difficult, but not too much due to the wide open space. 28. Creative glider themed level. Whole lot better than YAYAP. YAYAP was a great puzzle but that block slide at the end killed it. 29. Level that is somewhat easier than it looks with the sokobans. I did beat both the right and left side though. 30. Okay chip collecting level with teleports.
  26. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Here's part 2 (11-20) 11. Great level. Felt a little bit like "Clay Tunnel" and I wish there were more levels featuring recessed wall and block puzzles. 12. Somewhat easy level, thankfully the pink balls weren't too chaotic. Also felt a little of Jeffrey's "Deflection Field". 13. Easier and better than Wireframe. Both were good levels but I like this one more. 14. Simple chip collecting level. 15. Fun clone disruption type of level. 16. Pretty fun level. Don't know what that recessed wall on (5,9) is for since I didn't need to use it. 17. Fun puzzles rolled into one level. The tank section is a bit easier in MS due to tank rule differences in rulesets. That sokoban at the bottom is legit. 18. Really fun water maze chip collecting level with thieves. I like this more than Blue Moon, I am not too big of a fan on ice mazes. 19. The "zippers" make the corridors amazing along with the intuitive puzzles. Thought I severely busted it at first since I didn't need the three blocks along with an unused pair of flippers and suction boots. I know that on the Discord chat a thief was forgotten to be put there, so I go back and play the level the intended way. Still, a great level. 20. Gloomy level is gloomy. Not only that it's asymmetrical! (Toadman reference)
  27. I went ahead and sat down and played the first 10 levels of the newly up-to-date version of this set posted. Needless to say, they were a lot of fun! Here's some of my feedback on them. 1. I liked the teleporting bit at the end of the level, very good use of such a small space. 2. The open endedness of this level is enjoyable. I wasted one yellow key at the end and still managed to exit, but it might be worth throwing in another behind the socket? 3. I solved this with 12 seconds left lol but I liked this one. It's worth keeping 4. That random force floor is a little iffy with that walker there you can totally kill the teeth in the fire in MS, though I'm sure you were aware of this already 5. That block section 6. What an interesting puzzle! This one took me a few tries. Loved the clues to the entry points too! 7. In my opinion, this was more or less a more obvious implantation of Jeffrey's Enemy Without and I like it for that reason. 8. Fully solved this one (I never did when it was sent to me), and I really like it! 9. Outstanding level. It took the already good concept in Andrew's Conveyor Craze and just made it better, due to its size. This is one I'm hoping to see in CCLP5 someday. 10. Lol this level. I really don't know how I feel about it but it's not a bad level by any means. Though... that slide does get filled up quite a bit.
  28. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Hey Josh it's very nice to see you making levels again after youre JoshL7 set. Having played the first 10 levels, I am having lots of fun with them. 1. Interesting and not too straightforward level as the first one. At first I was stumped at the trap section with the glider but it was a dumb oversight. Still a fun level. 2. Easy and nice blue level. 3. Pretty simple bomb maze type of level. I read the hint too and that teleport was kind of mean. 4. Very interesting title and easy green lock maze. If this were to be a 149 set it should be in the 63 slot or 114 for a JoshL2 reference. 5. Fun key lock type of level and nice blue aesthetic. I think the title Medallion is more of a yellow type thing but blue is still fine. 6. Really liked this level and the puzzle at the end was awesome. The chip collecting part is sort of nerve wracking but not too bad 7. Very interesting twist to a teeth chasing while chip collecting level. With me being a huge Super Mario fan, this feels like I am jumping into bunch of invisible blocks. 8. Fun puzzle sections rolled into one level. 9. This level is a LOT LOT easier than Color Wheel. Luckily, I didn't FRET about this level though. 10. Intuitive "Wrong Exit" type of level. Would be a hard 1st level if you were to release a CCLP3 wall order though.
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