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  2. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/720-indys-challenge-working-title/ Here are 10 levels I submit for CC2LP1.
  3. Version 1.0


    Here are 10 levels for my (potentially) upcoming CC2 set, Indy's Challenge. I hereby grant permission for these levels to be included in CC2LP1 and any Chip's Challenge 2 community packs superseding it. Solution replays are included for all 10 levels. Enjoy!
  4. Last week
  5. Another level submission. It's a small, quick reactions puzzle: Outsidethebox.c2m
  6. Chip's Challenge Creator

    CCCreator version 0.5.1 is available: https://cccreator.bitbusters.club/
  7. Submitting NOEN CHEOC, a new level uploaded to the set "Last Minute CC2LP2 Submissions". Per Chipster suggestion, also submitting the following levels from CC2Rejects: Open, Sesame Railroad Sabotage Terrorism Parallel Dimension Trail Mix Road Block Pollution Triple Play Tank Crossing Glacier Facility Against Your Will HSM Titanic Glacier 2 Dumbell Insanity It Takes Two Cannon Fodder Chip's Blunder
  8. Last Minute CC2LP2 Submissions

    Version 1.0.1


    A place for last-minute CC2LP2 submissions. One level so far.
  9. chipster1059's scores

    CCLP3 Lynx 121-149 Total: 6 014 130
  10. Resubmitting these. The original versions had a couple of errors. ConfettiV1.c2m ConfettiV2.c2m
  11. Per a request from Mobius, I submit the level THAT FIGURES from CC2Rejects
  12. My submissions: C1059-subsCC2.zip
  13. The final days for submissions have arrived. Make sure to submit levels for consideration in CC2LP1 in time to give people a chance to enjoy your creations in voting and the final set Here the official submissions overview - the authors are taken from the levels, different writings yield different rows in the table, if no author or title is specified, the level is not counted in this list. If the number of levels listed doesn't match the number of valid levels, make sure you have working replays recorded for all your levels - the ultimate list will be assembled at the end of next week after all submissions are in.
  14. Eddy's Scores

    CCLP3 Lynx: #103 (Prison Break): 300 (bc) #106 (Oil Rig): 225 (bc) #116 (Mini Challenges): 284 (b) #119 (Elite): 480 (b) #120 (Twisted Chambers): 615 (bc) #121 (Jaywalker): 62 (b+1) #122 (Manic Depression): 504 (bc) #124 (Jumble III): 500 (b) 103 b
  15. I already posted these on Discord, but I include my submission here as well (these levels were originally rejected from CC2) cc2sub.zip
  16. C1059-CC2

    This set has been updated with a total of 227 levels. The last 7 levels have weird slots. A CC2LP1 submissions set will be assembled over the next few days.
  17. Here is my big submission. I made two versions. V1 is the easy one and V2 is the hard one. ConfettiV1.c2m ConfettiV2.c2m
  18. Oof. I totally overlooked that. Oh well. I do have a really good original level planned. It will probably be my only other submission.
  19. Indeed Jeffrey is correct, but if you want it straight from the staff, CC3D is an official level pack and adaptations from it will not be considered (even if CC3D adapted levels from CC2 lol)
  20. A couple of Chuck's Challenge adaptations. Slider Puzzle.c2m Chuckwagon.c2m
  21. I've uploaded a couple more collections of levels that I'd like to be considered: ^ A collection of two levels ("Telenet Mining" and "Bringin' Down the House") that I designed after completing Chipit or Whiffit, but won't have time to make a full-fledged set for before CC2LP1 submissions. This file won't be updated with new levels, but might be updated to fix the existing ones if there are problems. ^ A collection of ports of levels from Pit of 100 Tiles and The Other 100 Tiles (my CC1 sets) that I want to be considered for CC2 voting. I will probably add more levels to this at least once before the submission deadline. (I just wanted to get these out there to ensure that I don't miss out on submitting them if something goes horribly wrong right before the deadline.) However, there's no guarantee that I'll finish all 100 that I had originally planned.
  22. Version 0.260


    A collection of CC2 ports of CC1 levels I made that never got into an official set. Most of these play very similarly to their CC1 counterparts, with Parallels being the only level so far to have a section completely thrown out and replaced with something different. I tried to allow boot dropping wherever possible, but a few levels don't allow it (indicated with a hint and a "down arrow + no-boot sign" tile pair as a visual indicator). Unless something goes horribly wrong, I plan to add more levels to this set at least once before the CC2LP1 submission deadline.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    A pair of additional CC2 levels I designed that I haven't put in a set yet, but want to submit for CC2LP1 voting. I don't plan to add more levels to this set, but might update these to fix bugs.
  24. Earlier
  25. I submit the attached levels for CC2LP1 consideration. These are all ports of CC1 levels I've made (mostly made for create competitions), with a few CC2 tiles added. Ruben-CC1.zip
  26. Please include Volare as well (7 levels)
  27. Yet another one, title is Lunacy, nothing too fancy here Wo Special.c2m
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