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  2. A couple of Chuck's Challenge adaptations. Slider Puzzle.c2m Chuckwagon.c2m
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  4. I've uploaded a couple more collections of levels that I'd like to be considered: ^ A collection of two levels ("Telenet Mining" and "Bringin' Down the House") that I designed after completing Chipit or Whiffit, but won't have time to make a full-fledged set for before CC2LP1 submissions. This file won't be updated with new levels, but might be updated to fix the existing ones if there are problems. ^ A collection of ports of levels from Pit of 100 Tiles and The Other 100 Tiles (my CC1 sets) that I want to be considered for CC2 voting. I will probably add more levels to this at least once before the submission deadline. (I just wanted to get these out there to ensure that I don't miss out on submitting them if something goes horribly wrong right before the deadline.) However, there's no guarantee that I'll finish all 100 that I had originally planned.
  5. Version 0.260


    A collection of CC2 ports of CC1 levels I made that never got into an official set. Most of these play very similarly to their CC1 counterparts, with Parallels being the only level so far to have a section completely thrown out and replaced with something different. I tried to allow boot dropping wherever possible, but a few levels don't allow it (indicated with a hint and a "down arrow + no-boot sign" tile pair as a visual indicator). Unless something goes horribly wrong, I plan to add more levels to this set at least once before the CC2LP1 submission deadline.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    A pair of additional CC2 levels I designed that I haven't put in a set yet, but want to submit for CC2LP1 voting. I don't plan to add more levels to this set, but might update these to fix bugs.
  7. I submit the attached levels for CC2LP1 consideration. These are all ports of CC1 levels I've made (mostly made for create competitions), with a few CC2 tiles added. Ruben-CC1.zip
  8. Last week
  9. Please include Volare as well (7 levels)
  10. Yet another one, title is Lunacy, nothing too fancy here Wo Special.c2m
  11. chipster1059's scores

    CCLP3 Lynx 91-120
  12. Eddy's Scores

    CCLP3 Lynx: #82 (Mediterranean): 483 (bc) #97 (Jumble II): 475 (b) #99 (Freezer): 309 (bc) #104 (Civilization of Creatures): 307 (b) #108 (Magic Trick): 395 (b) #111 (Bustin' Out): 603 (b+1) #112 (Pushy): 216 (b) #115 (Triple Maze): 828 (b) 95 b
  13. Any ideas for pulling this off?

    First is this for CC1 or 2? -do you want this order to be random or the same every time the level plays? -Is the idea centered around just the timing of this single button (is it only 1 button?)? Or are the monsters/direction or anything else important? -If it's the former (maybe even if it's more) it doesn't sound like it should be as complicated as Simon, but I might try and fiddle around with this idea and create some suggestions. -------- from the looks of that pic; Simon's been altered since the last time I played. I remember the starting area being in the middle.
  14. Here we go again. I present Lesson 9, an important lesson level about blockslapping as its featured a lot in quite a few submitted levels now and its never really been properly explained in game. So I made this level that teaches all about black slapping, monster slapping, and wall slapping for cc2. Lesson 9.c2m
  15. I'm hoping my lesson level is good enough. Yo-Chip Watch.c2m
  16. Nice job cc2!

    Tried recording my level and got this beauty.
  17. Nice job cc2!

    Chip's Challenge 2 is just plain weird.
  18. nicejob1.mp4

    Version 1.0.0


    Video of a cc2 glitch where a sliding block traps Chip forever.
  19. Here is my level that got a lot of support on discord to be submitted here. Wiring done by moonman who without this wouldn't be possible. OUTSIDEBOX.C2M
  20. Ruben's official set scores

    CCLP3-Lynx #17 (Lot in Life): 95 (+5, b) #68 (Incident on a Bridge): 428 (+1, bc) #78 (Slide Show): 384 (+2, bc) #83 (Billiards): 223 (+6, b-1) #94 (Mistakes): 269 (+3, bc) #129 (Everybody Get Dangerous): 514 (+36, 0, +1, 0, +2, bc) 6,066,840 100 bolds (0 untimed)
  21. Eighteen years - it's been a good run.

    It is regrettable, but I'm heartened that, wherever the community meets online, we're still going strong! Or in other words: it's not the end of Chip's Challenge.
  22. Eighteen years - it's been a good run.

    One by one, the old CC community sites have been shutting down. It's understandable, but regrettable. The end of an era, in a sense.
  23. Any ideas for pulling this off?

    So... Perfect Match? (Yet another reason CC1 is incredibly underrated.)
  24. Any ideas for pulling this off?

    In CC2 it is, this is a simon says level made by tyler with some wacky logic gates.
  25. Earlier
  26. My idea for a level is basically you start by watching a series of monsters pass over a button paying attention to the timing. Then, after a trigger, you have to press a button repeating precisely how the other button was pressed by the monsters. And only doing this correctly would allow you to progress to the exit. I have an idea involving a green button and toggle doors that might work but does anyone have any ideas?
  27. I should have my set with 50 levels ready in time
  28. chipster1059's scores

    CCLP3 Lynx 61-90
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