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  2. I've uploaded a couple more collections of levels that I'd like to be considered: ^ A collection of two levels ("Telenet Mining" and "Bringin' Down the House") that I designed after completing Chipit or Whiffit, but won't have time to make a full-fledged set for before CC2LP1 submissions. This file won't be updated with new levels, but might be updated to fix the existing ones if there are problems. ^ A collection of ports of levels from Pit of 100 Tiles and The Other 100 Tiles (my CC1 sets) that I want to be considered for CC2 voting. I will probably add more levels to this at least once before the submission deadline. (I just wanted to get these out there to ensure that I don't miss out on submitting them if something goes horribly wrong right before the deadline.) However, there's no guarantee that I'll finish all 100 that I had originally planned.
  3. Version 0.260


    A collection of CC2 ports of CC1 levels I made that never got into an official set. Most of these play very similarly to their CC1 counterparts, with Parallels being the only level so far to have a section completely thrown out and replaced with something different. I tried to allow boot dropping wherever possible, but a few levels don't allow it (indicated with a hint and a "down arrow + no-boot sign" tile pair as a visual indicator). Unless something goes horribly wrong, I plan to add more levels to this set at least once before the CC2LP1 submission deadline.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A pair of additional CC2 levels I designed that I haven't put in a set yet, but want to submit for CC2LP1 voting. I don't plan to add more levels to this set, but might update these to fix bugs.
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  6. I submit the attached levels for CC2LP1 consideration. These are all ports of CC1 levels I've made (mostly made for create competitions), with a few CC2 tiles added. Ruben-CC1.zip
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  8. Please include Volare as well (7 levels)
  9. Yet another one, title is Lunacy, nothing too fancy here Wo Special.c2m
  10. chipster1059's scores

    CCLP3 Lynx 91-120
  11. Last week
  12. Eddy's Scores

    CCLP3 Lynx: #82 (Mediterranean): 483 (bc) #97 (Jumble II): 475 (b) #99 (Freezer): 309 (bc) #104 (Civilization of Creatures): 307 (b) #108 (Magic Trick): 395 (b) #111 (Bustin' Out): 603 (b+1) #112 (Pushy): 216 (b) #115 (Triple Maze): 828 (b) 95 b
  13. Any ideas for pulling this off?

    First is this for CC1 or 2? -do you want this order to be random or the same every time the level plays? -Is the idea centered around just the timing of this single button (is it only 1 button?)? Or are the monsters/direction or anything else important? -If it's the former (maybe even if it's more) it doesn't sound like it should be as complicated as Simon, but I might try and fiddle around with this idea and create some suggestions. -------- from the looks of that pic; Simon's been altered since the last time I played. I remember the starting area being in the middle.
  14. Here we go again. I present Lesson 9, an important lesson level about blockslapping as its featured a lot in quite a few submitted levels now and its never really been properly explained in game. So I made this level that teaches all about black slapping, monster slapping, and wall slapping for cc2. Lesson 9.c2m
  15. I'm hoping my lesson level is good enough. Yo-Chip Watch.c2m
  16. Nice job cc2!

    Tried recording my level and got this beauty.
  17. Nice job cc2!

    Chip's Challenge 2 is just plain weird.
  18. nicejob1.mp4

    Version 1.0.0


    Video of a cc2 glitch where a sliding block traps Chip forever.
  19. Here is my level that got a lot of support on discord to be submitted here. Wiring done by moonman who without this wouldn't be possible. OUTSIDEBOX.C2M
  20. Ruben's official set scores

    CCLP3-Lynx #17 (Lot in Life): 95 (+5, b) #68 (Incident on a Bridge): 428 (+1, bc) #78 (Slide Show): 384 (+2, bc) #83 (Billiards): 223 (+6, b-1) #94 (Mistakes): 269 (+3, bc) #129 (Everybody Get Dangerous): 514 (+36, 0, +1, 0, +2, bc) 6,066,840 100 bolds (0 untimed)
  21. Eighteen years - it's been a good run.

    It is regrettable, but I'm heartened that, wherever the community meets online, we're still going strong! Or in other words: it's not the end of Chip's Challenge.
  22. Eighteen years - it's been a good run.

    One by one, the old CC community sites have been shutting down. It's understandable, but regrettable. The end of an era, in a sense.
  23. Any ideas for pulling this off?

    So... Perfect Match? (Yet another reason CC1 is incredibly underrated.)
  24. Any ideas for pulling this off?

    In CC2 it is, this is a simon says level made by tyler with some wacky logic gates.
  25. My idea for a level is basically you start by watching a series of monsters pass over a button paying attention to the timing. Then, after a trigger, you have to press a button repeating precisely how the other button was pressed by the monsters. And only doing this correctly would allow you to progress to the exit. I have an idea involving a green button and toggle doors that might work but does anyone have any ideas?
  26. I should have my set with 50 levels ready in time
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  28. chipster1059's scores

    CCLP3 Lynx 61-90
  29. Eddy's Scores

    CCLP3 Lynx: #59 (Air Pocket): 318 (b) #64 (Producing): 310 (bc) #83 (Billiards): 224 (b+1) #86 (To Catch a Thief): 383 (b) #92 (Bolkonski): 395 (bc) #94 (Mistakes): 269 (b+3) #96 (In the Limelight): 514 (b) #98 (Mouth-Watering): 491 (b) 87 b
  30. Flareon2

    Version 1.0.0


    My currently in progress next CC2 set, Flareon2. Currently holds 6 levels and will be updated throughout until it meet its undetermined total level count. I grant all permissions to have this considered for CC2LP1 and all future community packs.
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