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  2. CCLP4 not opening

    I am trying to download CCLP4 onto my computer but every time I try opening the game it disappears after a second. Does anyone know why it wouldn't stay open
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  4. Count to 1,000

    (2*3*5)√(|7-11|) - (13-17)/(19-23) = 29*31
  5. Count to 1,000

  6. Count to 1,000

    (13 * (13 + 10)) * (13 - 10)
  7. Count to 1,000

    27 * 7
  8. Unsolvable Level Reports

    Thank you Jeffrey. I have solved it in both MS and LYNX without using that clone button. I just noticed that it didn't work and was wondering. I hadn't checked the wiki page. It is so useful at times!
  9. How did I upload the wrong avi?? Glad it evens out, but still, I didn't mean to post this one. How do I now convince you that your extra effort wasn't useless? I enjoyed seeing it!
  10. Actually, in that AVI I missed three spring slides (one on the first ice/ball slide that would have been lost waiting for the second slide; one on the second slide that would have been lost to a deliberate [1] wait before the 4th fireball clone; one at the end of the lock section which would have been lost to a fireball at the end)
  11. October 2017 Survival Competition

    As far as i can tell, all of the BBCode stuff still works. The biggest differences are the default font and the way line breaks are handled.
  12. Unsolvable Level Reports

    http://chipschallenge.wikia.com/wiki/Controller_and_Boss_Glitch And for this specific case, it's actually outlined on the wiki page for the level. http://chipschallenge.wikia.com/wiki/Go_Back_to_Start
  13. Unsolvable Level Reports

    CCLP3 Level 62 - Go Back to Start. I have tried several versions of this set with the same result on all of them. In MS the clone button at (1,28) doesn't clone a bug at (3,28), but it works in LYNX. Is there a glitch or something? I have tried using Tile World version 1.3.0, 1.3.1, and 2.0.0.
  14. October 2017 Survival Competition

    Results! I'll let the video speak for itself:
  15. Results Time! We had three entrants this month, including my own creation. The winner was a clear one, where the level in question was made up of four separate rooms each with its own clever puzzle. Congratulations to BlazingApollo! Second place goes to Ihavenoname for going with five rooms but with contents that weren't as exciting. I claim third place by default with a level that tried to bring together some of my favorite areas of various levels that fail to come together and make something all that special. Maybe the CC Zone awards are gone (at least for a bit) so instead I'll make a special award for just this competition. I don't mean for the duration or special occasion of this competition, no, I mean that the competition itself is getting the award. What's the award? It's called 'The Award for the Laziest Names of the Levels Submitted in a Competition'! (Though I have to admit that after unimpressive first impression of the level names, they have grown on me and I admit now that at least they are somewhat memorable.) I'll close off with two apologies. First, sorry for not catching the typo in the announcement post. The levels available for use as inspirations were meant to go through 2012, not stop at 2011. Secondly, apologies for not now posting the submissions for you to try. The year is slowly coming to an end and I plan on releasing the yearly collection of submissions soon, so you'll be able to play the levels from that set instead of cluttering your level set libraries with a tiny set of just three levels. -Miika The names of the submissions were One Block Super Sokoban, History Lesson, and Creative Linking. Here's a preview of the maps:
  16. Videos of the submission! I probably spent more time editing these than everyone combined will watch them, but it was fun. My favorite part is the comparison between the Lynx solutions of the first level. What's yours? And of course you have to appreciate how James didn't miss a boost on the second level in MSCC.
  17. Count to 1,000

    52 * (5 + 5/5)2 - 5
  18. Count to 1,000

    6² * (6 - 6/6)² - 6
  19. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 # 2 : 251 (b, Pixelated Fire) CCLP4 # 7 : 93 (b, In the Pool) CCLP4 # 15: 260 (b, Cross Back) CCLP4 # 19: 187 (b, Conservation of Keys) CCLP4 # 66: 264 (b, Anaconda) CCLP4 # 67: 317 (b, Nuclear Energy for Dummies) CCLP4 # 69: 398 (b-1, Ball in an Awkward Place) CCLP4 # 80: 292 (b, Monster Swapper) CCLP4 #106: 240 (b, Gridlock) CCLP4 #111: 174 (b, Water Bottle) CCLP4 #142: 43 (b, Stratagem) Finished CCLP4 in MS! Total score about 6,013,890.
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  21. CCLP4 Scores

    CCLP4 LYNX 5. Non-Dimensional Layer - 275 10. Stuck in Emerald - 70 11. Keyboard Malfunction - 347 14. Poly-Gone - 297 15. Cross Back - 258 19. Conservation of Keys - 184 20. It's No Skin Off My Teeth - 331 25. Difficulty Switch - 388 26. Shrub - 233 27. Suburban Legend - 367 37. Tropical Hibiscus - 356 38. Detonation Station - 114 39. In the Walls of Gravel Castle - 381 41. Ghetto Piranha - 298 45. Seven Layer Salad - 334 52. It Suits the Purpose - 74 54. Split Path - 194 62. Block Unpuzzle - 334 67. Nuclear Energy for Dummies - 294 68. Cold Fusion Reactor - 894 70. Science Museum - 342 74. Technopathic - 303 80. Monster Swapper - 278 83. Frozen Over - 449 86. Cyprus - 297 95. Ravaged - 499 96. Lean Thinking - 837 104. Dual - 184 111. Water Bottle - 162 112. Triple Mint Surprise - 375 136. Seeing Red - 306 141. World of a Thousand Flames - 692 144. Paradigm Shift - 680 149. Mental Marvel Monastery - 497 Score now at 6,073,420.
  22. CCLP4 Scores

    CCLP4 MS 5. Non-Dimensional Layer - 276 6. Proving Grounds - 304 9. Pinball - 235 10. Stuck in Emerald - 71 11. Keyboard Malfunction - 348 14. Poly-Gone - 300 15. Cross Back - 260 20. It's No Skin Off My Teeth - 331 21. Glacial Palace - 300 24. It's Easy Being Green - 381 25. Difficulty Switch - 398 26. Shrub - 234 27. Suburban Legend - 371 30. Hoodwinked - 56 34. Frozen Waffle - 170 35. Chasing Chips - 347 38. Detonation Station - 178 44. Blobfield - 403 47. Antidisruptive Caves - 341 50. Secret Underground Society - 317 51. Ice in a Blender - 340 54. Split Path - 192 57. Bisection - 441 58. Ruinous Plaza - 317 59. Blockpick - 319 60. Flippant - 208 61. Blue Tooth - 509 62. Block Unpuzzle - 335 63. Pneumatic Diversity Vents - 508 64. Excuse Me - 298 67. Nuclear Energy for Dummies - 298 74. Technopathic - 315 75. Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster- 406 77. Brick Block Facility - 479 78. Aquatic Ruins - 441 87. And the Walls Kept Tumbling Down - 502 93. Bombs Are a Beautiful Thing - 381 95. Ravaged - 513 110. Keyrithmetic - 946 111. Water Bottle - 168 124. Air Bubble - 44 141. World of a Thousand Flames - 704 145. Hacked Save File - 487 149. Mental Marvel Monastery - 503 Score now at 6,072,550
  23. What song are you listening to right now?

    This game was a ton of fun when i was a kid.
  24. Global Feed for Status Updates

    The address, the activity overview seems to works without cookies for everyone
  25. Global Feed for Status Updates

    cczone.invisionzone.com/discover/6/ so this link works for me even when i'm logged out. Is this available to everyone or is CC Zone going off cookies or something?
  26. What song are you listening to right now?

    The only song I'm listening to till the release next Friday! I like it a little more than the original.
  27. Ruben's official set scores

    CCLP4-Lynx #100 (One Tank's Adventure): 873 (+12, b+12) 6,097,140 106 bolds (100 timed, 6 untimed)
  28. May 2015 Mini Challenge - funfair0 puzzles

    Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I recently played through funfair. I have completed 23 of the first 25 levels, all except Monster Swap and My Blue Friend. A lot of the levels felt like they were non-CC puzzles implemented in CC. It's an interesting idea and not something I've seen before, but I found these levels were very hit-and-miss. Some levels were excellent, but sometimes I thought it took too long to understand the rules of the puzzle compared to actually solving it. Simple Swap - This level is interesting but gets kind of tedious. I think the short version is almost too long already, and that's why I didn't complete the long one. Chip Leak Watermelon - This level reminds me a lot of short circuit and, like in that level, you can think carefully about every desicion to avoid trapping yourself. It's a fun level. The flippers don't give you much opportunity to explore, since there aren't many paths left and it feels like you could easily cook the level, so I'm indifferent about the level's end. Busted Old Appliances - I love this level. I've seen the basic puzzle where you connect 6 points before, so I understood the hint immediately. But there's even more to the puzzle, since you can't just take any path. The limited space restricts you a lot. Figuring out the correct path was really fun. Heads and Tails - The hardest part of this level is figuring out how the mechanism works. It's pretty complicated when you don't know what the red buttons are connected to. Once you figure that out, the solution is trivial. I didn't like this level as there wasn't much of a puzzle, instead you just had to figure out all the rules. There is No Possible Way - I'm supposed to look online for the answer? That's pretty unusual. I guess the puzzle was cool, but I don't think it works well in this implementation. Dodecaphobia - It's a nice layout for a bug dodging level full of short corridors. This actually gave me a lot of trouble to beat, but that probably says more about me than the level! Seven Nine Thirteen - What is this? Unyielding Pyramid - This is one of my favourites. I just wish the layout was less confusing. For instance, I don't think there should be a one way path to the left side at the beginning of the level. It makes the rules of the puzzle more confusing but not the puzzle itself. The idea with the triangle in the middle was really good. The Hatfield Recalibration - Another great level. The confusing maze works really well here. Seven Queens - Sure, it's impressive, but does this really need to be a chip's challenge level? I didn't find playing it that fun. Bounce Paths - I only played the easier path - that was already hard enough for me. The room near the end with 4 pink balls all colliding with each other was really tough. I thought this was really good for a straightforward pink ball level. My Blue Friend - trying to sync up tank button hits while I can barely see the tank is really hard. I didn't get very far and I didn't enjoy this. Five by five - Please move the hint to the start! It's really important for to understanding what's happening, and right now it's hard to reach or even see. This level is... extremely difficult. I couldn't find any patterns, or any way to think about it differently to make it simpler. The solutions aren't symmetrical. If there's a trick to solving it, I really want to know it. In the end, I had to use computer assistance. Fun fact: there are exactly 96 solutions. I liked it a lot.
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