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  2. No, it means the tank is always hilariously tilted over. What does Vladimir look like? Need to know because a guy who knows a friend of mine is writing a CC2 fancomic.
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  4. New scores 6-15-2019: CCLP1: 11 Basketball 226 15 Twister 310 18 Square Dancing 246 37 Habitat 272 56 Connect the Chips 963 62 Design Swap 319 82 Launch 87 100 Loose Pocket 328 107 Paramecium Palace 307 113 Teleport Trouble 963 131 Easier Than It Looks 104 134 (Ir)reversible 324 CCLP2: 50 Smorgasbord 424 CCLP3: 2 Snakes and Ladders 314 14 Window Shopping 337 15 Bumper 183 19 Super Chip 170 91 Olly Olly Oxen 206 100 Sardines 122 CCLP4: 5 Non-Dimensional Layer 230 19 Conservation of Keys 182 21 Glacial Palace 297 24 It's Easy Being Green 370 30 Hoodwinked 52 40 Periodic Lasers 128 41 Ghetto Piranha 287 44 Blobfield 400 71 Puuf 173 76 Flow State 365 80 Monster Swapper 282 CC2: 125 WOLFPACK 62820 32 135 CLUELESS 71020 282 151 MINEFIELD 77240 74
  5. If you look at Chip (facing downward) then if you look at a tank facing downward, you can see that the tank is from a top-down bird's-eye orientation whilst Chip looks like he is standing upright. Does that mean all this time Chip has actually been lying on the ground, and instead of walking he just shuffles along on his back/front/side?
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  7. That's not the floor, that's the wall. Compare with the orientation of the in-game characters, and of your computer screen. What dumb question should I ask next?
  8. Thanks that's good to know. And yes using key thieves will work for this purpose. I may even remove the fire completely and only use key thieves and have that as the level's theme.
  9. Hell yeah! Even though I have my own cc-like game engine I'm working on I'm definitely down for helping out with this too.
  10. So, I hadn't meant to let it slip quite yet that I'm in the early stages of working on a CC-like game which will eventually (hopefully on the scale of a few months) become an open source community project. I mean, we're talking very early stages. So far I can read in CC1 levelsets and convert them into an in-memory format. And there's a sweet random number generator. That's not much. That being said, however, I've spent thousands of hours working on stuff like this (Puzzle Studio in particular), and I'm pretty confident that this project will go somewhere. The project is unnamed so far. Every name so far doesn't seem to fit. It's not Super Tile World or Tile World 3 because Tile World is an emulation of Chip's Challenge, and this project has no intent of emulating a ruleset, but rather inventing a new one based on the best parts of old engines. It's not JBone's Challenge because I want this to be a community effort, and JBone's Challenge is really a different game I want to write (and which may eventually be branched from this). So it's just The Project or The Unity Project for now, name suggestions welcome. Is the Unity Project open source? The Unity Project is meant to be a community effort. I intend to release all of the C# code under an open source license of some sort, probably either the MIT or a Creative Commons license. HOWEVER, I have a set of criteria (Phase 1) that I want the project to meet before I open source it: The game has a new experimental ruleset which has received positive feedback from a large number of community members, particularly from the optimizer crowd. The game can open and play any Lynx-compatible CC1 levelset. All official levels in CCLP1, CCLXP2, CCLP3, and CCLP4 are solvable or at least are expected to be solvable (I'm certainly not going to solve all of them!) in the new ruleset. Depending on the engine it may be possible to apply an algorithm to the public TWS files to generate replays in the new engine, and then manually test the levels where that strategy doesn't work. The game uses a forward-thinking internal level format for things like button connections, global toggle state, level size, viewing window, controls, etc. which is expected to accommodate most of the CC2 gameplay. (I would like to be able to open CC2 files and use many of the elements, but I have no intention of ensuring that all CC2 levels are solvable under the new engine. The game has a robust testing framework. Unit tests for single elements (e.g. assert Player.testEnter(Wall) == false) Integration tests for as many gameplay situations as we can think of (e.g. make a 3x3 level with force floors, assert that after input "URDL" the player is on square X). Replay tests for a significant number of CCLP levels (e.g. if I apply this series of inputs to this level, gamestate == WIN_LEVEL). Why the emphasis on backwards compatibility? Lots of reasons! Might sound silly, but here's one of the biggest for me: We don't have to design a level editor until we get the core gameplay down!!! This is HUGE! I've probably started a half-dozen CC clones in my life, and none of them got very far. Part of the reason is I didn't become a software engineer until 2 years ago. But time and time again the part that I've gotten bogged down on is how to create a freaking editor and save and load my files. If we start by loading DAT files, we have tons of gameplay testing right out of the box. We don't have to decide on a save file format yet. Tons of world-class content available immediately for new people. Maximize engagement from existing community members. Level designers stay connected to their creations Familiarity of existing levels and gameplay. Spending time on CCLP5 submissions vs working on this doesn't have to be either/or. Best chance of moving future community level pack design efforts away from the two-ruleset tyranny. By setting clear definitions about what features the core gameplay must support, it allows the project to begin on a strong software engineering foundation, with a clear initial direction. How can I help during Phase 1? Get involved in the discussions. I'm going to have a lot of questions about things like boosting, spring step, trap behavior, etc. I'm trying to take the best parts of MS but I haven't spent a lot of time playing it. Even though the code isn't open source I do intend to share parts of it that I'm working on for feedback. Start learning C#. Unity tutorials will help a little bit, but I'm really just using Unity for the easy graphics and the cross platform support. Make animated game artwork! Make sound effects! Start designing the new features and tiles you want to implement. It's one thing to say we want lasers, it's another to specify what they will do and exactly how they should interact with other tiles. Playtest and aggressively look for bugs (as soon as there is something to playtest). Keep asking for progress and showing support. This is 100x more likely to happen if the community stays enthusiastic!
  11. Hey, Melinda wasn't feeling up to it that day. Why are the light switches in CC2 placed on the floor? Do Chip and Melinda have to kick them on and off?
  12. You can slap blocks by walking past a block and holding the key in the direction of that block- so to slap a block on your left, you press and hold up, then while still holding up press and hold left. The block will be pushed without stepping there. Thieves instead of fire would work if they were key thieves and you had to keep a key- can't drop those after all.
  13. How do you slap blocks? The number of keys in the second column was a genuine mistake, but it's intentinal for one block to not have a key (the hint tells you exactly which one). For the ice blocks I've had another look and using spies instead of fire looks like it would work. edit: or maybe not- I guess there's nothing to stop the player leaving an item down before doing the puzzle then picking it back up after.
  14. The level is currently very busted. 1. You can slap blocks off of the fire to check without stepping onto the tile. 2. The second room lies- there are 2 keys in the second column, not 1. (the block without a key is also a mean trick) 3. The ice blocks in the last room can be pushed onto the fire, which in turn would melt the ice block. As for fixes, 1 and 2 are easily fixed by using canopies (and removing the block sections) but I don't have an easy solution for 3.
  15. I gave it a rethink and instead came up with a level that does have hidden items underneath blocks (good+bad) but there are hints contained within the level so you can figure out which ones. If anyone wants to try it out and let me know if this sort of idea is well received or not, and if it's worth expanding on :) http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/730-newspaper-puzzle-column-a-cc2-level/
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Newspaper puzzle column- a CC2 level
  17. makedacs.hta View File A quick utility to make dac files from dat files. Only tested on Windows. Submitter geodave Submitted 06/11/2019 Category Programs and Editors  
  18. Version 1.0.0


    A quick utility to make dac files from dat files. Only tested on Windows.
  19. CCLP3 Lynx: #111 (Bustin' Out): 606 (+3, b+3) #136 (Grand Prix): 512 (b+2) 114 b
  20. CC1 (MS) #24 (OORTO GELD): 430 (b) (I used to think) #93 (ROADSIGN): 651 (b) (that the day) #120 (ALPHABET SOUP): [949] (b) (would never come) (-True Faith) (#127 (SKELZIE): 454 (p+0.2, second tile world 454 (thanks blobs), third tile world 454 with TSG too)) CC1 (Lynx) #75 (STEAM): 479 (b) #127 (SKELZIE): 442 (b) #130 (ICE CUBE): [925] (b) #142 (PENTAGRAM): [966] (b) CCLP1 (MS) #8 (SWITCHEROO): 230 (b) #9 (SWEPT AWAY): 228 (b) #10 (GRADUATION): 320 (b) #39 (DIG AND DIG): 237 (b) #72 (BREATHING ROOM): 183 (b) #99 (DESERTED BATTLEFIELD): [983] (b) #137 (THIEF STREET): 179 (b) #142 (BUMMBUA BANUBAUABGV): 383 (b) #145 (CHANCE TIME!): 235 (b) CCLP1 (Lynx) #8 (SWITCHEROO): 229 (b) #9 (SWEPT AWAY): 225 (b) CCLP2 (MS) (#24 (SUDDEN DEATH): 306 (bcc) lol illegal scores) (#92 (ABANDONED MINES): 460 (+1,bc) lol idk if this is legal, but hey I'll confirm an illegal bold) Reason for reporting: Illegal confirm (it would have been sole place of 4th place cc1 ms bold count, but someone reported a fake score on block buster II)
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    CC MS #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 716 (+2, nr) 5977700
  22. Most of the contents of the website are being moved to https://bitbusters.club/. For the rest of the content, they can still be accessible with the Wayback Machine.
  23. How about make an archive of the website (at least the static content, maybe also the latest dynamic content along with the scripts to process them) and put it in a torrent?
  24. CCLP1 (MS) 130: [874] (+1, bc) [Dynamite] 6,006,020 (149 bolds) So I've now confirmed Dynamite 4 times. Is that some kind of record?
  25. CC1 (MS) #24 (OORTO GELD): 430 (+2, b) typg 5,977,670 CCLP1 (MS) #47 (Bombs Away): [956] (+1, b) tykl #130 (Dynamite): [874] (+3, b+1) 6,006,000 CCLP2 (Lynx) #30 (Chase Race): 251 (+9, b) 6,043,290 CCLP3 (Lynx) #10 (Annoying Wall): 84 (+7) #42 (Every Trick in the Book): 407 (+1, bc) #64 (Producing): 310 (+2, b) #78 (Slide Show): 384 (+2, b) #94 (Mistakes): 269 (+3, b) #121 (Jaywalker): 62 (+1, bc) 6,079,070
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  27. CC2: 187 (ENDANGERED SPECIES): 98540 (+30, b+30) | 504 (+3, b+3) total score: 14,533,071 total time: 37,371
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