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  2. CC1 (Lynx) 125: [822] (+72, b+1) [Mixed Nuts] I thought there was a record here way back in 2014. Didn't expect it to be in Lynx.
  3. CC1 MS IMPROVEMENTS 136: [906] (+[7]) 138: 240 (+1) 148: [625] (+[45]) New total: 5 977 070 CCLP3 MS IMPROVEMENTS 5: 394 (+4) 10: 76 (+5) 27: 228 (+4) 34: 861 (+15) 42: 416 (+24) 45: 410 (+1) 50: 152 (+3) 69: 420 (+8) 79: 311 (+13) 85: 507 (+2) 91: 229 (+6) 116: 297 (+14) New total: 6 082 970 CCLP4 MS 71: 176 72: 358 73: 261 74: 336 75: 416 76: 394 77: 490 78: 507 79: 356 80: 286 81: 312 82: [907] 83: 439 84: 397 85: 411
  4. CC1 Lynx: #29 (ARCTICFLOW) 287 (+1, b) #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 380 (+1, bc) #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 699 (+3, bc) #126 (BLOCK N ROLL): 426 (+1, bc) 5,897,990 - 144 b CCLP4 Lynx: #50 (Secret Underground Society): 336 (bc)
  5. It is donated to the melting ice of the north and south pole, and icebergs, through the clubhouse's charity organization to help the polar bears (not the penguins though). What they don't know is that this intended solution is just another problem: more ice will be there to melt, and the sea level will get higher and higher. But anyways, who cares? Any human intent at solving an environmental problem is not a solution to disaster, it just postpones it. Chip dies a painful death about 3000 times a day.. Why has nobody shed a tear for him yet?
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  7. CC1-MS #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 402 (+3, b) 5,977,430 112+20 bolds
  8. Bump for 8th place CC1-MS #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 399 (+10, b-3) 5,977,400 111+20 bolds
  9. CC1-MS (typnfta 3x) #61 (RINK): [950] (+3, b) #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 389 (+10, b-13) #147 (FORCE FIELD): [970] (+506, b) 5,977,300 111+20 bolds CCLXP2 #102 (Chip's Fight): 364 (+2, bc) 6,042,290 (original 2,993,050, modified 3,049,240) 133 bolds
  10. Rolf


    Version 1.0.0


    New set of levels. Most levels is both MS/LYNX except for one, Tank Keys. Thanks, chipster1059 for beta testing!
  11. CC1: #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 402
  12. I am still massively confused. I've managed to extract a few packs, but i always seem to forget how it's done. Here's what I know for sure what to do: I go to Tyler Sontag's link above, click a pack (let's go with Ember, since it's the first pack I played through), and opened the file that appeared below. Once it's open, I'm not sure what to do next. When I right-click it, there's no "extract all" option.
  13. Bump for 100 bolds CCLP1-MS #20 (Chip Suey): 380 (+2, b) #42 (Mughfe): 419 (+3, b) #57 (Key Farming): 296 (+6, b) #68 (Flames and Ashes): [949] (+2, b) #70 (Juxtaposition): 426 (+4, b) #73 (Occupied): 419 (+2, b) #86 (Starry Night): 309 (+3, b) #91 (Roundabout): 350 (+1, b) #94 (Slime Forest): 479 (+4, b) #95 (Courtyard): 309 (+1, b) #97 (Gate Keeper): 365 (+2, b) #104 (Hotel Chip): 602 (+5, b) #107 (Paramecium Palace): 332 (+3, b) #108 (Exhibit Hall): 296 (+4, b) #109 (Green Clear): 433 (+3, b) #111 (Alternate Universe): [959] (+6, b) #116 (Communism): 521 (+3, b) #118 (Runaway Train): 104 (+7, b) #119 (The Sewers): 322 (+4, b) #124 (Utter Clutter): 543 (+12, b) #127 (In the Pink): 422 (+7, b) #129 (Frogger): 272 (+1, b) #134 ((Ir)reversible): 333 (+1, b) #138 (Chip Alone): 520 (+7, b) #143 (Amphibia): [850] (+62, b) #147 (Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me): 853 (+19, b) #148 (The Snipers): 373 (+3, b) 6,002,200 86+14 bolds CCLP1-Lynx #68 (Flames and Ashes): [949] (+3, b) 6,000,110 121+18 bolds
  14. Navigate to the CC2 sets folder. This will most likely be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Chip's Challenge 2\data\games Delete the save.c2l file. The next time you try to launch the game, it will load the main set.
  15. In order for levels edited in CCCreator to be playable in-game, you have to File > Export them, as "CC2 Level".
  16. Interesting. Although, every single message you linked brings up an error message; at least they're archived elsewhere. And yes, the November 17 file has been archived at bitbusters.club. I got the email notification for it and sent it to Cowman for safekeeping on the site.
  17. I think you misread my post. I wasn't talking about solving levels - there's plenty of info out there for that anyways. I was talking about the history of CCLP2 itself, and how it was made. Not to mention the history of the CC community, which was very different back then... CCLP2 was just an example. Thanks for the link, but I was thinking more of whether a public archive of the messages would be available, whether at bitbusters.club or elsewhere. Some interesting facts: the earliest message was posted on the day the group was founded - February 28, 2000 - by Chuck Sommerville himself. (Would have been pretty cool if it were a day later...) And it seems to predate the newsgroup, as there's another message from Chuck announcing the creation of the newsgroup on March 1st, and suggesting the Yahoo! group be used for posting files and high scores, not discussion. Despite that, the Yahoo! group was used quite heavily for discussion through late 2003 according to the Message History calendar on the main page, which spans the entire period of CCLP2's creation and more considering the first mention of it was Chuck's suggestion to create a community-approved levelset on April 30, 2001, possibly using the group's own polling functionality. Though according to the official voting announcement on August 5, 2001, after a few false starts at the group, it looks like it was actually done on an external site. Posts to the group were all but terminated with Anders Kaseorg's announcement on November 10, 2003 that he was moderating them, and that further discussion belonged at the newsgroup, with the Yahoo! group only to be used for special announcements. Though I guess that eventually didn't apply to announcements of file uploads, as they resumed on a semi-regular basis in 2013 alongside sporadic "official" news, like the announcement of CCLP3 on September 2, 2006. What is presumably the final post ever made to the group was a file upload announcement on November 17, which is very strange because Yahoo! supposedly removed the ability to post new content on October 28. Also, I'm pretty sure this upload was NOT archived at the Bit Busters site because the entire archive is dated October 18/19. OK, I didn't intend for this post to become a semi-comprehensive history of the Yahoo! group, but... there you go CC historians. Enjoy. And after writing all of this, I see that the Bit Busters put up a message archive today. Well, at least the first post wasn't pointless... 😕
  18. Hello All, I tried to open a blank levelset in the game, and then it throws an error saying "No Players". I can't press anything but for the OK button, then the game crashes. Every time I re-open it, the same happens. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  19. I'm using CCCreator now, however I can't seem to properly open any levels I save within the creator (they are .c2m files same as the files I saved using the inbuilt editor). Do you know a way around this?
  20. Most of the messages I remember were from a bot about new file uploads. I didn't know there was any useful information on solving CCLP2 levels. I have all the messages stored offline; any useful info in them could probably get put in the wiki. Anyway here's a Python script that can easily download all messages in a Yahoo group and put them in a text file: https://github.com/andrewferguson/YahooGroups-Archiver
  21. (ignore this post - didn't read andy's message fully)
  22. The solution is embedded in the level file. If you open it in the editor and then hit F3 (or select "Replay" under the appropriate menu) it will play back that solution.
  23. First off, I'm pretty surprised nobody seems to have mentioned it here yet, even though the Bit Busters Club already grabbed the levelsets from there, but anyways: Yahoo! Groups is basically turning into an e-mail hub as of December 14, and losing everything else. This includes not just the levelsets, but features like the messages posted there going back years. It was a great resource when I wanted to research how CCLP2 came about way back at the turn of the century, for example. So I'm wondering: is anyone archiving these, or anything else from there besides levelsets?
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