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  2. Sounds good, at first, but then I think people would get annoyed by it the same way they get annoyed by random force floors. Plus, Vladimir would need two bottles of Vodka, and Chip would get drunk enough just by drinking a non-alcoholic beer (with still a low percentage), a normal beer would be too much for him. 0% alcohol beer would also work if it gives him a placebo effect. Maybe collecting more than two bottles of Vodka or more than one beer would bring death to the corresponding character. Why do monsters that float in the air (Walker, Fireball, as far as I know) also slide on Ice?
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  4. CCLP3: #1 (Entrance Examination): 192 #7 (Dancing Gliders): 152 CCLP4: #2 (Pixelated Fire): 251 #18 (Inferno Dynamics): 221 #40 (Periodic Lasers): 130
  5. CCLP1 MS #66 (Klausswergner): 291 (+1, b) 6,006,020 - 144 b
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  7. wow i looked at this profile for the first time in years, yecch

    dunno if i'm gonna forget about this site or actually contribute

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  9. CC1 release date: 1989, CC2 release date: 2015, Predicated CC3 release date: 2041 You know what new item CC3 needs- alcohol. Imagine Chip picks up a can of beer, (or Vladimir picks up a bottle of vodka) and for the rest of the level you can't move them in a straight line as they will randomly take steps to the side Then we could make levels where we have to move a drunk player across a narrow bridge without them stumbling-drunk into the water. Sound good?
  10. CCLP1: #19 (Feel the Static): 351 #23 (Circles): 226 #52 (The Bone): 309 #85 (Black Hole): 971 #123 (The Very Hungry Caterpillar): 60 #131 (Easier Than It Looks): 106
  11. CCLP1: #50 (The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side): 167 #78 (Secret Passages): 533 #79 (Elevators): [958] #100 (Loose Pocket): 332 CCLP3: #35 (MonsterMaze): 59
  12. uhhh cause i'm the lead tile world 3 dev thanks When will CC3 come out
  13. Because the puzzle purse is always empty. When will there be a new update to any CC game?
  14. I would add a Vladimir player, to compliment Chip and Melinda. Vladimir would be able to cross ice without slipping and walk on dirt/gravel, and also always moves at double speed, and has a gun he can shoot hte enemies with, and he has a health bar that can be refilled by picking up boots. Also if a thief tries to stael his things he gets in a fistfight with him. Why doesn't Chuck just take over development on Tile World 3?
  15. All the characters drawn anime-style. If CC3 was released and one of the new features was letting you make your own tile (can be anything you want- a new item, a gimmick that does something or a monster that moves how you want it to) what would you first want to create?
  16. CCLP1 #68 (only odd numbers of blocks allowed): [949] (+2, b) 6,006,010 - 143 b
  17. CCLP1: #30 (Button Brigade): 219 #40 (Sea Side): [962] #56 (Connect the Chips): [963] #125 (Blockade): 210 CCLP2: #24 (Sudden Death): 305 CCLP4: #23 (Western Standards of Living): 349
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  19. CC1: #25 (BLINK): 435 #109 (TORTURECHAMBER): 133 #141 (UNDERGROUND): [968]
  20. CC1: #68 (EENY MINY MOE): 489 #143 (STRIPES?): [858]
  21. CC1: #73 (MORTON): 485 CCLP2: #5 (Suction Ride): 377 #22 (How Goes?): 27 #28 (Madness I): 266 #30 (Chase Race): 246 #33 (The Big Button Quest): 76 #35 (Mirror): 446 #39 (Yike-o-Matic): 231 #46 (Hurry Up, Chip!): 40 #69 (So Many Chips!): 238 #73 (Bumble Boy): 232 #79 (Cra-zy): 114 #80 (Frost Swirl): 316 #95 (Learn): 314 #99 (One-Block Sokoban): 269 #108 (Tricks): 344 #126 (Dodge!): 156
  22. CCLP3 (MS) Level 54 (Good Advice) - 286 (+7)(b) Level 105 (Caves) - 205 (+1)(b) Total Score: 6,085,910
  23. CCLP1 MS improvements New total: 6 004 150
  24. Dave: Well if they did it to Dave the Barbarian they will do it to everything Bubbleman: Gliderbot: Jeffrey: Thinking quickly, Dave makes a level using some blocks, some buttons, and a level [...] Level hint: I love the way you hold me *squee* Indy: that hint :WutFace: chipster1059: A sleeping brain produces weird things :sun: [...] Craig: Remember when Rock was considered good enough for an LP? ncrecc: “Vilbig had intended to only use the level as a test for fireballs on WebCC, but the level seemed good enough to include in an actual levelset.” literal test level making it into a cclp chipster1059: Oh wait, you're talking about a level pack...For a moment I thought you were talking about Rock Généreux and his Let's Plays. Josh: Me too rofl Craig: Yep. That’s how good my test levels are. You should see my unreleased beta levels [...] Craig: Here's a question for the next Chuck Sommerville AMA: Is Cake Walk designed based on his marriage? Password is eerily similar to Jen (his wife's name) and it starts out in an aisle. Plus "Cake" could refer to a wedding cake, and "Walk" could be the walk down the aisle. Joshua: maybe NIGHTMARE is designed based on his 1st marriage, or On The Rocks more likely Tyler: what does SOCIALIST ACTION say about him? :thinking: is chuck a comrade Joshua: given the negative light under which our Russian friend Vladimir Gerajkee was portrayed, I don't know if we can draw that conclusion Tyler: is he canonically Russian though? Gerajkee is not a Russian last name nor a last name at all. it is the worst pun of all time
  25. CC1: #22 (FORCED ENTRY): 291 (b-2) #35 (LEMMINGS): 577 #47 (PIER SEVEN): 231 CCLP2: #13 (The Serial Port): 342 #29 (Fire and Water): 169 #107 (Joyride I): 6
  26. CCLP3 (MS) Level 38 (Wireframe) - 309 (+5)(b) Level 60 (Red, Green and Blue) - 258 (+12)(b) Total Score: 6,085,830
  27. CCLXP2 #40 (Traps II): 252 (+2, bc)
  28. CC1: #14 (TELEBLOCK): 204 CCLP1: #39 (Dig and Dig): 237 #41 (Descending Ceiling): 166 #48 (Sundance): 180 #55 (The Chambers): 322 #102 (Frozen in Time): [944] #103 (Portcullis): [977] #142 (Bummbua Banubauabgv): 383 #145 (Chance Time!): 235
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